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Teeter-Tottering, Finding Balance

It feels like the world could use some balance these days more than ever. There is a lot of social, political & life issues right now that have people polarized. Along with the good things, our emotions are high, we are confused, overwhelmed & tired of the uncontrollable in life dictating our realities. What can each of us do to help bring things into balance and create more self-empowerment for the good of all?

First off, can we agree that we are all made of energy? Self-care is where I always find I need to start. Take time to eat well, rest, stretch, relax & build strength. Find an exercise routine you enjoy, not what you think you should do. If you find things you like to do, you are more likely to be more consistent at it. I am not good at belonging to clubs or going to scheduled classes. What works for me is to exercise at home, while others like to belong to clubs or gyms. Whatever makes you successful is the key! My routine starts with meditation, an energy medicine daily routine, yoga and muscle building first thing in the morning.

Meditation: Clearing your mind is the pathway to communicating with the Diving/Spirit/God & building your intuition muscle so to speak. Building your meditative skills leads to more spiritual guidance in your life as you allow more empty space in your head for spirit to come in. It is also good to learn to focus on the task at hand with a quiet mind to hear spirit & be inspired by your truth & innate knowing. I love hobbies that require complete concentration to get me out of my stress. We are constantly being stimulated with outside noise or busy doing things. Creating time to clear the mind is a good way to sustain balance. Distraction and overstimulation starts at a very young age. Kids are constantly bombarded with toys, noise, videos, things that direct them away from their innate wisdom to keep them occupied. They grow up forgetting to slow down and take time out, except when punished which is not a positive association. It might be good to incorporate slowing down time together as a preventative instead of wait for off-balance behaviors to do so. Meditation is also a great time to make sure your chakras are all balanced and open. Simply visualize the energy of your chakras turning in a clock-wise manner in the color associated with each Chakra. If you are in the LA area, I do energy balancing along with an intuitive body reading.

Morning Energy Medicine Routine: I start off with my morning doing Energy Medicine, more specifically, the daily energy routine that balances my bodies energy. I learned from the renowned energy medicine guru, Donna Eden. You can find it free on YouTube. This routine gives me energy, gets my energy running in my body in a healing manner & over time has many health benefits. Check out her web page for many free videos to heal your body as well: Donna Eden healed herself of MS!

Yoga: Working at home, I let my body guide me to do the many yoga poses that I am spontaneously moved to stretch and muscle build. If you listen to your body, you know what it needs. There are many great yoga studios out there. Or you can search online for a free yoga class or sign up for online classes to do from home. It is good to learn the proper way to do the poses & breathing by an instructor before doing yoga independently to get the optimal intended benefit.

Building strength: I use resistance bands & weights for muscle building to work on the weak areas of my body & maintain overall strength. Building strength helps my mind set, posture, motivation & overall builds confidence. I have less inflammation, body pain and injuries when my muscles are strong. I also use chiropractics & accupuncture to support my overall body energy & health to keep me healthy as I build and maintain strength.

Eating: Eat as much organic & fresh food as possible. Maybe even consider growing some of your own food. It is really rewarding to make a salad with dinner from your garden or an entire meal. With the constant reports of metals, pesticides, etc being found in foods, take control of what you put in your body by avoiding as much processed, prepared foods as possible. I have learned a lot of alternative, healthy resources from my niece who makes great, easy recipes at Her recipes are healthy & free!

If you can bring your body into balance each day it has a positive affect on the those around you and also builds the feeling of balance in the world. It is a simple way to contribute for the good of all & self-benefit. I am not a morning person, but I can start my routine in bed and it motivates me to get going in the mornings & kicks off my day in a better mental, emotional & physical state. Find what works for you & you feel motivated about!

Be grateful! We have a tendency to put a lot of energy into what we want & with focus on what we don’t have or don’t like about our lives. We are constantly seeking change. To focus on what is missing can put a lot of energy toward lack in your life. While is it always good to self-improve, acknowledge what you do have and recognize what you are grateful for in your life now. Gratitude lifts others & empowers spirit to inspire you toward abundance. Remember we are all an extension of one another. To empower others is to empower yourself. As you self-improve, always remember to include the gratitude.

How do you use your resources? Examples would be food, water, money, friends & family, material possessions, religion or faith. Do you empower yourself with your resources? Do you use them to make your life & health better by your choices? With money, lets look at who you give your money to when spending/donating – is it to businesses that empower your life, support your beliefs? Or to people who are making your life or possibly others lives worse? I’ll share another, different money example: I had a friend who was distraught because their son was covered in tattoos ( I am not against tattoos). Every tattoo that kid had was paid for by them as they were supporting him. They kept giving him more and more money & he kept buying tattos which was so upsetting to them. Instead of empowering him to become self-sufficient, they contributed to his dependence on them & his wasteful uses of their hard earned money according to them. Another thing to be mindful of is buying personal possessions. Do you buy what you take the time decide if you really need it, or is it something that is trending & you don’t really want nor end up utilizing? Sure we all make bad buys, but mindful taking/use of resouces is important. Think about the natural resources involved in making products & if it becomes your trash after a week how that affects the planet. I think you get what I am saying here. The desert is now becoming a dumping ground for trash because there is nowhere else to put it. Very little of what you put in your recycle bin is actually being recycled.

We live in a time where you need to do your homework on what is important. You can not automatically trust what you hear. Check sources that reflect where they get their information from, the resources used to gather their advice. There is no better time to learn to get in touch with your inner truth and decipher what is true and what is not!

Lets see what the cards say about what we need to know about finding balance in our life: I drew: “Smoke & Mirrors” from the “Oracle of the 7 Energies” deck by Collette Baron-Reid. The essential meaning is: seeing through the lense of past conditioning, the inability to recognize the truth of what is being offered, healing from misguided perceptions, moving beyond the illusion of seperation, being accountable for your biases and the way you view the world. Some of the points the guide book points out are: Ask yourself if what you see is really just what you are looking for? Can you drop into your heart and soul and call for a vision, a feeling, an awareness of true and authentic? Every day remind yourself you are intrinsically connected to all life. The universe need you to learn about it. Today trust the inner voice reminds you that you truly will find what you seek & more, even if the outer conditions appear to challenge that. I say, have courage to believe what you feel in your heart is possible. Break down the walls of conditioning, this is a very fertile time to create a new future. Be a part of the solution – believe in your inspirations when thinking of what excites you moving forward in life with love and goodness in your heart. Don’t just follow what the powers that be say is your future, create it yourself. Within your inspiration lies your passions and ability to provide abundance and to empower the people you share this earth with to do the same. Only you can make your impossible seem possible! Your energy is as abundant in our lives as the air we breathe. They both are our life lines!

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