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Victim No More….

When we come into this life, we live through a culmination of experiences that affect our psyche both good and bad. Spiritual teachers will tell you that it is our souls contract when we enter into life to have these experiences for our souls healing. Today I want to write about how I see the process of the victim through my own self-guided healing.

When I think back on the experiences that I’ve had up to this point in life, I can identify the ones that changed the course of my life. Some good, some bad, some outstanding and some horrific. The culmination of those experiences formed a persona within myself of how I have responded to life moving forward. I have seen in myself and others how the negative brings out our need to protect ourself, creates misperception or avoidance tactics to summarize a few. They also at times can send us on a journey of false truths about our reality, seeking comfort in self-harming realities. Send us into a delusional state of reality and cause us to misperceive true intentions. It also allows the mirroring experiences to be played out over and over again by the same type of predators and to keep re-living tragedy. In my mind, it comes down to what we believe and feel is true. Hurtful and tragic situations can be very difficult to dig ourselves out of if we believe what the incident has taught us to be true and we keep re-living this reality by our choices and actions. Only to create a vicious cycle of victim, in my opinion.

The good experiences in my life have given me confidence and helped me to identify my true potential. They guided me to set standards that created joyful, successful and fun loving experiences and brought like-minded people into my life, my Truth Tribe. These experiences & resources are what empower me to create new experiences in my path forward to grow, succeed & be joyful in life. They can be part of the support system to bring us out of our gloom and self-destruction. Positivity brings the people into our life that we later reach out to when we need solid advise and support. The people in our lives that mirror our good experiences are our resources to reconnect and live those positive experiences with. They are the illustration we are on the right path. I like to think of this side of ourself as the healer within each of us. But I also believe, it is a healthy balanced state that must be maintained in our successes that lead to more successes. The ego loves to step in and throw me off balance at any time in my successful state. That again is when you need your truth tribe’s support of honesty and compassion, be aware of your motivation & to be in touch with the truth in your heart.

I have suffered from horrible anxiety for many years. I reached the point a couple of times, where it actually seemed better to me to be dead than alive. A shocking truth, uncomfortable to admit. Thankfully I always turned it around at that stage – it was my rock bottom with the anxiety. But the anxiety made me feel powerless & I’d live in it. I would have this feeling like something was horribly wrong, very bad news was coming. I had done something horribly wrong, I was a bad person. It was my Victim Soup I had validated in my psyche up to this point from my victim experiences. Then something would materialize that validated it and I would wonder, was I perceiving when I was anxious or was I contributing to it’s formation. I have concluded they were a combination of both. One feeding the other in a destructive cycle empowering a reality of mirroring my victim back to me. A vicious cycle within myself of helplessness and validation. I couldn’t understand how to stop it because I didn’t understand how I started the cycle. I turned to herbal and homeopathic remedies that would help relieve the anxiety and bring me back to a state of empowerment to manipulate my victim state for survival. One day I realized the anxiety always went away when I would decide to choose to change my mind and feelings toward what I wanted to think and feel and the uncontrollable anxiety would go away. Now when I start to feel the emotions of anxiety or the anxious thoughts enter my mind, I know it is a choice I have to make. To believe in it and let it consume me, or to do something to change it. Often times when in a crippled state, I crawl away from it by chanting within myself positive thoughts and creating positive feelings within myself of what I want to believe to transition it. Or daydreaming of better things or reaching out to a trusted resource (people, books, entertainment). I have to take the time at my weakest moments to push myself into positivity and empowerment to fight back against these demons. Realize I can empower positivity to defeat my victim. Feed the evil or feed the good. Transition my mirrored experiences to what I want life to reflect back to me.

Last night I went to a party and I met this lady Alice, who was struggling with her upbringing. Her mother abused her emotionally her entire life and convinced everyone she was just being dramatic when she tried to tell people what her mother was doing to her. Nobody ever believed Alice and she suffered alone. Presently in her life, her mother has dementia and refuses to admit it, is still living on her own but requires the assistance of Alice and her brother to survive. The mother has shown her true colors and is now treating the brother the same way Alice has been treated her entire life. Alice has finally been vindicated. But what stunned me in our conversation was, Alice believes she is still powerless and can not change her damanged self until her mother is deceased. This is what she chooses to believe. I see her present circumstances as a mirroring victim experience repeating itself over and over until Alice says no more. It made me sad to think that she is living her entire life a victim of her mother. Precious joyful life experiences are being wasted. In talking further with Alice, I see that she is being forced by safety issues to take an empowered position in dealing with her mother’s dementia. But she admits to poor self-esteem that affects other parts of her life she is struggling with because of the wounds she carries & believes until her mother is gone she can’t heal. After hearing her repeated powerlessness stories, I pointed out to her that “she is who she believed she is.” This later triggered inside of me in hind sight, a feeling that I was not compassionate to her and that I was a bad person. But I went back to the time I said that to her and saw that I did speak it with compassion and though she didn’t fully understand what I was saying, it affected her in a positive way. I planted a positive seed in her psyche. Thankfully I realized my trigger before I spiraled.

What a life cycle, right? All of us bouncing off each other in our daily lives. Whether good or bad. The high, highs and the low, lows. Our wounds continuing to be mirrored to us until we take control and say no more. Until we are able to trust the truth in our hearts to guide us through life. To recognize our resources to fight the demons. Reaching out to trustworthy people, our Truth Tribe for advice. Using meditation, prayer, calling on our angels to help guide us to a better way, to keep us safe & help us to see the truth in our weakest moments. Recognizing your inner wisdom, hearing & acting on it. And then much to our delight, we have an experience of enlightenment, empowerment, serendipity, a healing moment! I like to think of them as “Gifted Truths, Inspired Blossoms!” Healings and empowerment, changing the balance of our psyche to teeter on the positive side of life. Handling the next mirrored victim scenario empowered and waving it goodbye. Creating a newly healed mirrored story in our lives and choosing that path forward.

