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New Moon in Scorpio

The New Moon in Scorpio is Tuesday, October 25th in the Northern Hemisphere. As New Moons go, it is a time to write intentions for what it is you intend for in your future. Scorpio is considered one of the most intense influencing archetypes by some astrologers and is about death & rebirth. So we not only are creating new intentions, but are also focusing on what it is we need to let go of. Kind of like the New Moon and Full Moon in one. Letting things that no longer work die within yourself to be reborn for what better serves you moving forward. This New Moon focuses on going within your heart and mind to see what no longer aligns with the desired changes you want for your life, a new path forward toward a better reality fulfilling your dreams. This entails communication, relationships, community, giving and receiving love. When you do an inventory of what you are ready to give up to become your reborn self, then your life will begin to change. How you see the world, how you look at others, how you label things external to your heart, cleaning up your ego, the actions needing improvement in order to get what you desire. Nothing magically happens without acknowledging what no longer fits into your desired self. So when you are focusing on your new intentions, be sure to acknowledge & be honest about what must die in order to become who you say you want to be, to have the life you desire.

With Mars presently sitting still before it goes retrograde soon until March, it is a time to get in alignment of walking your talk. Connecting to your personal life purpose, your Dharma. With eclipse season launching as well, things are amplified and intensified in strength and speed. There has to be acknowledgement & a willingness to allow change and transformation at a deep level. Remembering that everything starts within and projects out to the world which formulates opportunity and change. Then realigning yourself with the world you create. Thus it could mean leaving friendships/relationships, thought patterns, reactions or actions that no longer align with who you are & to enter into the reborn reality of what you want and desire. For instance, you may find that certain people in your life may have been very good for you at one point in your life, but they are no longer aligning with the direction you are moving. Inventory the way you think, judge, finger point, shame, control, co-depend, over extend, etc. & recognize how it affects the balance in your life. New life comes by acknowledging all the things in life that no longer fit and carrying out the change without having to get acknowledgement from others. It is about finding your tribe and being a part of it somewhere in the middle without “having to be” the best or the worst. Just being your true self with heartfelt intentions without attachments, flowing and trusting. It is a true form or reform.

Take the time to rest, let life flow through you. A busy mind can block you from inner wisdom. It is also important to acknowledge some of the things that are happening in the world are a result of the collective. You will know soon enough what needs to change & learn from it, if you give yourself time to clear your mind, move away from all that life throws at you that involves chaos, confusion and resistance. Dream, imagine, meditate to open your mind for wisdom and spirit to flow and get in touch with your heart to align with your true intentions. This is truly a time to inventory the inner so that the outer may manifest toward your dreams. Your end result should be about walking your talk!

Let’s see what the cards say you need to know in order to identify what needs to die as we set our intentions toward rebirth. The card I drew is from the ‘Wisdom of the Oracle ‘deck by Collette Baron-Reid. The card is “the Fates.” The essential meaning of this card is fate, karma, acceptance that there are things you cannot change and knowing what those things are. The book says the Serenity Prayer sums up the meaning of this card: “God grant me the serenity to accept the things I cannot change, the courage to change the things I can, and the wisdom to know the difference. It may not be in your cards to understand why certain events occurred, but you can accept the mystery and work with what those events and what your current circumstances have to teach you. Some things are fated to happen due to the collective, nature & past experiences you may never understand and are uncontrollable. I say, we have to learn to get in touch with what feels honest and true in the now and flow with it as circumstances unfold. Follow what you feel aligns with your foundation including the intentions of outcomes for the good for all. Let go of needing to tear others down to justify yourself & feed your ego. Instead find your place within the world that reflects what you believe to be true. Understand the things you don’t align with have their own place, their own lessons and their own path, find your tribe-your place. Become a working part of it to naturally empower and strengthen your dreams into reality. Walk your talk as inner self equals the reflection of your outer world. And remember some of what is being reflected could be ancestral or from a past live that you came into this lifetime to experience and heal.

Peace, Susan

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Living Truth is Living Proof….

It seems when we are misaligned with our truth we are lead astray from what is important to us. We find ourselves making excuses or place blame for why we didn’t accomplish what it is we set out to accomplish. I know there are literally times when you are so busy living your truth, you fall behind, I am not talking about those times & in those times you restructure to find balance. When you are working against the truth in your heart, you are off the path of why you came into this world – living your true purpose. You feel like oil in water in your own life. Sometimes it takes becoming so unhappy, you do destructive things to yourself, or create a scenario to have your life blow up before you are able to change course. Sometimes hardship is part of your life plan you came here to work out in this lifetime, but it takes being connected to your truth to see you through it in a healthy way. Being motivated outside your heart, takes you to places you usually don’t want to be.

Just to give an example, I am a procrastinator at times. I sometimes find procrastination is a gestation period of processing to find my truth before I will act. Or I also believe it can be about timing to get the best outcome. Distinguishing the motivation of non-action is important. When I am doing something I really don’t want to do, I wait until I am at the deadline and grudge through it, or I wait until what I have convinced myself is the absolute perfect time to complete it. The perfect time comes when I figure out what is blocking me from taking action or admiting I really didn’t want to do it anyway. Why? That is what I have to ask myself when I am frozen. How did I get here & where do I want to go instead? Who am I doing this for? Yet another question I have to ask. It always leads me back to needing a change to realign with my truth.

