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Creating the Storm…..Or Would you Prefer Sunshine?

Suddenly you find out a big storm is coming and you have no choice but to hunker down and weather it? You are in a rush to find shelter and you can see these monster black clouds moving in that look like nothing you have seen before. Your mind starts to race and your fear heightens of all the disastrous possibilities. You become aware of a miraculous solution and ill prepared you go along because there is a possibility of a big positive outcome. The entire time you feel unorganized, like you are somewhere you don’t rightly belong, but you are there hoping that what is promised is delivered. Because it will save you.

As you move toward your solution of being saved, you hear that some people decide to stay where they are because they don’t trust traveling during such a storm and feel safer where they are. You drive in a rush to another city where the miracle exists. When you arrive there is a person who catches you off-guard & asks if you have done what is required to participate in the miracle outcome, but you have just arrived and have not had a chance to begin to understand the process. You are desperate, you fear this is your only chance, you lie and say yes. They give you a badge required to be entered to win. You now realize you are in a casino in Las Vegas. Next you walk into a random hotel room without checking-in to change into warmer clothes to prepare for the storm. You feel pressured to change your clothes quickly and get out. You can’t get your suitcase open and you fumble around to find what you need. The cleaning lady is just one room away and the pressure is building to change and get out. Finally you find these jeans that don’t fit, get your clothes changed and as you walk out of the room & down the hallway, you realize you forgot your purse, so you turn around to return to the room. You rush back and discover you have 2 purses, one on your shoulder and the one laying in the hallway by the room. You are confused. You grab the purse laying on the floor and rush to the car where your family is frustrated with you and waiting. You wonder if you left anything else in the room you may really need, it is worrisome and stressful. By the time you get back to the car the black clouds are becoming visible. The storm is here.

Suddenly you realize you have seen these monster clouds before. While they are the darkest black and appear as scarey, life-changing black fog rolling toward you, inside yourself you know they are not as bad as they look. What have you committed to thus far and how do you move forward? You realize you have just become part of a system that you know nothing about and there is a chance you won’t get your miracle, because it is a lottery. The likelihood is small to none it will have a positive outcome. If you had only understood before you took the badge & not acted on the motivation of panic and fear.

You suddenly regroup and take a moment to visualize a big heart over the earth, pouring white light over it and all the people, including yourself. The world glows with love and truth and you believe in justice for everyone. You hold that thought/vision and know positive change is ahead. You realize this is your right action toward a miracle in the midst of disaster. Truthful opportunities and solutions will come. You change the course of your outcome and feel relieved in the repair. You suddenly wake up and realize it was all a dream.

When new and unknown scary things happen, it can be natural to destruct before you construct. I read in “A Return to Love” by Marianne Williamson – “the body is a canvas of the mind.” We are all a canvas of our mind, emotions and actions. The outcome is determined by the motivation behind your actions. Would you encourage someone to act in panic & fear when giving advice? Or would you advise them to wait, look for solutions before deciding? Offer them comfort and support in the mean time as they sort through the disaster. Encourage them to decide what is in their heart, what they feel is true and the best course moving forward. To understand there is time to decide and act once more is known and the circumstances become clearer.

What if you knew in any disaster you had the ability to save yourself and others by simply meditating, praying or visualizing and positive, heart based/truthful outcomes would materialize to act on as a result, would you do it? Some people wait until a problem is so big, it threatens their survival, they become panicked and take action blindly. In these times a lot of people turn to God, or whomever they worship. It is often only when we are brought to our knees by a disaster we turn to the creator for help. I believe this same skill set of meditation, prayer and visualization work in our every day life to guide us away from anticipated disasters & guide us toward a better life. Even if it is just 5 minutes each morning before getting out of bed. We can guide our future if we simply work these skills every day. It empowers us against the big monster if we have faith and take the time to formulate what we want in our lives daily. It is the difference between building that disaster food storage in advance to prepare for an emergency, as opposed to scrambling after a disaster to find what you can in the midst of chaos.

Our lives these days are filled with a lot of chaos. How are you painting your canvas? Are your thoughts, emotions and actions driving the dream or are you squandering in all the disastrous possible outcomes & waiting for life to happen to you before looking to see what is available? When you let others formulate your reality, you are subject to what solution others provide for you. Although you are an individual entity in this world, remember you are also part of a whole. If the majority let someone else decide their outcome, it creates an imbalance of opportunities. More people live life outside their truth and fewer people use their power to create their truth. The collective create a reality for everyone as we are all connected on this physical and spiritual plane. Is that the truth that is in your heart for this lifetime? Doing what others create and fulfilling their dreams instead of your own? Isn’t that what they call an unfulfilled life? I think it takes many ideas to create a solution. Many dreams to bring happiness for all. To me, that is a life worth living, one of truth.

It is never too late to start driving your own future. Trust, have faith, begin small and see what happens. Bring love to the forefront of your thoughts, emotions and motivated actions every day. Remember that you are part of a collective whole. And what you contribute affects the reality of all which in turn reflects back to you. Look at your canvas, what do you see? What do you want instead, that brings love and goodness to the world? It is your canvas, our canvas, paint it and see what happens.

Peace and Love, Susan

References, “A Return to Love” by Marianne Williamson, my nighttime dreams & wisdom from my co-creators of the Divine. Http://

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