I want to close with drawing a card without any further comment from me. Just the card definition and essential meaning for you to ponder on. My question: “What is it everyone needs to hear about their victim?” I drew a card from the online deck, “The Wisdom of the Oracle” from Collette-Baron The card is: “The Observer.” The essential meaning is: Perspective, objectivity, neutral observation from a distance. The card goes on to say: Ever think sometimes your life is suction cupped to your face and you can’t see beyond yourself? There’s a big world out there, a multitude of potential realities that you’re unable to see at present. So you’re a little stuck? It’s time to get advice from someone you trust, someone who has a better perspective on your circumstances. Other points of view are needed now before you move forward. Take heart! A beautiful vista is waiting for you to drink it in.

Peace and Love, Susan

Resources: online oracle decks, my wisdom and dreams.

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New Moon in Taurus

The New Moon in Taurus is on May 19, 2023 at 8:53am Pacific. Taurus wants us to embody who we are and honor ourselves for all we are capable of. It is imperative we take care of ourselves before we attempt to help others. And this New Moon will push you to put your foot down and say, “I deserve this!”

Taurus is about the physical world of form and the pleasure we get from life on earth. Because it is ruled by Venus, Taurus recognizes it’s hearts desires and sets out to manifest those desires into real life experiences. The strengths of Taurus include reliability, patience, devotion, responsibility and a sense of stability. The weaker moments of Taurus can bring about stubbornness, possessiveness & inflexibility. Sudden changes often upset Taurus as well as complications & insecurity.

The past few weeks my spiritual practice has led me to know that I need to focus on what I want moving forward. To stay away from the darkness of today’s reality and put forth energy toward creation of a world that allows us each to be authentic and live out our hearts desires. Taurus supports us receiving what we want in life. The fear producing possibilities that linger and surround us can only be empowered if we spend our time and energy believing in them. We need to avoid putting energy into what we don’t want. It is within our power to create a future aligned with our hearts desires, authenticity and pleasures. Dream, act and create!

While the present planetary influences can heighten our fears, they can also be supportive to keep us out of the fear. It is up to us to decide what our experience will be. Ignore the fear mongering, chaos and divide and focus on love, sharing and creating a more balanced reality. Taurus is known to slow the process of manifestation so you can prove your worth, change what you are meant to heal, recognize what holds you back or misguides you. In setting your intentions, believe you can have the goodness in life, take action toward it and then pass on your empowerment to others. There is enough fulfillment possible for everyone on this planet.

Lets ask the cards what it is we need to know to stay focused on a deserving empowerment for an abundant and freedom loving future. I drew a card from the Oracle of the 7 Energies by Collette Baron-Reid: “A Tall Tale.” This cards key concepts are: denial, concealing the truth so you can manipulate and control a situation, fear-based communication, creating a narrative to hide behind, not allowing the fear of what others will think to influence your words, learning to communicate from a place of authenticity.

Now is the time to be brutally honest with ourselves. Recognize our short comings and gain strength to be a better person. Take responsibility for our actions and admit when we are wrong in order to change our path. Instead of tearing others down to be right or gather sympathy, show compassion and support when needed. Let go of trying to control others or their actions to manipulate an outcome. Let go of the need to hide the truth within your heart. When you trust the truth that lies in front of you, the path to your desires will open up. Until a person can be honest and take responsiblity for their weaknesses, life will continue to throw curve balls to get you to realize what you need to change to have what you desire. Dreams are fulfilled when you are in alignment with seeing what you need to change about yourself to get what you truly want. Don’t let fear, denial & lies suck your power of manifestation. Flip the coin, choose truth, trust in spirit to guide you and the confidence and prize will arrive!

I will close with my latest mantra when I want to redirect my negativity. “I am happy, healthy, wealthy, free and live in a world with justice!”

Love and Peace, Susan

References: Leslie Tagorda, Collette Baron-Reid, Dr. Michael Lennox, & my wisdom.

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Full Moon in Scorpio

Today is the Full Moon in Scorpio along with an eclipse involving the South Node (our past.) With the Sun (our conscious self) in Taurus & the Moon in Scorpio, it is about letting go of the things that hold you back or make you want to overcompensate or grip harder to stay safe & comfortable. Your issues surrounding success & abundance. A really big energy time to finally drop those limiting self-beliefs! Take the broken record off the turn table and listen to a new song!

This Full Moon can ignite fear. But remember, the fear is usually preventing your greatest self from living life and expressing itself. If you step through the fear, often your biggest rewards, your greatest talents in life are on the other side. Taurus in it’s dark side would prefer you stay stuck in the beliefs you don’t belong in that arena. You are not worthy, you believe in scarcity & guilt more than trusting & believing what is meant to be. On a positive, Taurus is about abundance, moving slow & steady, thriving comfortably. With Scorpio pushing growth, death & rebirth, it is a great time for shedding self-paralysis of past conditioning & wounds. Don’t let anyone convince you of anything less than your hearts desire & natural talents. That would be your projected low self-esteem being reflected back to you. Now is the time to project self-belief.

Let’s see what the cards say. What do we need to know to shed our imprisoned beliefs to thrive and grow successfully? I drew a card from the “Wisdom of the Oracle” deck by Collette Baron- Reid. The card is: “Never Ending Story” in protection mode (reversed.) The essential meaning of this card is: Self-criticism; the wounded ego; unnecessary dramas. You can’t make this up – what an appropriate card! The online description says: “Time to avoid drama at all costs, especially when it comes to other people’s “stuff.” Your sensitivity is on overload these days, and you’re best served by keeping your distance. Your mantra today is “Not my circus, not my monkeys.” All this drama will pass, and you will carry on unscathed and blameless.” I think the guide for this card says it all. Stop believing in the self-destructive, fearful beliefs of the past conditioning that do not honor your greatness. Unlock the chains and step out to show your authentic self. The scariest things in life, are most often, the most profound truths you have to offer the world. Be you!

