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Raising Your Frequency….

Today I want to talk about energy. As I have mentioned before and I would suspect you already know that we are all made of energy and the vibration level of your energy plays a big part in your health and how you manifest in this world.

The highest vibrational energy we can put forth is love. If you want to do something to protect yourself and others against the wrongs of the world, take time out to send love to the things that cause you fear, worry or perceived threats. I incorporate it to my morning gratitude and prayer. But you can do it any time during the day when you think of it. Pay attention to your motives before you act. Adjust your emotions and perspective to love for the best outcomes.

I listened to a podcast this morning that was originally recorded in 2020 by The Essential Oil Revolution on the effects of EMF’s and how essential oils can help. They stated in the podcast several essential oils that have high energy frequencies that protect you against EMF’s. The highest noted to date is Northern Lights Black Spruce. Second is Rose oil. Others that fall a bit lower, but are good are Frankinsence, Fennel, Chamomile & Helichrysum. Fennel was specifically recommened by the host of the podcast for protection. These oils not only help to improve the effects EMF’s have on the body, but raise your energy/vibration level – giving yourself a boost so to speak. If you can use things to help raise your energy level higher, these oils have a positive affect on your health and psyche overall and help to keep you more focuses on positivity & the love motivational perspective.

You may remember from a previous blog, or not, that I have been put in a situation where I was concerned for my safety and I diffused the situation by just telling the person I loved them in a meaningful way. In that moment it truely stopped what I didn’t know how to. The lowest vibrational energy language is hate. So remember when you are reading or hearing something that goes against what you want or believe, send it love. If you decide to act toward disempowering something negative, take action with the perspective of love to guide you. If you are setting intentions for a long term goal, make sure your perspective is based on love. Try love and see what happens!

Lets see what the cards have to say about protecting yourself from harms in life. I drew the card: “The Land Between,” from the Oracle of the 7 Energies by Collette Baron-Reid. The essential meaning of this card is: being between worlds, learning to be okay while at the threshold of what was and what will be, a time of waiting and evolving, gray areas, something essential yet still in development, metamorphosis.The book also says, “The process in between worlds is where things get really interesting. You learn how to manage your fear, how to stay present in the now, how to see in the dark.” It talks about how to handle your lessons with grace because you can’t go any faster. That is what I am saying above & I believe mental fortitude is essential when hoping to change or shape our world from what it is to what we want it to be. That comes from motivations of love, grace, patience, curiosity, trust and humility. Avoid over reacting negatively to try to find resolve. Of course we get triggered from time to time. I try to vent my negative feelings when triggered so that it doesn’t accuse or disrupt others. I usually say as a preface, “Can I vent something to you?” When I was younger and having my monthly cycle, I’d tell my husband, “The twisted sister is out of the closet and running the show today, just so you know!” It added humor, disfused things and allowed him not to take my expressions so personally. Also remember, you are lowering your vibration by negative reactions, so you will be met back with the same kind of result. Therefore, it is important to transition the negative to a more productive perspective before acting. Ask your spirit guides to be there to help steer you toward love in all situations and then trust they will be there for you. I feel my spirit guides daily with my work and am so thankful they watch over me because they have prevented me making some mistakes that would have been very stressful. Learn to feel within yourself when something doesn’t seem right or when you feel like it is true. I have a few ways of experiencing it. When something isn’t right, I just feel in my gut that I need to double check what I just did or reconsider a decision. I don’t feel at peace about it & most often can’t reach a clear decision. When something feels right or true, I often get goosebumps or just feel silent and clear inside. Like there is no objection within me. I also see certain numbers when I look at the clock or just randomly in my environment that give me confirmation. I have had songs come over the radio, or been driving and glanced at a billboard sign that straight forward gave me a direct message. If you ask, you will recieve, but you need to put trust and faith behind your request and be open to recieve. Don’t ask for a specific outcome because spirit will decide on the form. Just trust your gut when it strikes a cord inside yourself as something important you need to hear or see. Lastly, the card above is saying when you are in the middle of change, it is an unknown state mentally & emotionally. It can help to understand where you are, have patience you will find your way and answers will come. Avoid falling off the cliff into negativity when you are learning, exploring and trying to understand your next right action. Get comfortable with the unknown place, the new thing you want to try so transition can become a more comfortable part of our daily life. It doesn’t have to be negative if you can give yourself some leanancy to learn and grow. Put faith in spirit and ask for help, however you need it. I have faith it will help.

Help me spread the love to raise our vibration against the harms in life that seem to be around us that we may feel like we have no control over. The solution is love! Take time each day to feel love and send it out into the universe. Lastly, you can make a list of the things that concern you each day and then before you go to bed, verbally tell spirit with the feeling of love in our heart “I send love to …… (the items on your list.”

Peace & Love, Susan – subscribe to my e-mail list or look at my page for services I offer!

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The New Moon in Aquarius

It is the New Moon in Aquarius on January 21 in the northern hemisphere. It is time to set intentions for what you want moving forward in your personal healing and what you hope to accomplish or is your purpose in this lifetime. This lunation is ruled by Uranus the “Great Awakener.” When setting intentions you want focus on your fate, destiny and serving others. Know what you set in motion, the power of spirit, God, your higher power will steer you toward what is meant to be. So trust as you create and be open to new directions when inspired and it feels true.