Of course we all have responsibilities in life that are not fun, but being grateful you are able to do it makes a big difference in how you approach things in life. There is always someone who has it worse than you. We can live in the excuse, deny ourselves success or be grateful you have the opportunity to live a great life and the responsibilities that come with it. If we drag it out, we fall into self-criticism, stress about not getting it done, or be in utter dread without motivation to cause further stress. Why? That is what you have to ask yourself. Why do you want to disempower yourself? It takes courage to embark on the discomfort of something new. To be guided by trust and faith that your truth will lead you to the end goal, once you get through the unknown, the growing pains. At your most challenged moments talk to spirit and ask them to guide you to resolve. If you truly believe and are in alignment, your answers will come. But remember, sometimes what you want you may not be ready for, so be patient and do the work to get there.

The best thing often times is to just do what you need to get done, the minute you recognize you need to. Then it is over with. No valuable time is wasted. Sometimes all it takes is 1 small step to get going because once you start things seem to change and unfold. Remember, if you are frozen, don’t know what to do or how to start, then turn to spirit and ask for help. Help is always possible, believe it & when it comes, be grateful.

As we are human and constantly growing and changing, we can feel a bit off in the processing phase of change. If you choose to settle for less than what is optimal to your truth, then look at the imbalances it creates in your life to decide if they are worth it. It is your choice & you have to take responsibility for what you accept. Obviously when it comes to relationships with others, we all are different from one another & we need to accept people for who they are, so in turn we can be accepted. We can either drag each other down or build each other up. We all are connected and our individual lives are based on the overall wellness of one another.

Differences are healthy, but they can also be unhealthy. Being with someone who is very opposite than you can be very enlightening, growth provoking or unworkable. Depending on how you choose to react to it. I am very intuitive & my husband is very intellectual. Together we have a lot of common interests. We do many things differently than one another and therefore we learn from one another. It takes radical acceptance, to let go of the negative and flow to see what there is to learn. The things I don’t like, I don’t let limit my life. And if they do, that is on me. If it changes to be not okay, we work to make it work for each of us because we are committed to each other. We agree we want each other to be able to do the things that are most important to each of us, but work to keep the balance of togetherness. On top of that, we value our friendship & respect one another. However, when a relationship affects your quality of life or disagrees with your most important values in life, it can be a struggle. If it is steering you away from who you are and what is important, are you really on course? That is not the life I choose for myself personally. We each have to decide & take responsibility for our choices and how we choose to live. If something is not workable, then we have to make the necessary change. When you live out of alignment, it affects your whole life, especially your physical body. So protecting someone to avoid change is really only hurting the person you are protecting because you are both out of your truth, getting by and not fulfilling your life purpose. Imbalanced & unsatisfied. To start, you have to recognize what you need to change and if you can’t bring yourself to do it, then ask for help and answers for guidance to start. It is so liberating to be happy, in alignment with truth and to have those around you feeling the same. Life is always evolving & has it’s ups and downs, but don’t get stuck on the carousel going in a repetitive circle trying to stay safe and comfortable. Because at some point it will throw you off and you will wonder where the time went and see what you have lost living safe. Remember, spirit is always there to help support and guide you.

Lets look to the cards to see what we each need to know about finding our truth in our life path in relationships. I drew a card from the Wisdom of the Oracle by Collette Baron-Reid. The card I drew was “Serendipity!” The essential meaning from the book is: Opportunity allied with readiness; the awareness of synchronicity; luck and good fortune appearing as signs and symbols; a magical alignment of events. Wow, how appropriate is that message?! When you are living your best life, connected to your truth, the magic happens in accomplishments. We all have the ability to harmonize our life with magical outcomes, good fortune and pure joy when we stay in alignment with our truth. When you are in your truth, spirit is in line with you giving guidance & support. The flow of the magic from a higher power surrounds you and propells your life forward with obvious opportunities, people and signs. Being of service for the good of all is so important to your path of truth. How do you get there if you are not there now? Write down the things you like and don’t like about your life right now. Categorize them in a controllable column and uncontrollable column. Set strategies with the controllable column, take actions to resolve them. Then pray or meditate for anwers and enlightenment to what you feel is uncontrollable. Remember, everything in our life is a reflection of what we believe and accept inside ourselves. You have the power to create a better world by being good to yourself by living your truth, this raises your energy/vibrations which sends encouragement to others in the world. Being good to yourself with the component of for the good of all mixed into your thoughts and actions is a perfect recipe for success. But it has to start with you!

Peace & love, Susan

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The Thin Veil

October is such a fun time for connecting with Spirit. It is the time of year when the veil between the earth and the spirit world is thinnest. Typically it is a time when your intuition is stronger than normal. If you are working to raise your vibration to connect with the spirits on the other side, your abilities are more empowered at this time. It is a good time to focus on learning meditation to open space in your conscious mind to let spirit in, setting intentions to connect with your higher self and to use tools to ask questions and find answers through your spiritual practice. If you have tools you use to connect with your intuition, you might consider utilizing it on a daily basis this month. I will be drawing Oracle Cards every morning this month & then of course if I have additional questions will use them for supportive insight. They always lead me to discover things about myself and assist in problem solving. If you are longing to connect with someone who has passed, this is also an excellent time to consider a reading with a Medium. Get a personal referral from a friend with someone they have personal reference to their work so you know they are the real deal.