Peace & Love, Susan

This blog was written on 3 hrs. sleep in route to the Caribbean, typed with one finger on my cell phone! 🥰 References: Collette Baron-Reid, Leslie Tagorda & Suzanne Gerber & my divine wisdom.

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Creating the Storm…..Or Would you Prefer Sunshine?

Suddenly you find out a big storm is coming and you have no choice but to hunker down and weather it? You are in a rush to find shelter and you can see these monster black clouds moving in that look like nothing you have seen before. Your mind starts to race and your fear heightens of all the disastrous possibilities. You become aware of a miraculous solution and ill prepared you go along because there is a possibility of a big positive outcome. The entire time you feel unorganized, like you are somewhere you don’t rightly belong, but you are there hoping that what is promised is delivered. Because it will save you.

As you move toward your solution of being saved, you hear that some people decide to stay where they are because they don’t trust traveling during such a storm and feel safer where they are. You drive in a rush to another city where the miracle exists. When you arrive there is a person who catches you off-guard & asks if you have done what is required to participate in the miracle outcome, but you have just arrived and have not had a chance to begin to understand the process. You are desperate, you fear this is your only chance, you lie and say yes. They give you a badge required to be entered to win. You now realize you are in a casino in Las Vegas. Next you walk into a random hotel room without checking-in to change into warmer clothes to prepare for the storm. You feel pressured to change your clothes quickly and get out. You can’t get your suitcase open and you fumble around to find what you need. The cleaning lady is just one room away and the pressure is building to change and get out. Finally you find these jeans that don’t fit, get your clothes changed and as you walk out of the room & down the hallway, you realize you forgot your purse, so you turn around to return to the room. You rush back and discover you have 2 purses, one on your shoulder and the one laying in the hallway by the room. You are confused. You grab the purse laying on the floor and rush to the car where your family is frustrated with you and waiting. You wonder if you left anything else in the room you may really need, it is worrisome and stressful. By the time you get back to the car the black clouds are becoming visible. The storm is here.

Suddenly you realize you have seen these monster clouds before. While they are the darkest black and appear as scarey, life-changing black fog rolling toward you, inside yourself you know they are not as bad as they look. What have you committed to thus far and how do you move forward? You realize you have just become part of a system that you know nothing about and there is a chance you won’t get your miracle, because it is a lottery. The likelihood is small to none it will have a positive outcome. If you had only understood before you took the badge & not acted on the motivation of panic and fear.

You suddenly regroup and take a moment to visualize a big heart over the earth, pouring white light over it and all the people, including yourself. The world glows with love and truth and you believe in justice for everyone. You hold that thought/vision and know positive change is ahead. You realize this is your right action toward a miracle in the midst of disaster. Truthful opportunities and solutions will come. You change the course of your outcome and feel relieved in the repair. You suddenly wake up and realize it was all a dream.

When new and unknown scary things happen, it can be natural to destruct before you construct. I read in “A Return to Love” by Marianne Williamson – “the body is a canvas of the mind.” We are all a canvas of our mind, emotions and actions. The outcome is determined by the motivation behind your actions. Would you encourage someone to act in panic & fear when giving advice? Or would you advise them to wait, look for solutions before deciding? Offer them comfort and support in the mean time as they sort through the disaster. Encourage them to decide what is in their heart, what they feel is true and the best course moving forward. To understand there is time to decide and act once more is known and the circumstances become clearer.

What if you knew in any disaster you had the ability to save yourself and others by simply meditating, praying or visualizing and positive, heart based/truthful outcomes would materialize to act on as a result, would you do it? Some people wait until a problem is so big, it threatens their survival, they become panicked and take action blindly. In these times a lot of people turn to God, or whomever they worship. It is often only when we are brought to our knees by a disaster we turn to the creator for help. I believe this same skill set of meditation, prayer and visualization work in our every day life to guide us away from anticipated disasters & guide us toward a better life. Even if it is just 5 minutes each morning before getting out of bed. We can guide our future if we simply work these skills every day. It empowers us against the big monster if we have faith and take the time to formulate what we want in our lives daily. It is the difference between building that disaster food storage in advance to prepare for an emergency, as opposed to scrambling after a disaster to find what you can in the midst of chaos.

Our lives these days are filled with a lot of chaos. How are you painting your canvas? Are your thoughts, emotions and actions driving the dream or are you squandering in all the disastrous possible outcomes & waiting for life to happen to you before looking to see what is available? When you let others formulate your reality, you are subject to what solution others provide for you. Although you are an individual entity in this world, remember you are also part of a whole. If the majority let someone else decide their outcome, it creates an imbalance of opportunities. More people live life outside their truth and fewer people use their power to create their truth. The collective create a reality for everyone as we are all connected on this physical and spiritual plane. Is that the truth that is in your heart for this lifetime? Doing what others create and fulfilling their dreams instead of your own? Isn’t that what they call an unfulfilled life? I think it takes many ideas to create a solution. Many dreams to bring happiness for all. To me, that is a life worth living, one of truth.

It is never too late to start driving your own future. Trust, have faith, begin small and see what happens. Bring love to the forefront of your thoughts, emotions and motivated actions every day. Remember that you are part of a collective whole. And what you contribute affects the reality of all which in turn reflects back to you. Look at your canvas, what do you see? What do you want instead, that brings love and goodness to the world? It is your canvas, our canvas, paint it and see what happens.

Peace and Love, Susan

References, “A Return to Love” by Marianne Williamson, my nighttime dreams & wisdom from my co-creators of the Divine. Http://

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New Moon/Black Moon in Aries….