The Aquarian is very much an individual, innovative, inventive, futuristic, intelligent, eccentric, humane, their ideas are geared toward the greater good of a free society & has a scientific view of life. Stereotypically, they can be more inclined to have a lot of acquaintances than close friends, by choice. However, they do rely on like-minded individuals to help them grow and bring their ideas to life. They will retreat if their ego is challenged and prefer to stand away from the crowd rather than be the one who gets the recognition. They are happy with only a few selected close friends. They are not one to infringe on the rights of others and very much believe in personal freedoms and independence as sovereignty is a big part of their foundational self. The Aquarian cycle is a great time to kick new ideas into action that are for the greater good of all.

With the influences this lunar cycle, we are surrounded by forward moving energy and you can possibly feel the buzz to act. Mars the planet of action is no longer retrograde along with Mercury the ruler of communication and on the 22nd, Uranus, the great awakener turns around as well. The ideas or longed for changes you have been trying to launch in the past year that felt were never going to materialize, now have the energy & support to move forward. With the support of Aquarius, you can fine tune your dreams into ideas that will benefit the greater good. Or perhaps you’ll be inspired to change directions toward something inventive and humane more aligned with your truth. This is a great time for the inventive mind to feel empowered to create. To gather with community, communicate and create inventive ideas for the good of all. It is also a time to study, learn and try new things. But most of all, you need to trust that spirit has your back and will give you a push in the right direction if your intentions are not fated.

I encourage you to set your intentions toward accomplishing what is in your heart, serving community and empowering authenticity and freedom of expression. Let’s see what the cards say we need to know about opening ourselves to creativity and exercising freedom of expression while serving community. I drew a card from the Wisdom of the Oracle by Collette Baron-Reid. The card is: “Breathe.” The essential meaning of this card is patience, waiting, going slowly, all is well, meditation and trust. The book says now is the time to allow this life-giving element of air to replenish your life, your light and your very essence. Stop to smell the roses, breathe in the light, release the darkness and the miracles will appear. I say, this is very much aligned with Aquarius as it is a fixed, Air sign. One of the most powerful tools in creating and feeling freedom is to clear your mind and follow your inspirations. Then allow that same freedom to the people in your life and community by letting go of judgement and control. Allow yourself to move about your life focused on what is in front of you at that very moment, focused on what you are doing at that very time, motivated by inspiration from the heart. Trust! Believe you will be divinely guided if you clear your mind as in meditation! Let go of the busy chatter and worry less as these disempowering actions cause stagnation and a lower vibration. If we can let go and allow the inspirational, true/heart choices to present themselves, we can reach our fated purpose. Remember, when in doubt, send love as that is the highest vibrational energy and we are all energy. Love, trust and faith are a strong replacement for the unknown.

Peace & Love, Susan

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Tailwinds and Circles

I seemed to have missed time this weekend to write a post. During this busy time, I had hoped to at least get 1 post a week on my blog. I seem to be busy doing the things I have to and not so much time doing the things I want to. We all have those times where responsibility trumps creativity and leisure. There are so many projects I am crunching at the bits to complete, plus keep up with a couple classes. Thankfully they are self-study and the projects will be there. But managing the angst sometimes feels overwhelming and chaotic. Mercury is in retrograde until tomorrow and Mars is sitting still. The tug-a-war has definitely been in my head! The energies of what is today, I usually feel a couple days in advance. So what is ahead for most, I am in the middle of – that is confusion and challenges with decisions, but the energy and excitement to do something that teeters on over-indulgence or overdoing. Therefore, I accomplish only what is required of me. Whether you are feeling this way now or in sync with the cosmos as they align, lets see what the cards say to help guide us!

I am asking the cards: “How we can overcome the chaos to think clearly and find balance in our actions & expressions? I am drawing a card from “the Enchanted Map” by Collette Baron-Reid. the card I drew is: “Protecting Treasure.” The essential meaning of this card is: You are always protected and Divinely directed.” The card goes on to assure us that we are safe although it may feel like a risky time no matter the fluctuations in the world. Loyalty is important, nurture that which you hold dear. Strengthen the bonds of friendship and their integrity. If you feel tested right now, know that a true and loyal heart always achieves its aim. Embrace your courage. I say – my wisdom tells me to brush the chaos away, focus on the now and feel you have it. Let go of all the limiting energy and focus on being organized and taking steps toward what is in your heart. Believe there are balanced amounts of time to accomplish what is in your heart, life’s responsibilities and self-care. Find balance with resting, exercise, good food and meditation over all the things you think you should be doing. Give yourself the time to rest and regroup so you can have a clear and focused mind/emotions moving forward. We all need to remember to reenergize once in a while so we can stay healthy and balanced. When we live in chaos too much we get frazzled and accomplish nothing because our energy is so divided & compartmentalized there isn’t enough energy to exert in any one direction. We just have all these little burst of thought and emotion that fizzle out into nothing and it compounds our overwhelm. Pay attention to how often your mind loops in worry, fear, lack, what you don’t want and why you can’t have it. Clear your mind and focus on the task at hand. Try to meditate every day to open your mind to let spirit & inspiration in. When you fail at meditation, just keep trying, some days are better than others. Journal about how you feel and what is going on in your life as often as you can, even if it is only 1 sentence. We have great tools, if we consistently use them, especially when we feel off-track. Remember our ability to manifest is like painting a canvas. As you paint the vision materializes and comes to be. As you open yourself to hear spirit and act toward what is in your heart, the reality shows itself in form.

