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Looking Beyond

In reflecting on the concept & belief of how we are all one, that we are all connected to a higher consciousness becomes more apparent when you tap into the spiritual realms, the other side where we go when passing on from this physical life. It seems to me, my opinion anyway, when we leave our bodies our spirit rejoins the collective energy with which our energy level resonates, at the time of our death. It seems we also maintain our connections to the experiences, family & life on earth we have left behind. When we regain our ability to move our energy after death on the other side, we can help guide truth & love from the spiritual realm, if we are of that energetic level. I wonder if we have not accomplished our full karmic lessons on earth, if we continue to work on that in spirit before moving on to the next lifetime? It seems to me, when we are born into a physical body, we are here to try to learn how to navigate that collective spiritual energy in a physical body without being sidetracked by all the earthliness. To understand the collective & live by it on earth, could possibly indicate an easier karmic life. Seems you would be a mindful person of your thoughts, emotions and actions with the perspective you are here to serve your community toward a better life. Your life actions (spiritual, physical, mental, emotional) could empower supportive energy to those who need guidance in their free will through life. Rather than trying to control and limit others in your guidance, if you live life mindfully with truth, love & intent, your life would empower others naturally.

In Astrology, they talk about your souls purpose on earth being oulined by the South Node and the North Node locations in the Houses and Astrological signs of your birth chart. The South Node location illustrates your past lessons of your previous life (time to let those go as they are learned) & the North Node, idicates your lessons for this life time. Your Karmic life in other words & the lessons you encounter in your lifetime. To understand your personal past & future, you can look at which one of the 12 Houses the North Node & South Node each fall into on your birth chart. Some birth charts may just show the North Node depending on which search site you use to generate your birth chart. If that is the case, you just look at the polar opposite house to find your South Node. Example, if your North Node (future) is in your 7th house, the South Node (past) will be in your 1st House. Suggesting that in your past life, you accomplished mastery over the aspects of the1st House (the self, identity, persona, appearance, body, face, expressions & attitudes.) You are here to learn about the 7th House, (committed partnerships, marriage, equality, interpersonal style, contracts.)

Of course each of the 12 Houses is represented by an astrological sign, so you want to look to see which sign the North Node House is & which sign your South Node House is. To continue this example, 1st house is Aries (energy, looks for challenges, has vitality, is courageous, wants routine, loves to invent ideas & activities friends can enjoy, can be hot tempered but easily forgives & can be impulsive). The 7th house is Libra (happiest when their life is balanced, have equal amounts of everything in their life and there is harmony, artistic, needs love and companionship, perfectionistic with the need for balance to be happy, low tolerance when things are not fair & can take a long time with decisions because they have to consider all aspects first.)

So when you combine all these traits and challenges, you get an idea of how this would affect this persons life presently with the life lessons they experience. Maybe they have control issues in relationships/friendships, have trouble finding the perfect relationship & marry later in life because of it, are good at finding people who work well together and organize worthy projects that potentially benefit everyone in some way. Can create innovative ideas or projects that continue to evolve postively over time. Take issue when feeling a lack of fairness or someone neglects an aspect of importance to them. Just some ideas & accessments from the above information.

Whatever your purpose is in this life, it is important to remember as you learn and grow, you influence the reality we all live in by your intention and actions. If you are facing barriers you can’t get around, embrace it, send it love and look for the solutions the universe has to provide when you surrender to the fight, anger or disagreement. For every problem, there is a solution, but you have to open yourself to see it. And in doing so, you are empowering the collective on this earth to do the same. We all have a right to our place on this earth & nobody or entity is more deserving than the other. Only we can give more power to others and make ourselves less than. Some of us need to raise our vibration more than others, to be awakened & each of us can help if we are moving forward to accompishing our truth in a loving way. The higher the collective energy is on this earth, the less suffering for everyone. I think that may be what they mean when they say, “Heaven on Earth!”

This post was ultimately inspired by the passing of a friend, RIP Gary, you made a footprint for the better on this earth & touched many lives by being a good human being!

Peace & Love, Susan

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