Tonight at 9:15pm PDT signifies the New Moon in Aries. It is considered a Black Moon because of 2 lunations occuring in the same sign. The 1st New Moon in Aries was on March 21 & at the Spring Equinox (new life, new beginnings) at zero degrees of Aries – the beginning or start-up point. It was about defining self, launching fated ambitions, deciding how you want to be seen in the world & showing leadership. This New Moon is at the final degree of Aries with a solar eclipse! Let’s talk!

With the New Moon being in the final degrees of Aries, signifies a time to look back at our previous intentions to see what we have mastered this past month and let go of to improve our self-image and goals. In setting your new intentions, use the wisdom you have gained and upgrade those intentions to empower your sense of self and how you deliver that in the world. Note that 2 hrs. after this New Moon in Aries, the Sun moves into Cancer. Dr. Michael Lennox says “our intentions have to include a shift from the Aries awareness of “me first” to being grounded in love.” How can you bring peace & stability into your life and the lives of others?

The unique thing about a solar eclipse is it affects the collective. Eclipses are known to be transformative & bumpy. You could experience a sudden unexpected change. Or your intentions could be amplified with a fast and sudden opportunity you didn’t see coming. Eclipses heighten the experience, and are transformative one way or the other. Dr. Lennox describes it as, turning something off and then turning it back on. Which seems to me like when our computer is not working and we reboot it. When it turns back on, sometimes we lose information in the process, but it functions better & we eventually adjust. Other times it turns on adjusted and is working more efficiently. An eclipse can bring forth an about face, change of direction or an amplified experience resulting in change.

Lastly, note that wounds in relationships could get triggered with the energies influencing this transformative time. You may feel a sense of heightened awareness of whether your relationship needs are being met or not. There could also be the urge to exaggerate your emotions, end relationships or start new ones. Shadows can show themselves and wounds can get rubbed. Try to see this as an opportunity to upgrade your goals and sense of self. Know if a reoccuring pattern arises in your life relationships, it is being shown to you so you can identify the needed changes for a new story. Step out and go for the inner secret desires you have hidden from the world. Avoid settling for what is unauthenically comfortable. Make better decisions, instead of asking why this always happens to me? This can also be a time of amplified intuitive downloads or visualizations. Imagine your dreams without the fear and drama when releasing them to the universe. Dream & begin taking action. Let the creator show you the way and trust as it unfolds. This can be a very amplified, destined time in your life if you open yourself to believe in your dreams and show courage to be your authentic self. The world is seeking compassionate leaders at this time to wake up to their destiny no matter how big or small.

Let’s ask the cards: Being my authentic self, how can I use my wisdom to create a more compassionate and loving world? I drew a card from the Oracle of the 7 Energies by Collette Baron-Reid. The Card is: Sacred Reverence. The essential meaning of this card is: Awe for the truth that Spirit is everywhere, inspiration coming through you as a result of reverence, joyful living, exploring possibilities with curiosity, spiritual passion, manifesting from the starting point of the realm of spirit. This card asks you to see everything as valueable in your life. See beyond the compartmentalization of your physical reality into the vastness of the interconnected whole. Understand whatever you encounter is guided by spirit, a magical experience of a dream unfolding. Whether good or bad, it is honoring your intention to be a part of transforming the world into an authentic reality. Every situation has the ability to uncover & empower what you seek in life. Even though you may not see the happy ending now, take the steps in front of you motivated by truth and trust spirit to guide you. Every step takes you closer to your life’s purpose when you dream and begin.

Peace and Love, Susan

References: Dr. Michael Lennox, Collette Baron-Reid, Stephanie Campos, and my wisdom. Http:// – sign up for my e-mail blog notifications.

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Loving the Unloveable…..

I have recently been troubled by a social media post on this breed specific dog forum I follow for the sake of an organization I volunteer with that rescues dogs. The person was discouraging a lady under hardship from giving up her dogs to our rescue by saying we are made up of crooks and making false accusations about our fund raising and how we handle the dogs in rescue. I have belonged to this rescue for nearly 20 yrs. and know first hand what she posted was not true. These non-truths were so upsetting to me, but I didn’t comment anything in response. It just didn’t seem like the right course of action to get an effective result. Instead, I rheumenated on it off and on for a couple days of all the ways I could respond as I was upset and emotional. I wondered within myself, how could I not dislike this person and not want to retaliate back? How could I respond without exploiting the truth I knew about her and why she was trying to spread ill-truths about our rescue? But I didn’t feel that was the right motivation to act, so I didn’t.

I had recently been pondering on how to make peace with people that I didn’t agree with or support their actions. This incident ignited my need for answers. A few days later I read in this book “A Return to Love” by Marianne Williamson a message something like this: when faced with a person or event that triggers us in a negative way, turn it over to whom you put your faith in, for me it is God. Ask for enlightenment to understand why this person acts this way in order to gain compassion for them instead of hate or judgement toward them. I wanted that, but I couldn’t see a way on my own. So I prayed, meditated and continued to turn my thoughts toward knowing information would come to help me understand & find resolve.

Some days later, when listening to the Full Moon reading by Collette-Baron-Reid and Dr. Michael Lennox I received my message. Collette said something along the lines of “When we are wounded from our past or traumatized, we act in destructive ways out of self-protection that is damaging to our relationships with spirit, family, friends, society, co-workers, etc. We need to acknowledge we don’t have to do life alone and we have support with our co-creator to heal us.” This gave me an avenue to find compassion & understanding for this woman. And the best thing I could do is to pray for her and hope that she finds healing and be able to speak truth. Accept I can’t control what others think or say. I just have to stay focused on what I know is true and to keep spreading the goodness of my work through rescue, by my actions with intent to deliver truth to the world. I believe that is the most empowering thing I can do. Truth always wins & true colors always shine! If I retaliate, it just feeds into the negativity, creates more doubt amongst those reading the feeds and probably instigates more damage to rescue & myself than the original comment. I have to believe that truth will prevail by living a life of love, truth and service. The most I can do is what is within my capacity. To give energy and empowerment to what is in my heart.

