All paths lead to the light if you are willing to illuminate the shadow.
Collette Baron-Reid
I am so happy and humbled that you are visiting Gifted Truths & Inspired Blossoms
“Gifted Truths  & Inspired Blossoms” is about the gifts that life offers when we are in touch with our inner truth. When we work toward living a more authentic life, it is only natural to receive inspirations that allow us to blossom into who we really are. 
The process includes setting intentions and goals, and recognizing when the universe is giving us messages, inspirations & resources to empower our growth. When we learn to understand this process, we get in touch with our thoughts, emotions, intuition & the truth that lies within our hearts. We learn to recognize how truth feels inside ourselves and are gifted with the ability to make better decisions and outcomes.
 We are able to break down the walls that keep us from who we truly are & live a more authentic life.  

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I can highly recommend Susan for a Reading. She has always been spot on with contacting family that have passed and has helped me immensely with my sisters most recent passing. She is also extremely intuitive and helpful with issues I may be having in my life.
Jeanne Wilkins
Susan is very professional and a special person. The readings I received from her were amazing and she went into detail as to what they meant and how it applies in my life. It helped me to know more about me and how to see things from a higher perspective. Looking forward to another reading in the near future.
Kim W.

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