About Susan

I believe that if you and I are going to talk about your personal life – then we need to be on a first-name basis. Simply, just call me Susan.

From a young age I was affected by the people around me physically, emotionally, and mentally.  I have spent decades taking classes & workshops from Empaths, Intuitives, healers & astrologers for greater understanding of my abilities. In this process, I have fine-tuned my own intuitive & healing abilities to help others with guidance & suggestions in finding their own truths. I am ready to share these gifts with those seeking guidance to navigate their own lives toward self-truth. 

 I am very passionate about helping people like yourself who are in search of new discovery, guidance, or help. While I am not a physician or mental health professional – I am someone who can give you some spiritual insight.

What I do is very specific to each person who requests my services. That is why I believe in giving you a sneak peek via an initial phone or zoom conversation, prior to starting a reading. This consultation is 10 minutes and free. This consultation is an introduction to each other. I hope we are a good match. If not, no worries. Not every oracle reader is the right fit.


Susan’s newest blog:

More from Susan – an excerpt from her first blog: All my life I have been immersed in everyone’s thoughts & feelings, sometimes not knowing which were mine. As I grew older, I was able to separate out those influences somewhat but was sometimes easily influenced. I never really acknowledged my perception abilities until one day…

If you are experiencing a severe mental health or physical issues please call 9-1-1- or go to your health care or mental health professional. My services are not in lieu of care that is under the realm of these professions.