Let’s draw a card to see what spirit has to tell us today about expanding our spiritual practice for empowerment. The card I drew from the Enchanted Map by Collette Baron-Reid is “Metamorphosis” in protection (upside down). Protection simply means we need to slow down and listen carefully to this message. The essential meaning of this card means: You are in the process of deep and beautiful change. The Protection book message says: There are times of chaos and darkness that occur, much like the growing pains of the caterpillar becoming the butterfly. There is a tendency to expect the worse when difficulty arises – when something is taken away or unwanted circumstances come to challenge you to let go of old ideas about how life is supposed to be. You are experiencing the temporary discomfort we all must go through before the beauty is revealed. I say: How interesting I drew this card, because I experienced this last night. Before I went to bed, I read a couple headline stories from a news source that were chillingly disturbing. Not a good decision on my part to do this before bed! It created stress in my mind and my thoughts were reeling, my emotions of fear and helplessness came to the surface. As it started to feel into emotional pain I suddenly had insight to recognize that I was in charge and I was not going to fall for this fearful narrative I had just read about. I instantly changed my emotions to confidence and started to say out loud & then write down what I believed was possible, what I was going to do to counter it. I was creating a plan of empowerment & believing it, my whole demeanor changed, my fear was gone and I believed good is possible. Small steps in the direction toward solutions. It was the difference between feeling overwhelmed and sinking into fear thinking, to beginning to create a plan of solutions. Even if I didn’t know the answers, I created the belief answers would come to me and it would be ok. I believed would be guided to do what I need to do to be safe and empowered. I then drew 3 Oracle cards to see what other insight I needed to know about, where I was headed and what the potential of my actions could create. It all brought me peace of mind. Empower yourself at your weakest moments. Create support you can turn to when you feel confused. Take time every day to reach out or pray to your spirit guides and ask for help to find your answers. They are there for you, all you have to do is ask, trust & have faith in truth. There is always light waiting to shine through darkness, you just have to look for it. Remember you are not only helping yourself, but you are helping others by the energy you create in finding & generating solutions. Energy is the source of consciousness & action. Make it honest & for the good of all! Be a part of the greater good, the empowered good!

Peace & love, Susan

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Dreams and Healing

This morning just as I woke, I had a strong impression from the ending of a dream. It was the only thing I remembered once awake. I was in my home town, driving away from my family home. When I noticed my dog, Sonny was running away from the house after me. My mom was standing on the porch. I was in my blue car I drove just after college. I felt like I had to stop so Sonny would stop chasing me. When I stopped to turn around, my car died. I tried to restart it, but it wouldn’t start. Sonny as you see in the picture above has hair missing. But in the dream it was fully grown, fluffy gold hair and he looked very healthy. When he came into rescue 2 yrs. ago, they shaved his coat because it was all matted. His coat has never fully grown back. We have been working recently on healing him from a bladder infection and getting his thyroid working again as it plummeted this past year. He has also been having difficulty getting up the stairs and slowing down. I have been working with a vet and homeopath & feeling a bit worried about him.

As I woke up, I felt my hands were swollen, my neck stiff and my upper back was out. But I felt first thing was to write down my dream before I forgot it. So I wrote the dream down asking to know what it meant & why I felt so horrible physically. I then listened to a private video talk with Medium Shawn Leonard. I am just getting ready to start a 1 yr. course with him today and this was the last free video. He had a couple of his students on the video, one a Reiki Healer & the other an empath. As I listened to their testimonies of his work and gained some insight from their experiences, that in return began to inspire intentions to set for myself. I started to feel motivated do some yoga as I listened to help myself feel better physically. Then I had this overwhelming feeling to lay flat on my back and visualize my skeleton in alignment. I visualized starting at my feet and going all the way up my body, on my back, one vertebrae at a time, visualizing everything aligned. I could sense the areas that were out of place and visually aligned them. Then I went to my heart, it was an empty space & black, there was nothing there. I saw these hands cover my heart and start to do compressions, but still nothing was there, it was black. I began to try to create light and the healing color of green on my heart while the compressions were going on. The understanding I got from this visual was, I need to let go of the fear and beliefs that hold me back from moving forward with my intuitive and healing practice. I also need to connect & love my body more. Right now my life is divided between what I have to do & what I want to do. I don’t have enough time to fulfill my wishes of how I spend my time and it makes me frustrated and overwhelmed at times. So my body is out of balance and feeling the physical strain of that division, emotions and thought patterns. I asked to be shown the way to unification and balance & to let go of the fear that holds me back. I finished feeling a lot better physically after I was done. I also felt clarity on what my dream was telling me, the message was that Sonny is going to heal. He is not electing to go “home” where my mother was standing. My mother is 94yrs. old with dementia and clearly not on a healing path. Sonny has chosen not to follow her, but to follow me toward healing. I feel in my heart he is going to get better, so I am letting go of the worry and believing he will be okay. My car not starting seems like it was my fear and worry that was standing in the way of his healing as well. Dogs are so connected to their owners and if we are worried, they feel it.