This is an example of how my partnership with spirit works in my life. When I ask for help with something, my answers come with positive empower to move forward. In turn it results in a positive empowerment to my world. For that wisdom I am grateful!

Lets see what the cards say & ask the question: How do I release my hurt and judgement to those I find conflict with? I drew a card from the online deck “The Dream Weaver’s Oracle” by Collette Baron-Reid. The Card: “In the Middle of the Bridge.” The essential meaning of this card is: learning from the different viewpoints and life experiences, compassionte listening, meeting in the middle. This card asks you to open yourself to see things from a different perspective. Not to just follow what you have done all your life or what has been taught to you by society. Our past experiences condition us to avoid negative incidents, become rigid in our perspectives because of it. We respond by means to protect our pain and prevent more pain. We have to remember that we have a partnership with the spiritual realm, our creator and it is always there for us to find new ideas & resolve if we seek it. Rather than follow only what you know, open yourself to learn a new idea to a situation. Trust that truth is seen by the example of your actions. When we see life through a tunnel, we miss what is on the outside of that view, a broader enlightenment you never knew existed. I encourage you to step outside your box and explore before you make a final decision. See what can blossom as a result of these gifted truths!

Peace and Love, Susan

References: “A Return to Love” by Marianne Williamson, Collette Baron-Reid. – sign up for my e-mail blog notifications.

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The Full Moon in Libra

Tonight is the Full Moon in Libra at 9:34pm PDT. This Aries/Libra polarity is about looking at the self and the relationships we have with everything in our lives. Aries is about self/who we are/me first-I’ll lead, taking action, the first to move forward. In this lunation, Aries is shining itself on Libra which is about “we”, balance, fairness, harmony & justice. So combine these two definitions and and feel the conflicts that arise inside yourself from these two polarities.

It is also improtant to note that this is the first lunation with Pluto in Aquarius. So there are influences and the chance to create energy toward being of service, building community, finding truth, innovative thinking, intellectual, personal freedom, independence. Libra longs to find a commonality linking different perspectives while Aquarius sees things from a new & unconventional perspecitive motivated by individual freedom and a fair society. This is a pivotal Full Moon, things can change for new beginnings or fast endings in an instant. But remember the energy is supported by what we interject by our thoughts, emotions and actions moving forward.

It is important to go within to see how you need to find balance of self in this world of “we” while still being “me”. What motivates your actions and what do you need to change moving forward to find balance, love and fairness? In doing so, you will see things from a perspective of empowerment and the world will reflect back to you what you believe.

To get is to look. To have is to see. You can’t see if you don’t look for what you want to exist. Libra signafies a mirror consciousness, meaning the world reflects our perspective and beliefs back to us to create our reality.

As we know, the world is made up of both good and bad. What you choose to believe is what you will see and the world will present to you. Reflect on what inside yourself keeps you from joy, love, safety, goodness, empowerment, honesty, trust and brillance. Do you expose yourself to things that support your fear, lack of trust & safety, hate, doubt, failure, abuse, blame, guilt? When you walk away from something negative what do you look to see? Proof that it is true or to tell someone your story of why it is true and how it currently exists? The world is our mirror, reflecting our beliefs back to us. This is a powerful time to pivot our beliefs and change the trajectory of what the media is telling us, what we are currently reading that supports polarization and corruptness. What you believe is what you get. If you believe in evil, you empower evil. Evil can not have power over us unless we give it power, which comes from what we believe is true. If you are fearing the course of your life right now, know what you fear losing is indeed yours to keep and nobody can take it from you if you let go of the fear and believe in what you want. What inside yourself keeps you from having faith in the goodness of the world? Let it go!

This is a time to acknowledge the negative that resides inside yourself that motivates your actions to create a world that mirrors back the negative things in this world. It is a time to pivot your beliefs and actions toward the good things in life you want to see. It all starts with each one of us. Lets capture this moment and let go of the beliefs inside ourselves that support the negative. Choose to believe in love, joy, truth, freedom, empowerment and happiness and see what the world reflects back to you when you look for it.

Take some time to note all the negative thoughts, emotions & events you presently are burdened with in your life. Then note what actions you are presently taking that support these beliefs. Are you reading about fear inducing events? Are you spending your time with people that trigger your victim and then blaming them? Explore the things in your life that you are currently doing that trigger these negative thoughts, emotions & results. Then write down what replacement thoughts,actions & feelings you would like to incorporate & identify your positive words. What actions you can take in your life to immerse yourself in these new positives and create a healthy balance? I am not saying to bury your head in the sand, but I am suggesting you to believe in the positive while being aware. Next look to the world with these thoughts and emotions and see what is there to move toward. It can take time, but just remember, we always start to see what it is that has been called to our attention. We often don’t know it exists until we are exposed to it. Then we see it everywhere, right? You have this power within yourself to change the course of your/our reality if you become more mindful of how you spend your time, what you choose to believe exists and happens. Lets not waste this powerful time in our history to own our destiny and to join in the belief of goodness for all.