Love and Peace, Susan

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It’s the Full Moon in Cancer…

January 6, it is the full moon in Cancer in the Northern Hemisphere. Maybe you have been feeling a bit emotional the past few days? I know I have been feeling at times helpless, unsure, anxious and ready to give up trying on challenging tasks. The Moon is the ruling sign of Cancer, so with these two in alignment it is a time that takes us deep into the unconscious, emotional self. Perhaps all the things that prevent you from accomplishing your intentions you set at the New Moon are making themselves known. Making you believe you can’t accomplish those desires and dreams you put into motion. So we are in a tug a war between the inner self, emotional self and all that we hope to accomplish in the outer world and establish about ourselves.

Cancer is the 4th house that represents home, family, roots/memory of the past, upbringing, psychological foundations and femininity. Cancer is about nurturing, mothering, domestic life and loves to nurture others. They tend to be emotional, are intuitive & sensitive to others emotions. The Cancer person can sometimes let their emotions rule over reason and take action based solely on emotion. So in this full moon where the emotions are coming up, the Cancer wants to retreat, mother you, nurture you. But the Full Moon is about releasing. With a Cancer Full Moon, it is time to take note of the deep, life-long limiting inner fears, resentments, unworthiness, limitations and inhibitions. The beliefs that have kept us from accomplishing our dreams. It is a time to recognize and let them go!

The influences presently are not only emotional, but connected to our thinking as Mercury (perception/thinking) is presently in retrograde and Mars (action) is stopped in it’s retrograde motion and set to start moving forward next week to retrace it’s steps before ending it’s retrograde in March. What does that mean? We are still delayed from action in our manifestations and in a formative place with our thinking. Letting go of the past and figuring out the future. So whiles this Full Moon is an emotionally tender time, we are also being downloaded with thought patterns and perceptions that also need to be realigned. This weekend will be a good time to find some private time to reflect and re-align. Not only let go of the emotions that hold you back, but try to let go of over-thinking and misdirected chatter. Learn to be guided by more precise thought that is focused. Turn off the noise!

Let’s ask the cards “how can we heal the emotions and thoughts that weigh us down? I drew a card from the “The Good Tarot” by Collette Baron-Reid, the card is “The Queen of Air.” This cards meaning is about setting healthy boundaries, strong self-esteem, calculated and shrewd decisions, clear communication, well organized and a wordsmith. It gives us the positive affirmations of “I have clarity of purpose. My intentions are in alignment with my understanding. There is always a strategy in the game called life.” And ask, Can I let go of false truths and be rigorously honest with myself and others? I say, this card give us things to think about and incorporate into our daily lives. When we align with the truth in our heart attached to the dreams and desires we seek, we can know that anything is possible. When the misdirected thoughts and emotions arise, we need to acknowledge them, but decide what we want to be true moving forward. Live and believe your dreams as though they are here now. Recognize that what you are thinking now is creating the future and the disempowered thoughts and emotions your body gives you are the past. You can continue to live in the past and stay where you are. Or you can believe in how you choose to feel & think moving forward. We have built in emotions and thoughts from our history that create fear and hold us back. But to create action, we have to trust spirit, stay present in the now and be guided by what aligns with our dreams, the truth in our hearts. Let go of the powerless beliefs & feelings that you are being driven through life & realize you are the one driving. Make choices along the way that include the truth from your heart, what you want to be. What you give energy to is what creates your reality and the people in your life. Dream big, feel gratitude for your dreams and believe spirit will guide you toward your truth and purpose in this life.

Peace & Love, Susan

References, Dr. Michael Lennox, Collette Baron-Reid, Kristen Fontana,,

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Goodbye 2022, in Reflection

Dr. Michael Lennox, astrologer reminds us in his daily alert on the Eve of 2022’s ending that Venus (the planet of love) and Pluto (the Great Transformer) are in exactly the same positions in Capricorn now as they were this time last year. So we are finishing 2022 as we started it. At the beginning of the year, they stationed together for 2 weeks before Venus set out to be with us all year long in varying influential ways. As the year ends, it is a good time to reflect on the year and see if you can acknowledge how Venus challenged you to open your heart to be more accepting of others and life’s circumstances or perhaps you were challenged to learned how to give and receive on a higher level, possibly a bit or whole lot of all.

I started the year going to Kansas to assist in taking care of my elderly mother who had broken her femur. A 10 night trip turned into a month because COVID made it’s way through my family and I was the last to get it. Just before that, I started the year off with wrecking my sister’s car – refusing the help offered to move her car for me in the ice and snow – boy did I wish I had accepted the help. Luckily the damage was minor. Days passed & then I ended up with COVID & isolated in my life-long friend’s guest room being pampered and waited on while I got well, fighting off the issues that arose and accepting the gracious care & love I received. When I finally returned home, about 2-3 wks later, I fell and broke my left elbow – yes I am left handed. I was told I could not use my left arm/hand for 6 wks! So again, I was put in a position where I had to rely on someone else to take care of me in many of my daily tasks. I guess the universe decided I needed to really understand how to receive love & to ask for help! But, my greatest accomplishment while I was still trying to do things for myself, was making a ice cream cone with the use of a cup, my hip and right arm. The lengths we go to avoid asking for help!

