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Circling around to Trust

It is my personal opinion in todays society there is a lack of trust in many forms. Society today has a lot of confusion and chaos surrounding it and it tends to generate mistrust. Astrologers and intuitives are saying the next 6 months are going have planetary and zodiac influences of energy that are going to continue the chaos. And obviously the pandemic has brought a lot of change as well as chaos that also promotes mistrust. Secondarily to this, among our mass society, hot topics usually result in some sort of debate or conversation that is driven by many things: influences of the environment (planetary, zodiac, media, family/friends), our personal past wounds or experiences, political and religious beliefs, social pressure, etc. Debate is good & in my opinion is what should happen because in a healthy society differences exist and help us broaden our perspective so that individual creativity can thrive. It is our right to form our own opinion. Debate is meant for you to present your side of the story, not to force an opinion on someone demanding acceptance. I see this more with social media where the topics debated intensify and nobody hears the other persons view point respectfully, they just push harder to prove they are right, become insultive and the other person is wrong. The real danger here is when we get off balance with our perspective on the issue and resort to abuse, violence, wishing harm on others, silencing the opposing views, destroying people’s property or livelihood to continue to force the agenda on others & to try to force compliance. Attempting to shut down other person’s right to choose to believe differently. At the start of this whole scenario, most often people will forget to go inside themselves to evaluate what feels true within their heart or use critical thinking before engaging in a protest, discussion or debate. They begin engaging triggered resulting in loss of balance & objectivity. Pausing to evaluate with your heart and intuition or a trusted, resourced source is critical in my opinion. Often times people will stand by their own convictions, but it is important for both sides to be heard and acknowledged for truth to filter through. The process, if extreme can create distrust, ruins relationships & eats away at our cohesive society. To build community we need trust to survive. The alternative results in a lonely, isolated life which leads to poor health, self-destruction and a shortened life span. That is why I feel it is so important to learn to know truth within yourself to guide your life with meaning. Recognize inside yourself when you have pushed too far and reached a damaging or untruthful point on an issue & be okay to surrender with listening. It is okay to agree to disagree & done in an objective way is even better. There is a term called mass formation that many of the top psychologist have done research on and when societies become extremely polarized, it can lead to self-destruction of the group that supports violence. History shows that a radical, angry mass divided society will even go so far as to wish destruction on their own family members who don’t agree with them. Therefore, it is important to pull back on the growing conflict before your feelings become too extreme. If we go inside ourselves when the influences start and connect with what is true and what is not, we can maintain balance & avoid outside influences that we may regret later. Remember communication involves listening, not just talking. Let’s look at ways to find truth within.

Beginning to discover how your body communicates truth is about paying attention to how your body feels when someone talks to you. Or how it feels when you are faced with are making a decision. Usually the learning process is after you have reached the outcome, you know if you felt the truth or not by the result. It has helped me to go back to how I felt when I made the decision or reacted. Our bodies each communicate truth in different ways. Finding the consistent ways your body communicates truth is how I started to understand when something is true and it isn’t. Look for consistent ways your body feels, or maybe you see a consistent symbol or animal for validation. I ask at night to have a dream to give me insight when I need information, because I am a dreamer and my dreams guide me consistently. When we pay attention, we usually figure out a consistent way our validation is communicated to us.

Myself, one sure way I know something I hear is true is I get goosebumps. An example would be, I can be listening to a video interview or engaging in conversation with someone & when something true/important is said, I get goosebumps. I have consistently proven this is one of my ways of knowing I have just heard truth. Another way to figure out inner truth for me, is when I am faced with making a decision that requires trust to move forward, I go inside myself and listen & feel. Usually if I feel a sure clearness, it is a good indication to proceed. But if I have inner conflict, doubt, resistance or feelings of unsureness, I don’t commit. Any time I feel unsure, I pause, don’t commit and continue to evaluate until I feel clear on a direction to proceed. Sometimes it is an inner wound that stops me that needs attention & processing, or it is just a bad decision at that time. It just takes trial and error to learn how your body communicates truth. But start to reflect within yourself how your body consistently communicates to you on truth or things that need more work before acting.

We also receive signs from the universe. But it is important not to will what you see to be true because you want to believe it is the right thing to do. Always pay attention to what is motivating you within. The other day I had given a friend support after her daughter nearly drowned. Later in the parking lot at the grocery store I had self-doubt and re-read my reply to her. In my heart it felt like good advice when I offered it. Feeling unsure, I got out of the car and there was a $1.00 bill laying on the ground. It felt like a message from the universe I had done the right thing. Later I got a note from my friend telling me thank you for the message. I validated my truth.

Let’s see what the cards say to this question: “What does everyone need to know about finding their inner truth?” I am drawing a card from “The Good Tarot” deck by Collette Baron-Reid. I drew the 9 of Air. The numerology meaning of 9 with this card is: the energy of global awareness, co-creativity in action & the relationship between your power & that of spirit and of others who share in the co-creation of the outer world, a co-creative process that is governed by element. The essential meaning of this card is: Shifting negative self-talk to self-compassion, from fear to possibility, a call to faith. My intuition says finding truth supports the ability to have free will to decide for yourself, to create your journey on what is right for you with the consideration of what is good for all. Your truth will steer you away from false influences in your environment. Truth steers you away from self-doubt and misplaced emotion. Remember to build community is like constructing an orchestra. It takes many fine tuned instruments to make beautiful music and the same is true to create community. Your authentic light needs to shine on this earth for each of us to be complete. You matter, have courage, find truth and let it guide you. Truth leads to success for the good of all and the health of society. When in the middle of conflict & feeling unsure what to do, just send love, have faith & believe, for truth will prevail. Sometimes that is the best thing you can do in a crisis situation. Allow others to have differing opinions, agree to disagree graciously and move on.

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