Lets draw a card and ask: How do we release, inside ourselves, what is leading us toward a life we do not want? The card I drew is from the Dreamweaver online Deck by Collette Baron-Reid – “Time to Dance Around the Sun.” This cards essential meaning is: victory after the hard work, celebration of achievements, having the advantage to win. The book written script on this card goes on to say: When it’s time to dance around the Sun you can be sure of sweet victory in all your endeavors. Perhaps you’re surprised at the sudden success? Don’t be! You have worked hard to be here now, learned many lessons and integrated their wisdom and finally chose the right actions. The Universe has been on your behalf in the Hidden Realms for some time now to co-create your dreams and weave them into reality. Yes, sometimes things take longer than you hope for, but you keep acting on faith, trusting that the form of your dreams will mainfest in perfect ways and in perfect timing. Now is a time to celebrate your good fortune and share it with others. You are the beacon of hope for many to have the courage you have shown too. In so many ways, your success gives others hope. Isn’t that a beautiful thing.

I can’t help but feel this card is saying that if we focus on the positive instead of the negative we can attain all the success this card talks about. If you are not there yet, you can be. If you are there, bask in the moment and share your positivity to teach others. Remember, the world is our mirror & our reality is a result of the collective’s actions, thoughts & emotions. It is in our best interest to be the beacon of light that shines on others in this challening time in our lives. What you give you get in return 10 times over. Be grateful for what you have and know it is there because you co-created it with the creator. Let go of the things that keep you from feeling content in this life. For that is not the mirrored result of the truth in your heart. Remember that abundance comes in many forms and if you focus on what you don’t have or might lose, you create lack in your/our life. Lets empower the good things for everyone, starting with yourself.

Peace & Love, Susan

References: Collette Baron-Reid, Dr. Michael Lennox, & my own wisdom!

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New Moon in Aries

March 21, 2023 at 10:23am PDT marks the New Moon in Aries. Aries is the 1st sign of the zodiac and the beginning of the Astrological New Year. This New Moon will be at 0 degrees Aries which is considered a world axis point which represents an Equinox which affects everyone on earth at the same time in the same way. This New Moon a powerful time and is about starting new beginnings, energy, enthusiasm, and pioneering.

Aries is known to be the leader, the one to take action first, courageous, determined, confident, enthusiastic, optimistic, honest and passionate. They can also be impatient, moody, short tempered, impulsive and aggressive. It is their nature to take action, sometimes before thinking things through. They have excellent organizational skills and rarely are afraid. Aries is the most active sign of the zodiac.

The present influences will help us to communicate our needs, perceive and understand information. We will be challenged to find a way we can contribute to the greater good, given the healings from the past. There is also the ability to expand and magnify things good or bad. So it is important to recognize which way you are affected and keep balance as you move forward.

In setting your intentions for the New Moon. It is important you are aware of what is ahead. The astrologers of the world are all chanting “this is a big deal!” On March 25th Pluto will enter into Aquarius. Pluto transforms things collectively & culturally, rather than personally. It brings death and rebirth, tears down what needs to change without awareness of collateral damage. It will be in Aquarius until June, then it will retrograde back into Capricorn to finish it’s work with transforming structures. On January 21, 2024 Pluto will return to Aquarius for the next 20 years where astrologers are predicting it to transform technology, societal equality, & community. The next 2-5 yrs is said to be the most turbulent with big transformation. The last time Pluto was in Aquarius the planet experienced the ratification of the US Constitution, the French Revolution, the Industrial Revolution and swept social order and rights changes. In addition to this, we have 3 Planets moving through Aries, the sign of individualism & war. Jupiter in 2023 (expand and magnifies), Saturn in 2025-2028 (the teacher, rules & structures, the task master & rules Aquarius), Neptune (2025-2039) (spirituality, intuition, illusionary, compassionate & rules Pisces). So with Pluto in it’s “one size fits all”, Aries individualism, action and war and Aquarius community, sovereignty, innovation, technology & need for the truth, we are in for quite a ride the next 20 years. Right now we currently have the power to plant seeds in this New Moon to guide us through all this with the intentions we set.

In setting your intentions, think about the polarities of all this and what is currently vulnerable and needing or pushing for change in our world. We have never been more divided and Pluto is about to say, one size fits all, come together. With this New Moon being at 0 degrees of Aries, it is a time to plant seeds for new beginnings. Who do you want to be or become over the next 20 yrs as Pluto tears things apart? What is your role for the good of all? It is time to be your authentic self, find the power of your purpose, take action and to surround yourself with people who will empower your goals. Leave behind that which does not empower authenticity and truth. It is also a time to connect with your intuition and trust it’s guidance. Is the new technology in the coming 2 decades you as a spiritual being and the power that is within? Since we are at a collective time of influence at this New Moon, it is imperative we look honestly at what we believe inside ourselves and see what the world is reflecting back at us as a result. Your intentions need to include the needed changes and how you can assist for the good of all motivated by the truth in your heart. It is a time when you can either run off the cliff with the fear, helplessness and chaos the media presents in all this, or you can choose to have courage, patience and follow your inner truth. Be motivated to act for the good of all with innovation driving the needed change toward community, freedom and truth. What is your fate and purpose on this earth?

Let’s look at what the cards say & ask: How can I be my best self to energize change for the good of all? I drew a card from The Dream Weavers deck featured online by Collette Baron-Reid. The card I drew is “ When the Storm Spirits Play”. The essential meaning of this card is understanding how to navigate divine chaos, clear the air, stir the pot, scatter seeds, bring new possibilities. (Wow, you can’t make this stuff up – I literally picked a card from her online deck and this is what I got!) Anyway this is what it goes on to say about this card: You are being asked to surrender your need to control outer circumstances, which is based on a desire to feel more certain, avoid confrontation, or resist change. This card signifies a time to trust that this chaos, this disorder, this turbulence that has shown up in your life is temporary, but important. You are now able to release the unnecessary or that which you’ve resisted releasing.

Consider how clean the air is after a storm, how dead branches are pruned from trees, and how potent seeds are scattered so new life can sprout in new soil. Even if you find yourself in conflict now, there is a gift in this. It invites you to see things from alternative perspectives and provides you with a lot of valuable information. New, important possibilities arise from the chaos at hand. For now, the highest good for you is to remain in the center of the storm. Meditate and be mindful of your reactions, as you don’t yet have all the information.