Overall, I am grateful for all the forced opportunities in 2022 that followed to work on finding balance in asking for help and accepting love. This led me down the path to opening my heart to others in many ways and showing more kindness & gratefulness with life’s challenges. It strengthened my faith to trust that prayer & meditation can heal what is out of my control. I have always lived my life trying to treat others as I hoped to be treated in return. When the pandemic hit, I think I lost a little bit of that in the great divide of humanity. But this past year has put it back into perspective for me. I hope you heart has healed too and you have felt guided to face the challenges in your life with hope, trust and truth.

Let’s see what the cards say we need to know about moving in to the New Year with Venus and Pluto ushering us again this year. I drew a card from the Oracle of the 7 Energies by Collette Baron-Reid. The card is: “Spirit of Gratitude”. This is a Energy 7 card in this deck that resonates with spirituality, ego transcendence, liberation, God consciousness, understanding and wisdom. Interesting as 2023 is a 7 year in numerology which represents perception, spirituality, the need to dig deep to find the truth, secrecy and lack of social connection to name a few strengths & weaknesses. The essential meaning of the “Spirit of Gratitude” card is the prospering power of prayer, communion with the Divine, expressing deep gratitude as you move through the world, knowing that your prayers will be answered exactly as they are meant to be. I say in reading the books meaning that this card really reminds me of the power I have gained in the past year. I have started a daily meditation, journaling and prayer – talking to spirit and asking for the opportunity to serve those I can help. I continue to visualize the world glowing in white light and asking for the world and humanity to find love and healing. For those that have fallen victim to find justice and for the love to be sent to those who have lost their way and are hurting others so they may see the light and love to act in faith for the good of all. I have learned to turn over the things to spirit that I have no solution for and ask for guidance on how to move forward and to believe answers will be provided. And to acknowledge with gratitude when my prayers to spirit are fulfilled. It is my wish that many of you will let love and truth be your motivation for the actions in your life. In 2023, dare to be humbled by the power of the divine to answer your prayers and in return help others however your heart is moved to do so. 2023, here we come!

Peace & Love, Susan

I’ll be digging into the forecast from astrologers for the year of 2023 & will share in the near future. Stay tuned! References

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A New Moon in Capricorn

December 23rd marks the New Moon in Capricorn in the Northern Hemisphere just days after we celebrated the Winter Soltice on the 21st. We are now moving toward longer light days and in the Southern Hemisphere they are moving toward shorter daylight. During the New Moon the Sun and Moon are both in Capricorn and it is a time to set intentions of what you hope to accomplish moving forward.

The Capricorn sign is very serious, disciplined, has self-control, is responsible, a hard worker, steadfast to attain what they set out to accomplish. It is important for them to be best at something at some point in their life. On the shadow side, they can be the know-it-all, controlling, unforgiving, condescending & expect the worst.

With all the influences of this New Moon & the planets, this is a time to set intentions that are grounded and will come from a deep place with the potential to come in a flash. But there is also the energy trying to slow you down so you can be sure to let go of rigidness to change directions if needed. The energy of what you are intending may feel like you already have it, but it will require discipline & steadfast action to make it happen, all of which Capricorn is good at assisting with. This is a time you have support to let go of the fears that may have been holding you back in the past. There is also the potential for your intentions to be rewarded because of all the hard work you have done spiritually growing these past months if in alignment. But it is important to not to get so focused on the goal that you work with blinders on. Be open and fluid to change and realize that your accomplishments are in partnership with spirits guidance and wisdom as you move forward. Resilience is necessary to adapt to the changes that may come your way. Remember not to attach yourself to the form, but align with what is in your heart and for the good of all.

Lets see what the cards say about what we need to know about staying open and flexible as we work to accomplish our goals? I drew a card from the Enchanted Map by Collette Baron-Reid. The card is: Magic Prayer in protection (upside down.) This card says, self-will that goes unchecked can bring difficulties. You may mistakenly believe that your way is the only way. The path you are on could be leading you to a place of regret or could just be something that is not good for you. I say – it is important to talk to spirit about what it is you hope to accomplish when setting your intentions. You then must pay attention to what inspires you or is presented to learn or let go of on your path forward. If you have your mind set on a specific outcome, you may be disappointed. Spirit will give you what is in your truth which may be different than expected. Often times that is the case when we expect something, but it always turns out to be valuable in some way. Hear and consider new ideas or ideas from others to nourish and expand your mind and emotions. Learn to trust what feels right in your heart, not your ego. Keep in mind what is your highest good & what is the highest good for all. Have faith that what is in your heart is worth working for and possible. Until your goals materialize, live and believe it is true. Be you.

Peace and Love, Susan

References include Dr. Michael Lennox, Collette Baron-Reid,, zodiac

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Dreams – Revealing the Message

Some of you may know, I have a lot of dreams and my late friend Penny is often in them. Recently I had another dream with Penny at a beauty pageant. I have never been in a beauty pageant, but for some reason my subconscious processed this dream this way.

