About Oracle Readings

Let’s start your journey to peace of mind and spiritual guidance.

What is an Oracle?

An Oracle is defined as someone giving wise opinions. They are often seen as a person through whom a deity is believed to speak. 

What are Oracle Cards?

They are an intermediary tool used by an Intuitive to access information for guidance. During a reading, the cards message is combined with intuitive information to provide feedback to the client. Each Oracle Card deck is different from another in the number of cards, theme, system, pictures, symbols, and language as created by the decks author. In reading with Oracle cards, there are no specific layout methods as you often see with the use of Tarot Cards. But layouts can be used if the Oracle feels it would be effective in delivering the reading.


More kind words…

I have known Susan for decades.  She is someone I admire greatly for her compassion toward others and dedication to her craft.  I have appreciated the past year of readings we have done corresponding to the phases of the moon.  I marvel at the insight she shares through use of her cards, spiritual connection, intuition, and awareness.  Susan has marvelous people skills and a delightful sense of humor.  I never hesitate to recommend her to others for the special gifts she brings to people’s lives.

Dr. Monte D. Nighswonger