I hope you can see from the story above how you can create answers in your life by following your inspirations. I believe what I described above was lead by spirit. My mornings are generally filled with meditation, journaling, yoga, muscle strengthening before I start my day. Sometimes I draw an Oracle Card for inspiration & include that in my journaling as well. Or as today, if I have a dream, I always write that down first in my journal before starting the rest of my routine. This morning I followed my instinct which ended with me finding answers I needed to hear for healing & ended with me doing my normal morning routine. The seeds of spirit can lead you to your answers if you trust and believe.

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Peace, Susan

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Woo for you!

I wasn’t feeling any particular inspiration of what to write about today, so thought I’d just draw some Oracle Cards and see what we need to know at this time. I drew 3 cards from my Enchanted Map deck by Collette Baron-Reid. The first card I drew that represents what has happened/past is “Rescue”. The card representing now is “Balancing Act” and the 3rd card representing what is ahead is “Intention.”

Looking at the past, the Rescue card reflects on the past, especially the past few years of the pandemic. Where a lot of people have felt isolated, in chaos, experienced uncontrollable losses, confusion and a need to know what the outcome is going to be. It has most likely been one of the most challenging times in many people’s lives. Our past experiences can create hardship, anxiety, depression, broken relationships and divide. When in a hard time in our life, some of us may have been hoping this would just miraculously end and life would go back to normal without taking any action to provoke change. Just asking it to end. That is Rescue – giving away your power, doing nothing to change the circumstances in your life. Falling victim and sinking deeper. Forgetting that you have the power to move forward in spite of your circumstances. A situation like this can happen to help us realize that we need to let go of the belief that something outside ourselves has our answers. That what others say to us dictates our life. We need to commit to make our own decisions and to run our own life. We have the power to change our lives and that happens by where we place our beliefs. Instead of chasing life, let life chase you. Instead of wishing to be rescued, rescue yourself. We are meant to be our own creators and when we create our own solutions, life chases us. Life forms around the path we create for ourselves. What do you want for your life? What do you believe for your life? Do you let outside circumstances dictate that. Or do you see what surrounds you in your life and decide what you want to change about it? Your path forward is to learn to connect with what you desire and to focus on attaining that. Take time to meditate to open space for your spirit guides to connect with you. Ask them questions to help you solve your problems. They are there for you, waiting to help. Another way to start driving your life is to write in a journal. Just write down what you are feeling, what you need help with, what you are experiencing each day. When you get focused on writing intuitive answers start to flow through you. They may come as you are writing, or later. But they will come if you open yourself to receive. This is a great time for spiritual connection to others & more importantly, yourself to bring balance to your life.

The now card – Balancing Act, we are working on finding the balance in our present life & letting go of the wounds of our history that interfere with our path forward. It is time to acknowledge the stories you are telling others and yourself. Right now as we work with the influences of the planets and astrological signs, we have Venus (Love) in Libra (balance, harmony, justice, fairness) with Jupiter (abundance) present. This is a perfect time to go within and ask to see what it is to know about finding balance & harmony in your life for healing so that you can move on to creating a new direction or improving the direction you are headed. When you feel truth inside yourself about what you are doing, how you are spending your time and how you are acting, you are on the right path. When you feel ill at ease, like something isn’t right, it is risky & you may fail or life is not working out, you need to go within and connect with your heart and find what feels right. Identify when you are being motivated by what you have experienced, been told or scared into believing. Change your thoughts and emotions to positive confidence. Trust your inspirations and act on them. Right now, the influence of Jupiter has added to the mix and that is about creating abundance. Given the positioning, it is important to focus on the grandness of your efforts as you can be inspired to be a bit over the top in your offerings of love, friendship or good will. Find the balance! What is motivating you moving forward? Make it balanced and truthful to the heart and for the good of all. Let your inspirations lead and life will follow. But be mindful of creating balance in your actions. Try neutral emotionally for a while. That means listening to your heart, trusting your instincts that feel clear and true and then acting.

We close on “Intention”. If you are having trouble finding balance or letting go of the victim, down on your luck stories you are telling yourself & others, be honest and ask yourself why you need to hang on to this. What is it giving you, that you don’t believe you can create for yourself in a more productive way. Are you unable to ask for what you want or need? Do you have trouble accepting help? We can feel very restricted because of the thought/emotional patterns hardship creates within ourselves. It is time to let go of the chaos and conflict you see in your outer world and go within to create peace and empowerment. You have the power to change your life by connecting to your inner desires. Attach those desires to love and take some action that results in the good for all involved or affected. Visualize what you want, think of how you will feel being in this place in your life of fulfilled desires. And don’t judge yourself for the desires you want. Make sure it is true to your heart, what you truly think is the best thing for your life moving forward, not conformed to what your present circumstances are showing you. Write it down and take an action, one small step to start. There will always be chaos in this world. But to separate yourself from life because of it is to disempower your life. If your present circumstances are not working, you are not a prisoner to it. Get creative and decide a new way for yourself. Be aware of the road blocks in your mind that may come up that prove you are not capable or not worthy. Start small and do what you can now & intend for the rest to follow as you start. Be willing to make adjustments as the need arises by changing your limitations to aspirations & actions toward your desires. If you intend true to your heart, there will be synchronicities, serendipities & unknown opportunities. Maybe even pleasant surprises! Stay present in the now, trust what you desire is possible and have faith it will happen! Make life chase you, to form your reality around your creativity & desires. Peel though the layers of wounds and create a new empowerment of fearless fulfillment and dreams come true. And don’t talk yourself out of it along the way!