In this blog, I wanted to show you how spirit works through us to process and learn about our unconscious aspects. So I thought I ‘d share this dream and how spirit has recently worked with me to understand the messages from this dream and where it lead me to gain more understanding. I have been struggling to expand my spiritual work and also processing a big life issue in which I was a victim as a child.

The dream started with me looking in the mirror with my hair pulled up in a high pony tail, very long & blonde. As I looked at myself in the mirror I felt good and could see my beauty. I was somewhat surprised as pulling all my hair back off my face was not a style I liked for myself. When I looked again, my face was not completely my own, but it was pretty and I felt happy. With my hair fixed and dressed in a formal which seemed to be my high school Sr. year prom dress, I left and headed to the beauty pageant feeling very good about myself. When I arrived to the auditorium, I met up with my friend Penny. I once again checked my hair and it had loosened up and was hanging down around my face and again I loved it. Penny helped me to refresh my hair in a few places and then suggested we go out to sit in the auditorium to wait until the pageant started. We sat in the far back row right corner from the stage and watched as some audience members began to arrive. As the auditorium filled up we watched the other contestants practice their talents and I felt like I didn’t know what my talent was and was stressed about what I would do. I slowly started to pick myself apart in all the ways I thought I was not measuring up to the other contestants. Next I noticed my two high school basketball coaches enter the auditorium and they were going to be judges. I then felt more like I wouldn’t win because they would select Penny over me as she was more popular with them than me. Penny then suggested we go back stage and get ready to start the pageant. Of course, being 6’1″ tall, everyone noticed me as we walked out and I had mixed feelings about being seen and how I wouldn’t win because I was too tall.

Back stage there were lots of other pageant contestants bustling around. In the retail pageant stores I noticed these nice leather coats and then noticed some of the other contestants wearing them which indicated to me they had been on the circuit for a while and were more experienced than me. Then I noticed that several of them had these beautiful, expensive sequenced formals on and in comparison my dress was below average. I then realized I forgot to bring any make-up to freshen up before the pageant started & overall I felt like I hadn’t planned well and was overwhelmed. Then I woke up feeling very unprepared and below average in comparison. I had gone from feeling beautiful and balanced to nit picking myself into failure.

As I lay in bed waking up, I heard the word “Shame.” I was not sure how this dream was connected to shame, so I got my Oracle cards out and drew this card: “Shining Through.” The essential meaning of this card is – Self-expression without filters or masks, authentic communication, being proud of who you are, shining in the world. Refusing to make yourself small just to belong. After writing all this in my journal, I went to listen to an online seminar with Collette Baron-Reid & Astrologer Colin Bedell on Spiritual Cord Cutting. One aspect of the seminar they presented what to let go of and how to self repair according to your Moon sign in your Astrological Chart. They also said to pay attention to information that might apply to you even if it isn’t your Moon sign. It was when they talked about “Virgo” I heard – let go of perfectionism, it is motivated by shame.” BINGO, a message from spirit about my dream!

Then I had a conversation with a friend about our perfectionistic mother’s growing up. My mother, who I love dearly and is one of the kindest people I know was a perfectionist when it came to house cleaning and a few other things. As an adult I didn’t carry on the house cleaning perfectionism, but recognize patterns I have found myself correcting and controlling how things are done if they are not how I would do it or to my expectations. I have worked really hard to let that go and to appreciate how others do things, learn from them and appreciate their efforts. But in my conversation, I realized this need for control in perfectionism shames others efforts and in return brings me shame of self. A clear example of how the inner self is reflected back at you through your world. To shame others for not doing things to your standard by correcting them & self-criticism for not measuring up.

That night I had another dream which I won’t go fully into, but I had a sack of rattle snakes and they got loose in someone else’s house. In the dream, I knew these people & I worked with them, but they are not anyone I know in real life. We caught the snakes and it turned out they weren’t rattle snakes after all. But I felt shamed for having let the snakes out in these people’s house & for confusing the type of snake. I went outside and there were these men flying around on these TV camera lifts who had these play guns and they were shooting at me. After I woke up, I drew another card “Exposed and Revealed. The essential meaning of the card is healing shame, (yet again “Shame!”), the imposter syndrome, letting go of self-condemnation, freedom from the past unresolved wounds, focusing on self-worth, the underlying beauty in rejection. This card goes on to talk about how you experience shame when you have done something wrong, you also feel like you are wrong. It talks about using shame as an opportunity for growth, evolution and letting go of control. Everything so far continues to build upon the previous.

Then last night, I could not sleep, so I decided to open my “LLEWELLYN’S Little Book of Dreams” by Dr. Michael Lennox. I have not read this book in weeks. I opened it at the book mark and began reading about dreams of flying. It talked about gravity also and then said “there is a waking-life symbolic meaning associated with gravity that must be taken into consideration when interpreting a dream with flying as a key feature, and that is shame.” It went on to describe how shame is a part of society, family and how it is heaped upon us! And reminded me of the small town I grew up in. Everyone knew everyone and each other’s business, plus some fabrication of your story. More information for me to understand my shame which has empowered my need for perfectionism, privacy and control.

