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Full Moon in Aquarius

At 6:35pm Pacific the Full Moon will hit in Aquarius. Remember the Full Moon deals with the unconscious and letting go. Aquarius created the concept of community & is about how we can all serve the community. Opposing the Moon is the Sun, our conscious mind that is still in Leo. Leo is about serving the self, identifying our personal talents, leadership skills & gifts. The shadow to Leo is the ego, attachment to attention, self-inflated sense. So in the Full Moon we have energy that pulls between the Sun & Moon challenging us to identify how we bring our talents and leadership forward to serve the community & what issues needs to be released to do so.

Other influences are Saturn (the teacher) in an amplified position demanding we learn the lessons before us & Saturn can cause breakdowns, stopping us in our tracks to make sure we are learning the lessons. Because Aquarius who is ruled by Uranus ( the great awakener) there are the same influences of the New Moon because Uranus (the Great Awakener) is still hanging out with the North Node ( the future) & Mars (action) where the influence are hurdling us forward to wake up & fast. Lastly we have Chiron ( the great healer) hitting our South Node ( the past, old wounds we are trying to get away from) which gives us the influences to heal our past & our deep wounds. With Saturn present, there is the amplified demand to heal & let go, which will likely happen whether you accept the challenge or not.

So to summarize the influences of this Full Moon, we are being pushed into figuring out who we are so we can more effectively to serve the needs of the community which is being hurled forward blindly by all the demands of the fast changing future while having old wounds & our past brought up and demanding we heal and release these wounds to improve our leadership skills. The more in touch you are with how you are feeling, the ability to decipher truth & understand what in our past is needing to be released will help you process the inner changes needed to heal & create. This is a demanding time. It is to our benefit to ditch the old days of coasting through life without paying attention to how our future is being molded. A time to discover how we each can influence the future by living our truth or accept living your life by the will of others.

Lets see what the cards say about what we need to know about this Full Moon for our highest good. The card I drew is from the Enchanted Map by Collette Baron-Reid, “Ghostlands”. The essential meaning of Ghostlands is: You learn from the past and imagine the beautiful future, but you must live in the here & now. This card talks about staying in the now. To think beyond today has no substance. And to reflect on the past & try to change the past has no power in today. It is okay to revisit and remember what was & dream about the future, but you can’t live in either. My intuition says that when you are unsure of yourself it is a time of learning. When we feel blind, it is the time to turn to your faith and let spirit guide you. You have to read the signs and opportunities that are presented to you while you focus on faith & hope for your future. We can’t know what the future is, but we make choices that can guide us toward our future like stepping stones. Today is about the choices you make, the hope & faith you send for your future and the ability to choose at the fork in the road toward your truth & the good of all.

This post is inspired by Dr. Michael Lennox & Collette Baron-Reid and the many other spiritual teachers in my life. If you would like personal, tailored guidance check out the services on my web page at

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