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Peace, Susan

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Since I was in my mid-20’s I have been working on self-healing. It was the physical pain that caught my attention and the recognition I needed change to heal. I discovered Louise L. Hay very early in that journey. She focused on mental causes for pain & illness & how to change your thinking to heal as well as the importance of self-love. She published several books and did tireless work helping people to understand the mental patterns within themselves were the root cause of illness. She said through her own process, she learned she had to stop blaming people and circumstances outside herself for her own pain and misfortune. After all, your actions in life are motivated by how you think, feel and believe. Not only did she show people that repetitive negative thought patterns create pain and illness, but she also taught them use of positive affirmations to replace the negative patterns to heal.

As a young adult I started to have physical body pain and could never find a way to heal it. It was mostly neck, shoulders and back pain. When I discovered Louise L. Hay’s philosophy, I began looking at it in a different way. At times, my neck pain would become unbearable, before I would start to pay attention. At that point, it motivated me to listen to what I was telling myself & note when it would trigger the pain to understand coinciding affects I was manifesting. I was able to stop the pain by changing my thoughts to more positive beliefs and began to understand how I had created my pain. Depending on when you try to change course with your situation, you may have a web of thoughts, emotions & actions to change, but starting with recognizing your thoughts that trigger the symptoms begins the shift. You also have to commit to let go of the attachments that justify what you believe to be true to be able to make the shift. Sometimes that requires going inside yourself to process incidents, recognize where the thought originated & recognizing how this thought pattern serves your life presently. It takes commitment to change the way of thinking and believing to see results. When you constantly think negatively it triggers all kinds of things in the body physically, how you respond to situations and the actions you take or don’t take in your life that contribute to the problem. You may have done severe damage to yourself by a decision & acted on it in your past that creates your present reality. When you forgive yourself and change that within yourself, there can be healing.

I am sure you are not a stranger to the reality of stress on the body. Not only do you trigger body chemistry, but you trigger energy to continue to manifest this reality of pain/illness. You feed this reality for yourself and reconfirm it when it serves your beliefs. It is always good to recognize what it is you are getting out of your pain. How does it serve you in spite of the pain or illness. What would you prefer instead? Our body has a defense system to try to help us survive in flight or fight mode, but over time, our body falls to illness trying to sustain that lifestyle of stress. When I do energy balancing on people I can hear what their body tells me to help the person process what is stuck. It is a mutual dialogue between the person, their body & myself. People also receive communication from their body during the session as well and learn to do inner-self dialogue. Sometimes physical misalignments have to be physically corrected & you have to change to maintain the alignment.

Albert Einstein said: “We can not solve our problems with the same level of thinking that created them.” It is the same with energy as Shawn Leonard pointed out during a private seminar recently: “You can’t change the same level of energy with the same level of energy. Remember we are all spirit, just living a human experience.” To make true change, you have to let go and aspire to a higher consciousness of unconditional love of self and others. Let go of blame, anger, helplessness, etc. Take responsibility for your part in situations that play out in your life. On some level, there is some responsibility you can grasp if you really open yourself to find it. Even if it is a just lack of knowing. Love yourself & love others for the good of all, because energy attracts energy. By making improvements with your own health, it helps to shift the energy to empower others to do the same. Remember, we are all connected & the new influence of your changed energy then exists for us all to become empowered, it has an affect. This is just another example of how we affect our environment by our actions and energy. It is sort of a human super power at our fingertips for the good of all!

The photo on this post is a reference guide by Louise L Hay for thoughts associated with different bodily conditions/illness that illustrates the thoughts & affirmations associated with several medical conditions. It is one of my first self-help books that I still use today and I am sure you can tell it is very used & dated. Thankfully I just reordered a new edition. Below I have given you a couple examples from the book:

Problem: Headache – Probable Cause: Invalidating the self. Self-criticism. Fear. – New Thought Pattern: I love and approve of myself. I see myself and what I do with eyes of love. I am safe.

Problem: Indigestion – Probable Cause: Gut level fear, dread, anxiety. Griping or grunting. – New Thought Pattern: I digest and assimilate all new experiences peacefully and joyously.

There are many healing resources available in this world to help with self-healing that are more organic and capable of producing real change. I am not one to turn to medication unless it is a situation of necessity, as I feel they are a mask and not the solution. I don’t condone medication and realize it is necessary in certain cases. But ultimately, I am after the root cause, not the passivity of a convenient relief, as ultimately you are pushing the problem deeper into the body moving toward a chronic, irreparable dis-ease. Sometimes medication can provide a temporary relief until you can heal yourself. But feeling the pain helps to undo the puzzle to figure out how you can balance the trigger/effect. These are my beliefs of course that I have used to navigate my life & health. I too am a student.