I think this card said it all. Stay focused on your long term goals and outcomes rather than get caught up in the chaos. Believe and know truth and goodness will come out of the ashes and stay guided by your heart and truth, with the intention of your actions to be for the good of all. Remain hopeful that conflict will resolve itself with fairness, peace and abundance. It is the Age of Aquarius and we have to remove what doesn’t fit into sovereignty, freedoms, truth, technology, creativity & community. Good and evil will always exist because that is reality, but like they say, there is the potential for more good than bad. You have the opportunity to be a driving part of the good if you clean up inside yourself what you are presently reflecting into the world that contributes to the negative, so it can reflect for the good of all. Let go of the fear, doubt, hatred, overwhelm and find courage, faith, honesty, how you can be of service and let spirit become your partner in guiding you forward. Time to connect with your higher self and live an authentic life. Plant those seeds and move forward to be of service for the good of all however you can.

Peace and Love, Susan

References: Empath/teacher -Collette Baron-Reid, Astrologer – Leslie Tagorda, Astrologer – Dr. Michael Lennox,,,, You can read about my services or join my mailing list at Http://, I am here to serve & help navigate!

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Finding Your Way…..

When we are finding our way blindly through life, it can be awakening, invigorating, confusing, fearful, chaotic – a myriad of emotions. Earlier this week I had 2 dreams about which way to go when unfamiliar with the outcome of my choice. One dream I was in a hallway with all these choices of which door to go through. There was the door that I always took that never gave a solution or a new door with undefined solutions. I chose the new door. Somehow the story below seems connected.

Last week, my husband and I were leaving an amazing concert, Billy’s Joel and Stevie Nicks at SoFi Stadium. We had not been to SoFi before & as we exited the stadium, it was misting heavily. In So. CA, we are not used to rain of any sort! The concert was late getting out, it was after 11:30pm and we exited from a different gate than we entered, so we were a bit disoriented once outside. Not thinking on arrival, I hadn’t paid attention to where we parked, my bad. Thankfully my husband had taken note of it. He knew where he was going, but as I followed, I kept thinking our vehicle was not as far in the direction we were headed, but I was still disoriented exactly where we were. While following him, I was not fully trusting, in the rain no less, adding doubt & resisting energy to the situation. Not exactly a supportive motive to operate for a successful outcome. Finally, we came upon the Orange Lot, our section and saw the Red section sign we remembered turning at to park. Because it was familiar we moved to where the vehicle should be, but it was not there. Did I mention, it was raining? We wandered a bit more to try to decide which way to go and then returned to this familiar spot, but the car was definitely not there even though it seemed it should be. Being the nice guy, my husband defaulted to my thinking we should go the opposite direction he wanted to go. Then instantly, when we headed in my direction, I knew something wasn’t right. The Pisces indecisiveness that doesn’t go over well came up instantly. Rather than change my mind instantly, I let the process flow, told him I trusted his decision. We then turned around, I followed in trust & faith we were heading in the right direction & it did feel right. We next found the last piece to the puzzle, the gate number we had entered, which we were both definite about. And there was the vehicle! Our raincoats drenched, we happily got in our vehicle only to notice several passersby looking lost as well. We didn’t feel alone.

Upon exit, we pulled our vehicle into line to exit left and quickly came to a stop. After about 5-10 min. of complete gridlock, it became apparent, this exit wasn’t going to move any time soon. I looked to the right and just 3 rows over the traffic was exiting & moving, but we were trapped and it was still raining! After a short discussion, we agreed that was the way to go. But my husband didn’t understand what I was trying to tell him about how he could get out of our line by maneuvering & visibility was not great. Rather than getting frustrated, I decided to get out with a bit of apprehension to ask the cars behind us to back up so we could get out, luckily there were only 2! Maybe being lost did pay off, as the parking lot was part empty & would make all this much easier. The minute I opened my door there was this man standing there and he said to me “That is the way to go,” pointing to my planned exit, “but I am locked in” he said. I sympathized with him and wished him luck and moved on as this was the validation I needed to shake my apprehension. I approached the first car and she was buried in her phone but I got her attention. She rolled down her window and listened to my idea & expressed gratitude. Next car the same and shortly we were all on the move. Yay!

In retrospect, the first place in the parking lot my husband & I thought we should find the car, wasn’t. We revisited that spot a couple of times before we could accept that wasn’t the spot & we hadn’t missed the vehicle. On our life journeys into the new, each time we revisit what seems familiar, but not complete, it allows us to re-evaluate the truth, the path forward. Usually it is just part of the puzzle we are solving. Have you ever considered that the familiar could be a memory from a past life or possibly a dream you didn’t remember? I am told familiarly in unknown circumstances can sometimes can be just that. How we emotionally respond can be triggered by deep, unconscious awareness. Some times we bang our heads against a wall several times before we can find the solution. We often will revisit the familiar hoping it will fulfill our quest or see something we overlooked. In our case, luckily we both stayed objective, showed teamwork & proceeded forward, somewhat blindly to then see the gate number, our solution. Once we continued the direction my husband wanted to go and I trusted fully, we found our answer and our vehicle. Motivation and perspective are invaluable energy to be mindful of when finding your way.

This is the same type of journey we all go on when we are entering something new. We grasp the familiar and use that as our foundation. As we enter into the unknown we try to perceive & think what is true and what is not. The familiar is our history, what we know up to that point, but it is not complete, only part of the puzzle. Our detours are our doubt, ego, emotions, past trauma, denial, physical comfort or discomfort, etc. Trust, faith & humility are big players in finding our way to accomplish our goals. The more you experience the unfamiliar, the more comfortable it becomes and you can prosper in life. Unless you are happy where you are, but only you can decide that.

