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New Moon in Gemini

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New Moon in Scorpio

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Full Moon in Taurus

References: Collette Baron-Reid, Dr. Michael Lennox, Debbie Franks and my wisdom and spiritual guides for which I am grateful.

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New Moon in Libra…

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New Moon in Virgo

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Full Moon in Pisces

References: Collette Baron-Reid, Astrologer Colin Bedell, Astrologer Debra Silverman, Astrologer Dr. Michael Lennox,, & my spiritual guides and wisdom. – Contact me for an Oracle Reading.

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Turning up the Light….

There is a very dark aspect of life that has been leading life for a long time. Seems like that is not the bread crumbs that society wants to follow any more. I heard an influencer say this week, “If a leader is trying to push an elephant up a hill and the elephant doesn’t want to go, they can’t get that elephant up the hill.” There is power in masses, power in consumerism, power in decisions to say no. Power in following your truth and finding it. If your truth doesn’t yet exist, dream. There is magic around each of us to create our truth. Feeling blind to the path forward of the new unknown can be uncomfortable, but not as uncomfortable as continuing up a path of self-destruction. Look and feel the excitement of change, for when it’s gift manifests, it is magic and it is your dream come true.

When you look around your life and realize there is a lot of toxicity, you innately feel like you want to go another direction in life. You feel your truth. You know there has to be a better way, something more meaningful, something more self-caring.

The darker aspects of life seem so prominent at every turn as I awaken to knowledge I once did not know. Seems coming out of this pandemic has taught me to realize a lot of things I once didn’t realize. The old fairy tale is over and time for a new one without so much hardship.

The wonderful thing I am so grateful for are the courageous truth tellers. The people paving the way to change. Sparking us to return to the roots of our souls, our knowing. To create new ways of life that are healthful, supportive of community. Giving us new ways forward. Empowering the urge to help one another, to share your gifts to the world. Being who you are empowers others when it comes from love and brings love to your life. Dare to share your passions with your neighbor, co-worker or family. Being your true self and living your passions often spark a positive change in others and helps them to be creative which feeds the goodness for all.

It is time for change. It is the time for community, fairness, truth, invention, innovation, technology that serves mankind and empowers us as individuals. A blossoming of our inner truth. A truth that brings mankind together to inspire one another. To lend a helping hand. I believe within our hearts is an urge to help one another, to be kind to one another and to honor and respect our differences. If we dig deep enough, we can live amongst core differences because we realize that difference is what expands our awareness toward our own truth. Be open to the change that results as you inspire others by sharing who you are, leading them to create. Being right is less important than progress and healing.

When change is happening. Often a person will step out and tell a new story. The story has a deep meaning of goodness, but isn’t quite refined. It offends some people and others get the true intended message. It sparks controversy of ones core beliefs. What if that story was a breadcrumb meant to bring us closer together. What if that person saw a truth that no one had thought about and was brave enough to share it. To try to spark expansion in us all. Wouldn’t it be nice if we could stop and say “huh, how can we build upon this story to make it better.” Rather than argue about what he got wrong, point the finger and tear this person down, destroy their reputation. Or if you find no truth in the story, maybe it is time to move your attention elsewhere and hope for wisdom.

I was thinking of the early settlers as they pioneered across the United States and settled in new territories. When faced with a hardship they had to find a way to overcome. And in overcoming, they created, invented, shared it with their community to empower, survive and continue on their journey. Heart can take us much further than hate. Truth can lead us to the light. But you have to be willing to go inside yourself and process a peaceful response when someone or something ruffles your feathers. Interaction requires discussion and debate to find a solution. Recognize your cycle of response to something new and move forward with compassion leading your action. Silence can be a good teacher and allow time for inner-transition to understanding, processing and change. Sometimes silence is the cure to bridge the gap of differences. Feed the self-expansion needed to meet half way. Awaken you to a new part of yourself, help you recognize and let go of underserving inner dialogue. And a much less stressful way to attain a needed change. Maybe practice a day of silence and see what you learn. Be mindful of your intent while focusing in the moment. Balance the output and input of your daily life.

Let’s see what the cards have to say about awakening to newness with compassion. I drew a card from the “Wisdom of the Oracle” by Collette Baron-Reid. The card I drew is: “Between Worlds” in protection, (upside down.) The essential meaning from the book is: Transitions, not being quite out of one situation and fully engaged in another; temporary blindness, no-man’s land. The protective message reads: Be mindful of your expectations. This is not a time for guarantees. Things will not go exactly as your plan or dictate. Let go and see what Spirit has in store. What takes hold in your life will be better than you can imagine.