I hope you can see from what I have shared, how spirit can work through you and your life to help you understand things when you ask for help and more understanding to the dreams, meditations, communications you may receive. Although I have not deeply illustrated the full information and what I have processed, I am clearly on a path to healing. In this process of messages, it is important to be honest with yourself about these experiences and to avoid making some experiences into more than they are. That can be an act of sabotage and denial toward seeing/hearing truth. But when you have duplication of a message you are trying to understand, take it and use it to understand your struggles or problems presently in your life. Keep yourself open to it and trust spirit to lead you to understanding and healing.

In closing, lets draw a card to see what it is all the perfectionist out there need to know at this time to release and heal. I drew a card from the Enchanted Map by Collette Baron-Reid: “Magic Prayer” in protection mode (upside down.) The book for this deck says: Magic Prayer reversed is a sign that you mistakenly believe that your way is the only way. Could the path you’re on be leading to a place of regret, or could you be persuing something that just isn’t good for you? It goes on to say in a matter of words that you should pray and meditate on your highest good and the highest good of all. I say, also ask for guidance with your actions to be for your highest good and the good of all. Look at the non-action in your life because your perfectionism stops you before you get started. Ask to be shown your authentic self and have the confidence to be that person. Let go of comparison and accept that each of us has the ability within ourselves to be a leader of some magnitude. Perfectionism can be a very valuable asset in your life if you can identify it as super power, your refined, above average skill that separates you from others. Then find a way to use it to succeed and let all the lower energy aspects go. There is no need to shame yourself or others. Let go of control and let others shine. To empower others is to empower yourself. Let other’s super powers shine through, trust them and take the burden of control off your plate so you can put more energy into your own super power skills to benefit your life for the good of all.

Peace and Love, Susan

Cards and guidebooks used for this blog were from the “Oracle of the 7 Energies” & “Enchanted Map” by Collette Baron-Reid.

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A Full Moon in Gemini…..

Today, December 7 is the Full Moon in Gemini in the Northern Hemisphere. Overall, Gemini is social, affectionate, curious, learns quickly and enjoys social gatherings to exchange of ideas, short trips, books/magazines and their perception is filtered through the intellect. On the downside, Gemini can be an over thinker, engage in polarization, petty, nervous, inconsistent, sometimes only gather superficial knowledge before moving on & indecisive. During the holidays with social gatherings can be a fun time for the Gemini personality at their best of times as they love getting out and about.

Just coming out of the New Moon in Sagittarius, where we set our intentions to create, manifest and enjoy the things we love and dream of, we possibly have been presented with ideas and learning experiences moving us closer to our intentions, hopes and dreams. Raising our vibration, learning to see things from a more spiritual & wise perspective. Looking beyond ourselves for the good of all in fulfilling our lives.

With the Full Moon in Gemini & present influences, we are subject to ruminating, sensitivity/offense and unable to act or progress because of it. We are subject to get caught up in gossip, over-sensitivity, over-indulgence, our old patterns from our past, however far back our past exists. It is a good time to release what no longer fits in our lives, or stands in the way of our intentions. Clear the blocks that hold us back and slow us down from our desired future. Participate & engage from a higher perspective.

Examples can be, stress and worry about the things you read in the media. How things are out of our control that are not good. Stressing and worrying, but not finding a solution, & possibly just sinking deeper into fear – Gemini. But to discover solutions and understand if we create new ways, systems, structures or tools that replace the control we are losing in our lives for a new and better way for the good of all, we can find solutions – Sagittarius. Or maybe someone suggests you go with them on a trip, but all you can think of are all the many reasons you can not go, while the whole time excited about the possibility of this trip and why you’d love to go, then possibly succumbing to the disappointment of not being able to go – Gemini. Rather than saying, “I’ll think about it.” Then opening up the possibility of thinking about what you need to be able to go and opening yourself to ideas to make it happen – Sagittarius. The things that manifest from a Sagittarius way of thinking will develop when you are ready and prepared to accept them.

We also have Mars (action planet) in retrograde at this time & for several more months according to astrologers. Astrologer Dr. Michael Lennox says in a nutshell that Mars & the Moon are conjunct to Gemini in this Full Moon. The Full Moon opens our unconscious to opened up and there is the possibility to release blockages, behave differently, change our perceptions, move faster in our forward movement in life with our healed & evolved selves. I interpret it to give us the ability to release the petty for the profound, the control for the flow guided by our hearts, the fear for the action and the perfectionism for the success, just to name a few examples. Thinking can be your friend if you use it to solve and explore new possibilities. And, so can being an observer rather than engaging in a polarized conversation. Remember the heightened sensitivity potential of this Full Moon and beware not to take things personally. If you do feel triggered, perhaps pause and observe the rest of the conversation, recognize your over-sensitivity & hopefully regain perspective rather than engage in a debate from a wounded place.

