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It’s a New Moon in Cancer

Hey everybody, we are entering into a new moon tonight & that means it is time to set intentions. The Moon moving into Cancer means we are dealing with self-care, mothering, our feminine side, nurturance, home, family & birthing something new. A time to reflect on what you need to do to ensure your own well-being and your health is taken care of before you try to help others. With outer influences mixed in, there is potential for inner rage to come to the surface when an old wound gets touched in our unconscious. There is also the possibility to be impulsive, move too fast or overreact. Therefore it is a good time to slow down and not over extend yourself so you can come from a healed place. This is a time of rebirthing of new ideas, so it is important to listen, ask questions, learn and not over react. Cancer helps us retreat so we can take the time to find middle ground. Make personal comfort a priority so you can reflect your voice to promote change from a conscious place that heals and comforts others instead of blurting out from a frazzled, hurt place. This can be a very volatile time if we join the rage instead of joining the healing of our hurts and wounds. If your fear is rising, have faith, send love to what scares or angers you. Ask spirit to guide you to help usher in healthy change. This is a good time to set intentions to for self-care, family wounds with an emphasis on mother wounds and how to help the world to heal as we navigate what seems impossible. Ask for wisdom of knowing when to listen, ask questions, communicate and act.

Lets draw a card to see what spirit wants us to know as we rebirth with the world and heal our inner wounds of self-care. I drew a card from the Oracle of the 7 Energies: The card is “Wish Upon a Star.” The essential meaning of the card is: intentions based on your desires and aspirations, the act of consciously committing to a vision, sacrificing something of value, gambling on yourself, trusting that dreams can become reality, the importance of daydreams. My intuition says, if you are feeling out of control, remember what you think and feel is energy you send, affecting your world. Put your dreams to work and send hope with your visions of a balanced outcome. Have faith in truth and goodness. Believe that what is best for everyone is possible. Send love to the things you can’t resolve or support and ask for the healing of truth to happen. Stay focused on the good of all and believe in your heart that love and truth will win. Let go of outcome specific outcomes to your concerns and believe that whatever happens will result in prosperity, health, fairness and community. Good vs. evil, truth vs. lies & love vs. hate will always exist. Let’s put our energy into tipping the scale toward love, good & truth!

Thanks to the inspirations of this New Moon from Dr. Michael Lennox, Astrologer & Collette Baron-Reid, Oracle & Spiritual teacher.

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