I interpret this card to say, to find your new way forward requires faith, hope and trust while dreaming of a new future. Live each day in the now, but take the time to dream of what you want. Learn from the past, but don’t let it take up your time. Acknowledge it and follow your solution, let go of it’s wound. It was only your inspiration for change, not the burden of your future. To find the way forward, you need to do what is right for the moment at hand. One foot in front of the other, guided by your heart. To try to ward off the fear of the unknown, stay in the now. To follow your breadcrumbs is to search for what feels good, what feels right, what brings you closer to your core gift of self. What you are able to do now to move toward your dream. Don’t be stopped by what you don’t have. Just start where you are and let spirit bring you some magic, open some doors, bring you the inspiration to create what you need to get where you want to go. Happiness in creativity can be fun if you believe what you want is possible. It can make your daily routine a vacation of sorts when you follow your truth and let compassion lead your actions. Love yourself, love your fellow man for they too are trying to find their way through this maze we call life. We can do it better, together, empowering and cheerleading one another to each reach our goals.

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New Moon in Cancer…

Monday July 17 is the New Moon in Cancer in the Northern Hemisphere at 11:32am Pacific. Cancer is the 1st Water sign in the zodiac and water represents emotions. This New Moon is a time to go within and explore how you nurture yourself and others.

Cancer is known to be emotional, nurturing, protective, the mother of all, loyal, persuasive, prizes the family, home & it’s history. Their shadow can make them moody, pessimistic, suspicious, insecure and passive until they are fed up, then over reactive.

This New Moon is a time to evaluate the balance of your nurturing, the give and take in relationships. Who gives you energy after you spend time together and who drains you? Is the balance leaning more toward draining relationships or empowered relationships? The reality is, there is always opportunity for both. For the relationships you choose to give more than you receive, make it someone you choose to help, because it feels like the truth in your heart. With family it can be dutiful, therefore it is equally important to be sure to meet your own self-nurturing needs and avoid taking on more than is healthy. Recognize when you can call in help or self-empower the person you are nurturing. Be aware of control, jealousy, guilt, fear of rejection, etc. Recognize what motivates your actions and why? These are areas to acknowledge to empower yourself moving forward.

Equally important you need to identify what your needs are in relationships and who empowers you. How can you empower yourself & how much are you doing so? Focus your intentions on building harmony in relationships, build self-care into your life and embrace your nurturing qualities in a balanced and nourishing way. Let go of the ball & chains and the broken records – people who loop in their “victim me” conversations and never find a solution.

The planetary influences make this a time of great healing. A time where your rose colored lenses may become clear and you suddenly realize a delusion you have been hiding behind in relationships, being struck with truth because of a shift inside or the actions of others. Alone time is encouraged to discover your magic, what makes you special and what you need to feel fulfilled. Observe and listen more while recognizing your inner dialogue. See how you feel when others find their own solutions without your input. Remember your life reflects back who you are inside yourself. Look yourself in the mirror and ask with self-accountability to see your part in relationships with self and others. Practice & dream of feeling mutually fulfilled.

Lets ask the card how you can nurture yourself in a more balanced way in realtionships with self and others? I drew a card from the “Oracle of the Energies” by Collette Baron-Reid. The card is: “Quieting the Mind.” The essential meaning of this card is: meditation as a commitment, the need for silence, peace within despite chaotic outer conditions, letting go of the monkey mind, mindfulness. The book goes on to explain, In spite of the surrounding din of the world, today you need to slow down and find a bit of peace. Go ahead and take a deep breath right now. Make a committment to be still, if only for 5 minutes. Count your breaths and be mindful of everyone of them. Know that you have all the time in the world to do the things that need doing. Everything is perfect as it is. You will be amazed by how easily everything falls into place once you do.

Lastly I will add, that on my work week mornings, sometimes I wake up with the weight of my workload on my shoulders and by pass my yoga and meditation in the mornings. I begin the day without balance, self-empowerment and self-care. Those days seem to be harder than the days I take just a short bit of time to do a little stretching and meditation. The days I take time for self-care seem more productive and joyful. And I seem to find that 5 minutes didn’t keep me from accomplishing anything!

Peace and Love, Susan

References: Collette Baron-Reid, Astrologers Debra Silverman & Dr. Michael Lennox.,,

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Come Monday….

July 17 there are several things happening astrologically, it is the New Moon in Cancer, Venus begins stationing/standing still until she goes retrograde on July 23rd-Sept. 3 & the nodes are changing signs. Today I want to talk about the nodes.

The North and South Nodes change signs every 18 months and it is important because it is something that everyone feels and is affected by. This also signifies what signs the eclipses will fall in the next 18 months.

On the 17th the North Node will move into Aries and the South Node will move into Libra. And because the collective world population all experience the energies, it tells us what we all will be moving toward (North Node in Aries) and moving away from (South Node in Libra) in the next 18 months. Let’s explain more about the nodes and their influences on our life.

The North Node is your spiritual purpose in life, what you are moving toward. It is what you came into this life to do. It is what you feel drawn to accomplish and develop. The influences of the North Node pulls you to expand who you are to fulfill this life’s destiny and your souls purpose. It shapes your future experiences and continued evolvement.