So lets see what the cards have to say. My question is how can we break the patterns & clear the blockages that hold us back from our higher thinking? The card I drew is from the “Enchanted Map” deck by Collette Baron-Reid: “Magical Map Shifter.” The essential meaning from the guide book states: Spirit orchestrates everyone’s destiny.” The book goes on to say: when the Magical Map Shifter card arrives, it comes with a mission to make you aware of the people who come into your life who impact your personal growth. I say – this card is reinforcing the intentions you have set in your life and to note when something materializes and acknowledge what is available for you. Who delivers a gift in your life or guides you out of a challenge? That is what happens between the intention setting time and the release stage. Be noteworthy of the opportunities to let go of what doesn’t work for you anymore, take note of what no longer serves your life’s direction and see what is inviting you toward your desired future goals and aspirations. It is when we keep pushing to make what is no longer available work that we face crisis. To avoid the depth of your crisis look somewhere new for another way. I will close with part of an affirmation from “Heal Your Body” written by Louise L. Hay – “I am the loving operator of my mind. All of life is change & my mind is ever new!”

Peace and Love, Susan

This blog is inspired by Dr. Michael Lennox, Collette Baron-Reid, Louise L. Hay, and Check out my web page at to learn more about my services.

Feel free to leave a comment of any inspirations this blog may have helped you recognize.

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It’s the New Moon in Sagittarius

Wednesday, November 23 in the Northern Hemisphere is the New Moon in Sagittarius. Sagittarius is the half human, half horse archetype with the bow and arrow known for hitting it’s target with precision. It is considered the bridge between the earth & the spiritual world or heavens, about abundance in all forms, about everything that is expansive, a tendency toward over indulgence and influences to explore the off the beaten track path. As you come out of the Scorpio Lunar cycle of death & rebirth this past lunar cycle which sent us deep into our truth of self for lessons & healings, it is a good time to step forward as your changed self. This new moon comes with powerful influences to now be who you intend to be as a result of what you have just learned. Shed the old shell to become the revised self closer to living your authentic truth of self. If your growth put you in grief last cycle, Sagittarius can assist in how to process your feelings in a lighter way & feel a sense of expanded purpose of what you are learning. It is a perfect time to move into another direction, feel joyous/enthusiastic, party, but be careful not to overindulge.

This lunar cycle comes with very powerful influences to manifest what it is your heart desires. The planets are aligned in a way to deliver what it is you intend for as you set your New Moon intentions. In fact, astrologers say, “go big or go home!” But with Mercury & Venus alignments, be careful to ensure your mind and heart are in agreement with your desires or you will end up sending yourself off into another direction of which you are not intending. It will deliver your energy & motivations based on what you think and feel. When you plant the seeds out of alignment with your true intentions, the results may not be what you dreamed of. As Dr.Michael Lennox stated “know what you feel & feel what you know,” in other words – stick to that formula. Take advantage of setting intention along the lines of travel, education, expansion of all sorts – including structure & manifestation of any desires you have. Sagittarius is the spiritual seeking sign, so you can also set intentions of that sort. Just remember to pick intentions that your mind and heart are in alignment with. If you are not worthy of what you desire, it will challenge what you receive. Or if you are trying to accomplish something you really are not emotionally behind, it won’t work out.

Lastly, know that these intentions can take some time to manifest, so be patient and also be prepared for when they do, because they could materialize fast and furious, so be prepared. Stay open-hearted and be open to try something new. When you intend it is more important to surrender to the form of what materializes than to expect something specific. The universe knows what you need to accomplish what you want, so be open. It is equally important to be grateful for what arrives.
After you set your intentions, set them in motion by feeling & experiencing who you will be, visualize and simulate the part. Also feel the gratefulness of receiving it in advance.

Let’s see what the cards say & ask: How do I manifest what is in my heart and mind moving me into the future successfully? I drew a card from “The Shaman’s Dream” by Alberto Villoldo & Collette Baron-Reid. The card I drew was “The Perfect Storm.” The essential meaning is: The courage to step into life. “I say” this card sends a warning that if you are too far off course from what is true in your heart and mind, you may get caught up in the gusts and swept away, off course from your true path, as the power of this manifestation can be fast & turbulent. You don’t want to get swept away from the core of what is important to your heart, chasing someone else’s dream. Heed moving in the direction of what others may think or suggest for their approval, but be open to feel in your heart if the messages that come are true to your desires. Act on that which you feel alignment in your thoughts & heart. If you follow something you desire but don’t believe you can do it, you will be sidelined into something you are not ready to have or not want. But if you feel confident about a newly desired manifestation, follow it with curiosity, explore it, express gratefulness and celebrate the victory when it unfolds. For you have intended & manifested what is true to your heart and mind with patience.

Peace & Love, Susan

Happy Thanksgiving to my fellow Americans!

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The Truth Eludes Us!

I have not had time to write lately and with the holiday’s upon us, life will only get busier. But I hope to get some blogs up without missing too much time.

This past weekend, I went to bed knowing it was Saturday and somehow woke up believing it was Monday! So first thing I checked my work e-mail and then proceeded with my morning meditation and exercise routine. Before I got dressed for the day I checked my personal e-mail and read my Daily Astro Forecast from Micheal Lennox, Astrologer. The title included the date, November 13 & in the content it read “on this Sunday.” I thought, hmmm, I must have the wrong daily forecast, justifying it in my mind, because he sends them a day early due to membership around the globe. I checked the calendar date & it was the 13th, but I didn’t bother to check the day of the week. Therefore believing I was right, I dismissed it thinking he had a typo. Holy cow – self-denial of the truth! Still dismissing it was Sunday even after that because with all my being, I believed it was Monday & I was set on that. Next I went into the kitchen and my husband expressed his dismay that his NFL team was not going to be televised today, me knowing his team played on Sunday. It was then I looked out the window and said to myself, “is it Sunday?” My mind was blank and I couldn’t connect with justification of how this could be Sunday! I felt blank and somewhat disconnected in every way, it was a bit eery.