Let’s see what the cards say! I am using the “Oracle of the 7 Energies” deck by Collette Baron-Reid. The card I drew is: “Wishing Upon a Star.” The essential meaning of this card is: Intentions based on your desires and aspirations, the act of consciously committing to a vision, sacrificing something of value, gambling on yourself, trusting that dreams can become reality, the importance of daydreams.” The book goes on to say, “Perhaps the point all along is not how something can happen, but the power of wishing and intending.” I say, this is all so important that no matter what gets you down in life, know there is a solution. If you intend for a solution, you will be so blown away by the magic from the universe when you open yourself with optimism to see the answers. We often let ourselves believe in disappointment & failure over the true belief in the power of optimism & success. You lose the race when you give up. Ask for help at this moment & believe. We have many thoughts and emotions that keep us from believing we can attain the end result of solutions. Recognize each and every one of those walls, tricks and patterns within yourself that try to prevent you from getting to your success & replace them with “I can, I will, I am.” Healing is like driving to a party with only the address & no directions in a unfamiliar place. You have to trust your instinct, stop to talk to people along the way to get advice and to look for land markers to know where to turn until you reach your destination. Having an end goal in sight, asking for help & trusting spirit to help when you are well intended and from a space of love, is true magic and should be a way of life to find your true path in life. Trust & give it a try with a loving heart!

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Visiting Spirit in Dreams

A few weeks ago I talked about mediumship and mentioned a dream I use to have when I napped during the day. In case you missed it, let me revisit. I would take a nap during the day and at some point I would feel like I was a awake, but know I wasn’t. There would be these people in the room with me that would flip my nose, poke me, etc. and the whole while I would feel paralyzed, unable to move to get away from them until I would finally wake up.

I have been listening to some free seminars by Shawn Leonard the Indigenous Medium, who is promoting a year long course right now on how to get in touch with the spiritual realm. He talked about dreams yesterday. The above circumstances occur when you are having an astral dream. In Astral dreams, your soul leaves the body, but doesn’t completely disconnect and travels into the spiritual realm during sleep. He explained some times when you astral travel during your sleep, you start to wake up before your soul is back in your body. Spirits will come to help you get your spirit into your body so you can wake up. He explained, often times people will awake to a spiritual being pushing on their body and it is often interpreted as the being holding them down. In my case, the spirits were trying to get me to feel my body to get back into it fully. In either case you will feel paralyzed because you are not in your body fully, nor awake. It is nothing to be afraid of, but to allow the spirits to help so you can fully enter your body to wake up.

The Astral Dream itself, is where your soul leaves your body & enters the spirit realm where you can visit deceased people you know or unknown spirits in your dream. But the easy way to identify this type of dream is if there is a deceased person you know in them. This person never speaks in the dream, but delivers a message. I usually have dreams with a certain friend of mine, Penny who passed away over 20 yrs. ago & sometimes have dreams with my Grandmother I was closest to in them. They are usually informative or healing dreams for me. One series of dreams began shortly after my life-long friend Penny died. In this dream I would go through her death again, but then somehow she would come back to life and be living another life somewhere else & and I would encounter her. For a long time I couldn’t understand the message. But when I started to explore mediumship, I understood the dream was telling me that when you die, it isn’t the end, your spirit lives on and your life just changes. Now that I have understood this, we are meeting up in my dreams with different scenarios & processing issues we had together as children. Visiting her in my dreams has been very healing for me. And I believe it is also helping her spirit to heal while helping us both to raise our vibration and spiritual awareness.

Let’s see what the cards say about dreaming. What is it we all need to hear about dreams: Again, I used the Enchanted Map Oracle Card deck & drew the card: “Magic Stream.” The essential meaning of this card is “Everything is connected through the universal flow of consciousness.” How appropriate, right? I say, this card is about understanding your experiences are within a pool of the collective and to share them with others can be a great source of inspiration. Let go of feeling less than, intimidated or threatened by other’s greatness when they share it with you, because every person’s experience of greatness is meant to awaken or help you accept the greatness within yourself. They are mirroring to you the potential you have within yourself. You are encountering this person because your soul is calling you to awaken & hopefully to go on to inspire others to do the same. We are all made of energy and meant to evolve with one another to our true potential on this earth. This means we are able to follow our own truth path in life which helps the world to expand and broaden into a healthy society of many great ideas and view points. No one answer is the answer. It is the collective that blends to greatness that continues to evolve by the truth of our souls. In this sense, we continue to raise each other up to our highest potential to lessen the existence of a lower vibration where control, conformity, suffering, poverty and such hardship exist within it’s powerless, contained bubble. A place where we lose our individual spirit and truth. As humans we have a need to know the end result, rather than trust as we follow our hearts and faith to find our way through our destiny in life. We have to live more by trust in our truth, than believing what someone has proven to work for them as our own truth. It is a continual evolving process that we as humans could benefit to find comfort in. I feel as we move further into the age of Aquarius, it is important to balance the vibration levels of our population so that we can come together to live a more balanced life where community exists and we vibrate at a more hopeful, empowered and loving way. Time to tap into your own truth & support the creativity of others truths to create your way forward that serves your life’s purpose for the good of all.