The South Node is the history of our soul when we are born, the accumulation of our past lifetimes. We come in to life with our history in our unconscious, our natural/innate talents and accomplishments of past lives. It also includes the wounds & traumas you carry from your past lives needed to heal to accomplish this life’s full purpose. They are the things that are easiest for you to perform naturally. Or the mental/emotional wall you hit every time you try something new. There are a myriad of examples to give, but I am hoping you understand. The South Node will stir you to act because of your accomplishments in past lives, but your wounds can also rise to prevent you. These barriers need to be healed to accomplish your soul’s purpose.

So what influence will Aries in the North Node and Libra in the South Node bring to us in the next 18 months? Aries empowers fire/passion, action, impulse, start up energy, movement, just do it & pick up the pieces later mentality. With this energy you will be driven toward doing & acting out. Libra in the South Node will give rise to the shadow aspects of Libra: passivity/fear, wanting to keep the peace amongst those in your life, people pleasing, indecisiveness, avoiding risks and things that disrupt harmony and balance.

We have an opportunity to face our barriers that keep us from moving forward with our dreams. It is good to look at your astrology birth chart to see what house Aries and Libra fall in to pinpoint more specifically how these energies will affect you personally. If you don’t, it should become apparent what aspect of your life you feel moved to go forward with and what inhibits you from doing so that seem associated with these signs.

Let’s draw a card to see what it is we all need to know about accomplishing our life’s purpose and how to deal with the barriers that prevent us from our dreams. I drew a card from the “Wisdom of the Oracle” created by Collette Baron-Reid. The card is, “Soul Mates.” The essential meaning of this card is harmonious relationships, love, friendship, companionship, a relationship fostering personal growth. You are meant to evolve and transform with the companionship of others including spirit. There are people meant to take you to the next level of your healing, consciousness and authenticity. Well, how Libra is that? So I interpret it as saying that you have to let go of the “Me” and accept the “We” in your learning journey. Having the balance of your Soul Tribe in your life, aka Truth Tribe surrounding you in life will help to empower you to move forward. Also working on your spiritual practice to strengthen your intuition and guidance. Calling in spirit to help you learn and grow. When you are feeling self-defeated, it is these resources that will empower you to heal your wounds. You will know who these people or signs are as you are naturally drawn to act. Aries empowers you to act before your self-doubt or fear stops you. But you must feel the truth in your heart when motivated to act. It takes balance and harmony to empower the energies in your life. Too extreme on any scale will build barriers that require more detours to get where you want to go. Turn inward for truth and follow it outwardly for your best life!

Peace and Love, Susan

References: Podcast “Conscious Embodiment” by Dr. Michael Lennox, & my wisdom and intuition.


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Full Moon in Capricorn

Monday, July 3 at 4:39am Pacific is the Full Moon in Capricorn in the northern hemisphere. It is the time when the Sun in Cancer shines its light on Capricorn to say, find balance in your relationships, expression of discipline and goal seeking. Cancer is about rest, self-care, emotions, nurturing, the mother of all and intuition. Capricorn is goal focused and determined to climb the ladder to success, consistent, authoritative, structured & knows how to get stuff done!

Given the influences this Full Moon, it will encourage us to be productive, get things done and show compassion for self & others. The polarity, tug-a-war can be in finding balance between the use of your intuition vs. intellect, emotions vs mind, self-care vs. self-neglect, rest vs. exertion, observing vs engaging, rules vs. creative flow, freedom vs structures. It is a time to observe yourself and others to find that balance. Collette Baron-Reid says to watch for sparks, fireworks or friction. Given the influences pay attention in areas of your relationships with yourself, work, home, rules, authority and with others. There is a urge to heal and resolve wounds in all these ways. Emotions and wounds from the past may surprise you when triggered this full moon. So allow yourself to feel them and decide what no longer belongs and adjust to a new way. Heal or release what you can and surrender in prayer or meditation with hope for answers for what can’t be reconciled at this time. With the Venus retrograde coming, there will the following months to continue to heal.

Let’s draw a card and ask: How can I find balance in my emotional and mental worlds when taking action? I drew a card from the “Enchanted Map” deck by Collette Baron Reid. The card is: “Sacred Pool” reversed. The book for this card starts by saying, “It can be difficult to overcome denial when there is reward for staying where you are.” It goes on to emphasize how you can stay safe and trapped in victimhood by living in denial. You never have to take a risk. You are dimming your light in the world, doing the same things over and over again. It encourages you to take a look in the mirror and see the truth of what you really want in life. Surrender to the need to self-sabotage. Once you overcome the need to deny and be comfortable in a boring life, you can seek adventure, create magic, see with clear eyes. Live a more empowered life. It always comes down to being honest with the truth that lives in your heart and having the courage to live it. Trust your innate wisdom, take action on it, flow through how the world responds and don’t let it stop you. Let go of what doesn’t align with your truth and heart.

Peace & Love, Susan

References: Collette Baron-Reid, Debra Silverman and my own dreams and wisdom.