Let’s see what the cards say. How can we navigate the unknown without fear and remain focused on our outcome? I drew a card from the Shaman’s Dream deck by Collette Baron-Reid & Alberto Villoldo. The card I drew is: “The Wall” From the guide book: There are many moments in your life you are so geared up, so sure that you are on track, with such drive and momentum, that you are shocked and confused when you encounter a wall. This unpredictability occurs outside your ability to plan, regardless if you’ve done everything right. It’s imperative you change your attitude. Your life may be meant to serve another purpose at this moment, and your attention meant to be directed elsewhere. Perhaps it’s because all you desire and have set in motion needs time to coalesce into form on the other side. Could it be that all the elements are not yet in place for its manifestation to be for the highest good for all? Patience is required & the wisdom that this might be a great time to take a break and contemplate gratitude. What is truly yours will never be walled off from you.

I think this card agrees with my example above in certain respects. Whatever wall you may be hitting in your life right now, remember it takes time, patience and re-evaluation to proceed. But one thing that is constant is the truth in your heart and the motivation of your actions. Always go within to check these things and see how you can course correct. Consider the journey an act of navigation, not just success and failure.

Peace & Love, Susan

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Full Moon in Virgo….

Around 4:40am Pacific time on Tuesday, March 7 is the Full Moon in the Northern Hemisphere. We have the Sun in Pisces shining light on the Moon in Virgo. The Pisces Sun is the source of all things creative, blissful, it wants us to live with ease, compassion and oneness. The Pisces Sun illuminates the shadow of Virgo which triggers perfectionism, overthinking, emotion, over analyzing, worry, self-doubt, self-criticism & workaholic tendencies. The shadow of Virgo limits us from living our Pisces intentions. There is a spiritual source wanting to come through each of us that our human bodies try to block with our wounds of the past. Pisces wants us to be creative, do tasks with more ease, incorporate self-compassion as we learn, be whole and connected as one, exercise acceptance, experience bliss and conduct ourselves with a balanced flow of spirit and our physical bodies (mind/emotions). Pisces can react to it’s own shadow with escapism, avoidance, addition and self-sacrifice. This Full Moon is about healing the gap and finding balance between Pisces and Virgo.

Remember that Pisces is the end of the astrological year. A time to look over the past year and acknowledge the healing and growth you have obtained. And acknowledge what wounds still limit you from living life connected to spirit as a physical being on a daily basis. To live in 2 realms at the same time, spirit & earth. The influences of this Full Moon support spiritual healing, expansion and love. Take this support and let go of the burdens, delusions, fears, self-doubt and constrictions that limit you from being connected to oneness & bliss. Practice self-compassion toward yourself and others as you learn lessons, fail & make mistakes. See life as a learning experience full of lessons as you continue to flow through life. This Full Moon provides us with the energy of liberation. It is time to learn to flow with change and make choices & take action that influence the outcome. A time to trust flow and break free from what limits you. When faced with a fork in the road know you can trust your body to communicate the truth for a greater solution.

Just hours after the Full Moon on Tuesday morning, Saturn (the rule maker, structure creator) will enter Pisces where it will be until May 24, 2026. Saturn is presently sitting at that last degrees of Aquarius and is looking back over it’s mastery of the past 3 yrs in Aquarius and letting go of the unfinished work. In Pisces, Saturn will be ruled by Neptune (the Great Spirit) creating spiritual discipline & karmic reckonings dealing with lessons of spiritual connection. We will have the influence of all the good things about Pisces, forgiveness, flow, bliss, oneness, creative inspiration. Saturn will bring lessons that challenge our Pisces to include lack of forgiveness, lack of spiritual discipline, lack of flow, lack of boundaries, etc. You have the opportunity now to prepare yourself for the upcoming changes by setting intentions for wisdom and strength to guide you with compassion through the life experiences Saturn will bring.

Let’s see what the cards tell us with the question of: How can we release the old wounds that limit our embodiment of spirit into our routines and actions so we can live a more compassionate life? I drew a card from the Oracle of the 7 Energies by Collette Baron-Reid. The card is: A Tall Tale. The essential meaning of this card from the book: denial, concealing the truth so you can manipulate and control a situation, fear based communication, finding a narrative to hide behind, not allowing the fear of what others will think to influence your words, learning to communicate from a place of authenticity.

I say: If you listen to your body and hear your heart (connect to spirit), you always know when something is not true. Our wounds can step into our minds and emotions to create confusion & chaos and you must recognize that as false truth. Be brave to speak the truth. Change creates chaos and brings out our fears of repercussions when standing alone in our truth. We must have the courage to know that following truth is the path forward. It prevents the long detour lies create to get to the solution, the end result. When you avoid the truth and follow a false truth, it is doomed to fail and can create self-harm. Be on the side of victory and liberation. Find a source of true courage to stand with to empower you when you are weak. Meditate on finding what you need to empower you to do what is best, not to just follow and let others make your decisions for you. Have the courage to jump in and feel the exhilaration of accomplishing your truth. Hear all the inspiration that follows. Open your mind to new ideas and find your truth tribe. If you do falter to a delusion or lie, forgive yourself when you admit to your truth and let go of the wounds that sent you on that misguided journey. Learn the signs of denial & escape within yourself so you will not be tricked again. Learn to stand up to fear with objective confidence and open yourself to find a way to gain courage in disagreement with those you love. Hear the opposition, but stand strong in your truth and pray for those who have been led astray from their own truth to awakened. Then be there with an open and compassionate heart to support their path forward.

Peace & Love, Susan

References: Collette Baron-Reid, astrologers Leslie Tagorda, Kristen Fontana, Rose Marcus, Dr. Michael Lennox.