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Rebellion, it’s a Superpower!

I have always been a bit rebellious by nature. I have always thought of it as a superpower to drive change. If used for the good of all, in a legal manner on an issue that is unjustified & unfair, it can be a productive tool. Let me give you a simple example.

When I was growing up in the 70’s (oops I am dating myself!) the school dress code for grades 7-8 (middle school) & 9-12 (high school) was girls had to wear dresses every day. My friends and I were tomboys, athletic, strong-minded and rebellious. Starting in the 5th grade we became close friends with the boys in our class & used to spend our recesses playing against them in softball, kickball, soccer, etc. And we often beat them I might add. When we wore skirts to school we would wear shorts underneath so we could kick our skirts off into the bushes at recess to play. This used to upset the teachers as the 5th grade was sort of the time when they were trying to groom us into being ladies, wear dresses daily & understand etiquette. But being our true selves, we were interested in sports, playing and dressing as we wanted. We rebelled and continued to wear skirts with shorts even when told we couldn’t. We continued to push back all the way through our 6th grade year. Mysteriously as we came to enter the 7th grade they changed the dress code for girls from having to wear a dress every day to being allowed to wear jeans as well. We continued to be ourselves and play against the boys at recess and when it came time to enter the 9th grade, the dress code changed again, girls didn’t have to wear dresses every day. The teachers used to challenge us along the way without success & we always heard there was never a class like ours come through the school. Other things that happened because of our rebellious nature was they let us play full court women’s basketball competitively. We refused in PE class to play half court and things evolved from there into starting the girl’s basketball program and league. We went on to be league champions all 4 years of high school, go to the state tournament 3 of the 4 yrs. and win the championship our senior year as well as the state track meet. When you follow your heart, do what is legal & benefit the good of all, rebellion can be a superpower! It can create change and the world thrives on change and creativity. Follow your heart!! The time is now.

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