Although this is a trivial example at best, it reminds me of how we can be misled in life about truth and how far we go before we are faced to recognize it & if we will allow ourselves to recognize it. Dr. Robert Malone says, “Humans perceive and interpret the world by comparing the information which they receive through their senses to internal models of reality. Our conscious mind does not diretly know reality. It holds a model of what it believes to be true & then compares incoming information to this.” If you are mindful of your spiritual guides, I believe life presents us with information to try to steer us toward the truth when we are off course. But if we just look through the tunnel at what we know and believe, we miss the opportunity to steer back on course to truth, as I did above. At some point, life will blatantly come at us to wake us up if we keep down the wrong path. Thankfully my husband said this to me, because I most likely would have gone to work and who knows how much of my day off I would have missed before I figured it out!

In light of this, what I did do right however, was that I accepted the truth once it no longer could escape me, shifted my reality and went about my day. What we often do is maybe worry something is wrong with ourselves or think negative, critical thoughts toward ourselves about how wrong we were, etc. Take up more of our day creating negativity within ourselves. The truth is, I have been traveling, overloaded at work, not sleeping well & was in process of fighting off a virus before it got ahold of me. Some times we are just off kilter, our energy is low and we get confused.

I have been working very hard the past couple of weeks on flowing with my heart & intuition. Hearing my inner self, but trying to be mindful of the task at hand and accepting what feels right and following it. Letting thoughts or emotions enter into my consciousness, acknowledging it and letting it pass through my mind without fixating. This morning was a longer road to get there, but because I trust that I will find truth in my actions, the truth came before I got too far down we the road. We all have our moments and we need to just course correct at times when we realize we have been lead astray either by ourself or others. Though it can be hard at times to admit we are wrong, it is our path to self-truth and healing. There are a lot of ways we can each want to deny the truth, we all have our thresholds of humility or need to be right. But thankfully life will keep presenting the truth to us as long as we are willing to recognize it and not resist it to the death of ourselves. So it is my hope that if someone is in this position, they will realize that healing comes from facing mistakes and righting wrongs. We also need to show compassion for those that course correct once they face it & find healing. I always believe that seeking forgiveness & if necessary, justice is reached, it is important to move on and heal. Even if you have fallen victim that led to your pain. Let it go and move on.

If you have emotional patterns that cause you pain and you are stuck in it, there are things you can do. I for one have suffered from anxiety on occasion. Sometimes it is perceived unknowns, but others times it is my history. When you feel like you have processed & acknowledge the events that lead to the anxiety, what I have found is the need to just stop the thought/emotional patterns when they start and replace them with how you want to feel instead. Conscious shifting of the mind and emotions. I have reached a point where I just have to make a choice to believe something else or otherwise I am trapped in my anxiety because I can’t understand what it means. It can then have no power over me and I find relief. As long as it feels true in our hearts – the mind and emotions can let go. Otherwise, our mind and emotions will take us down a hurtful path if we hang on to the pain. It is also a great time to reach out to trusted friends or a resource and share your dilemna for insight. It does no good to sink deeper into the pain feeling helpless or to beat yourself up and allow yourself to make yourself sick or feel pain.

Let’s see what the cards say is important when facing our truth and righting our wrongs. I drew a card from the “Oracle of the 7 Energies” by Collette Baron-Reid. The card I drew is “The Land Between”. The essential meaning is being between worlds, learning to be okay while at the threshold of what was and what will be, a time of waiting and evolving, gray areas, something essential yet still in development, metamorphosis. “I say” – this is a place of transition in your spiritual path. When you set intentions to change your life, you enter into a time in life where what you know is not what you desire. The discomfort of transition is a time where you have to allow yourself to feel your way through the dark, so to speak. You have to be open to stutter step, possibly bounce off a wall to learn and understand with grace. Let go of protecting yourself from humility and understand learning is stumbling at times. We usually see this as a difficult time, as being in the unknown is sometimes uncomfortable. But when you break the threshold and see the path and the resources of your goal, it becomes exciting. It is important to understand the process and not get lost in the journey. Because once you have attained the change, every step to enlightenment will be an exciting story to share. If we can learn to grow comfortable in exploring the unknown, the new to find our answers, we can swerve on our path, maybe avoid the extra weight we carry as we set out on our journey to the new reality. But understand, no matter how deep your go before you get to where you want to go has everything to do with how tightly you hold on to what is familiar. The need to know the end result or why your life was disrupted in the first place is not the path forward. Hear these concerns, but stay focused on the goal and seeing what is in front of you. Pay attention to the information that guides you & be open to new information and methods. Remember, the future is being created by what you are doing now. Change can be easier if we allow ourself to flow and trust our guidance. To get in better touch with our guidance requires practicing gratitude for what we have, being mindful of our actions and focus. Letting the negative pass through our minds and emotions so we can keep our energy up to meet spirit half way to connect & heal. Practice belief in having enough!

Peace & Love, Susan