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Full Moon in Pisces

Saturday, Sept. 10 in the northern hemisphere is the Full Moon in Pisces. This means we have the Sun (conscious awareness) in Virgo (the body/daily routines) & the Moon in Pisces (the unconscious, spirit, oneness, intuition, dreaminess, feeling connected). With these two in opposition it is generally about the spirit realm and the human body/reality. The push and pull between dreams vs. day to day, intuition vs. logic, passions/desires vs. responsibilities, spirit vs. flesh/physical world. Dr. Michael Lennox, Astrologer says, “We are being bombarded with a lot of Pisces energy at this time, but we are also being deeply guided as Neptune (planet of spirit) the ruler of Pisces is very close to the moon & playing a part in the influences of this Full Moon.”

Every Full Moon is a time to release what no longer works for us. In this Full Moon we can learn to apply time to our daily devotion, whether it is prayer or meditation in order to deepen our connection to spirit. Become conscious of what we keeps us from devoting time to connecting with spirit and let it go. Pisces can be emotional & this powerful connection to everything will surely stir things up in that department. Overall, it is a wonderful time to open ourselves up to a stronger relationship with spirit and empower our lives toward what it is we really want in life. With the world moving so fast and propelling us forward this year, this Full Moon brings the energy advising us to slow down so we do not miss the lesson that stands between us and our truest desires.

The other planetary and astrological signs say we need to find middle ground, forgiveness, have healing conversations, focus on the tug awars within, clarify misconceptions. It may also be a time for some to re-evaluate, reorganize or revise plans already set in motion. Once you let go of things you thought you wanted, but realize they were not truly your desire, be brave to change course. There is supportive energy right now to get in touch with what is the right thing to do, no matter how hard it may be. To manifest your truest life in alignment with who you really are, tap into what lights you up, your desires & mindfully set intentions. Take the necessary actions to get what it is you really want. Pay attention to the limitations you place on yourself when acting on a desire and let them go! Lack has no place in manifesting your truest desires in life. Be sure to start small, something attainable & as you empower you’ll find bigger is attainable!

Lets see what the cards have to say about connecting to spirit more fully during this heightened time. I drew “Protecting Treasure” from the Enchanted Map by Collette Baron-Reid’s deck. The essential meaning of this card “You are always protected & Divinely directed.” I say, when you get in touch with how spirit guides you in your life, you will learn to trust divine inspiration. You will feel safe because you will know what is true and what is not true. You can overcome fear when you take a risk in a new direction in your life because it will be backed up with solid confidence and sound evidence of your desire. If you feel otherwise, it is not the right action. Enjoy this wonderful time to get in touch with your inner truth and intuition as the mega power is all around us right now.

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New Moon in Virgo

August 27th in the USA marks the New Moon in Virgo. During the New Moon, the Sun aligns with the moon so we have our conscious & unconscious together making it a great time to set intentions. Virgo is the ruler of the body, details, precision, putting things back together with focus on self-care, health, daily routines. This also applies to our spiritual & emotional bodies. Virgo is ruled by Mercury (the mind) & Chiron (the great healer.) So together, as Dr. Michael Lennox so brilliantly points out, Virgo season is naturally the time of year you should be setting your resolutions for the next 12 months, not January!

With the influences of the planets and signs presently, it is a time to create something new, but it is important to build a strong foundation. Be clear on your motives to create, have courage and be sure you are deserving of your desired outcome! Creating something new could mean having to give something up. Or it could be the path you are on is not the path you need to continue. The fork in the road so to speak. This could include changes in relationships or relationship roles. Or perhaps, you build on what you have been working on. Maybe you have overcome a lot of lessons and are ready to refine your project. Follow your truth to continue and ensure it is not a form of escape. Keep paying attention to the prompts from spirit for adjustments & be open to what might need to shift or change. Growing and learning are a ongoing process, so be open to advice or criticism. Let it empower you as you enjoy your successes and continue to strengthen your foundation.

In setting your intentions, write them down & believe you can have it. Visualize it and attach the emotions of love, gratitude & compassion to the intention. Lastly set the plan in motion, take action of some sort. Even if it is just doing jumping jacks, letting the universe know you are kick starting the creation.

Let’s draw a card. The question I will ask for everyone is, how do I work through the barriers to deserve what I want? The card I drew from the Enchanted Map Deck is “Storm Fields” in protection. This card says, now is not the time to engage in any activity that brings unwanted chaos or drama into your life. This kind of storm can be destructive & you’ll regret your actions later. Find shelter & let any turbulence pass, then you will be heard. I say, find peace with what is in your heart. If there is resistance to your dreams, dig deep to see what is attached to the resistance to heal. Make shifts as they are comfortable, pushing yourself just enough to create the change needed without blowing up the scenario. When things adjust, push more as you gain confidence and feel stronger to face opposition with grace & strength. This will build your self-worth & ability to deserve. Know, if you are inspired to think of an idea & it lives in your heart, it is possible. Always be aware of your motives before you act.

Peace & Love, Susan

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Is Death the End?

For quite some time I have had experiences of seeing shadows, movement out of the corner of my eye, smells nobody else smells & being touched, but nothing is there. Some times when I do a reading for people, I receive information from a deceased person or animal. While I do not consider myself a medium, I definitely have experiences. I have been listening to a series of podcast on Mediums and it has reminded me of some of my encounters and confirmed to me they are true.

When I was in my teens and early 20’s & I would take a midday nap, I encountered spirit beings. I would be in a deep state while thinking I was awake. These people would gather around me and do things to bother me. I would feel paralyzed, unable to move my body to try to get them to leave me alone. They would flick my nose, tickle me, tug at my toes, etc. I decided I had to stop taking naps during the day because it was so bothersome & I couldn’t stop it. At that time, I was not even remotely aware it could be dead people coming to me in spirit to get my attention.

Over the years I have seen shadows and movements out of the corner of my eyes or even been stopped in my tracks by a shadow appearing in front of me, not knowing what it was. It was only later in my life that I had experienced mediums & I got pets that I started to understand. The first solid understanding came when I had a young dog named Sadie suddenly drop dead one evening. My husband & I were devastated. After we came home from the vet office, I was laying on the couch grieving and something licked my foot. I looked down and there was nothing there. But I knew it happened & felt comforted by it. My other dog would come over and look at the spot where Sadie always laid, but would never go near it, she was the dominant dog of the two. I do believe he saw here there & I felt her presence many times. I now see her shadow in my house regularly. An animal communicator verified her visits & told me she would continue to guard our home & she has.

I volunteer for dog rescue, and several months after losing Sadie, my husband & I were traveling in Turkey and were contacted by our rescue president. A black female, Mariah, that looked a lot like Sadie had come into rescue & she asked if we would be interested in her. We were not ready and told her I was not interested. When I got back to CA, I went in to walk the rescue dogs & was told Mariah took a while to warm up to people & to take it slow with her. When I approached her kennel, Mariah stood there and wagged her tail at me like we were old friends, seemingly eager to know me. So next time I visited the rescue dogs I took her out. On our walk, there were times she looked just like Sadie & it relieved my grief. Long story short, we adopted her, although it took several meetings for her to accept my husband comfortably. All through our life together I always felt a strong connection to her. Years later, by her side and she passed, I felt a surge of energy pop out the top of my head. There was no doubting it was her spirit leaving & our physical connected energy left on some level with her. That night, as I lay in bed grieving, I had this vision of her & our other deceased dog Cooper standing in front of me, Mariah wagging her tail. My body started to vibrate all over, to the point where I felt it shaking. She told me she was okay and happy where she was. I asked her to please come visit me and she agreed and then they both ran off playfully together and the vibrating stopped. I had never felt that before & there was no denying what I had experienced. To this day, I see her & Cooper’s shadows about the house now and again.

Since the Mediumship series, I have been working on my skills in this area and have begun to expand my awareness of my abilities. I am smelling scents my husband says don’t exist, but they are very strong to me. The other day I felt a big drop of water hit my thumb, but nothing was there. I have felt things bump into me or sweep past me. On a dog walk & other occasions, I heard my name called very loud and clear, when I turn around, nobody is there. Last night as I lay in bed meditating and doing affirmations, my phone across the room in Airplane mode, silenced, my phone screen would light up after finishing certain thoughts, myself taking that as the last thought was one to have confidence in. I am very curious if any of this rings true for you or if you have any similar experiences? Please feel free to comment, I would love to hear.

Lastly, I will share something one medium said when asked how they felt about death. They said: “When we die, I believe our life doesn’t end, it just changes.” That is the way I feel. And I think once you let go of the fear of dying, you can truly live and not be coerced by fear as our world seems to be so good at provoking these days. Getting people to do things they would not normally do because they are acting out of fear. Remember to always check your motivation before acting. Check in with your heart to see if it feels truth & clear that your path forward is smooth sailing. If you feel conflict, ask why? Ask for spirit to bring you the truth, help you to understand your ill feelings. Remember, when you receive messages, only act on what resonates with the peaceful, inspired feelings that seem right. Use you hearts truth, not your emotions to find your solutions.

Let’s see what the cards say about the all the goings on in our world today and how to handle the emotions it triggers. From “The Enchanted Map” Oracle Card deck from Collette Baron-Reid I drew “Listening” in protection mode. The essential meaning is: “an open heart will hear the message!” The protection message from the book says: Are you feeling that you’re not being heard— that perhaps your needs aren’t valid, that your song will go unsung? Now is the time to bring your message to the world. Speak up….It’s time for your voice to resound throughout your sphere of influence. Say what you mean & ask for what you want. In protection is also asks if you’re refusing to listen to someone else, preferring to hear what you want instead of what is being said. Time to get out of denial. Reversed, this card always brings freedoms if you heed it’s advice. I say, I believe we all have divine intervention for solving our problems and creating ideas. We hear ways forward all the time, but shoot them down within ourselves for various reasons. Good for you if you are acting on them! Some times we wait until we are in a dire situation & provoked to act out of survival. Save the drama and follow your leads that ring true! The key message here is utilize the gifts from spirit that are given to you. Set your intentions, meditate, focus and at that moment, generate the feelings you want to feel on a daily basis to manifest a new reality. Not only do you help yourself, but you help to create energy for the world to empower goodness and overpower evil. That is a small gesture you can contribute toward healing the world and improving your life as a result. When and if you feel helpless, turn to your emotions and create how you want to feel. If you can’t do that, smile as big as you can and hold it. It will get you started toward changing your current state! Together, lets heal the world!

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Peace & love! Susan