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Finding Your Way…..

When we are finding our way blindly through life, it can be awakening, invigorating, confusing, fearful, chaotic – a myriad of emotions. Earlier this week I had 2 dreams about which way to go when unfamiliar with the outcome of my choice. One dream I was in a hallway with all these choices of which door to go through. There was the door that I always took that never gave a solution or a new door with undefined solutions. I chose the new door. Somehow the story below seems connected.

Last week, my husband and I were leaving an amazing concert, Billy’s Joel and Stevie Nicks at SoFi Stadium. We had not been to SoFi before & as we exited the stadium, it was misting heavily. In So. CA, we are not used to rain of any sort! The concert was late getting out, it was after 11:30pm and we exited from a different gate than we entered, so we were a bit disoriented once outside. Not thinking on arrival, I hadn’t paid attention to where we parked, my bad. Thankfully my husband had taken note of it. He knew where he was going, but as I followed, I kept thinking our vehicle was not as far in the direction we were headed, but I was still disoriented exactly where we were. While following him, I was not fully trusting, in the rain no less, adding doubt & resisting energy to the situation. Not exactly a supportive motive to operate for a successful outcome. Finally, we came upon the Orange Lot, our section and saw the Red section sign we remembered turning at to park. Because it was familiar we moved to where the vehicle should be, but it was not there. Did I mention, it was raining? We wandered a bit more to try to decide which way to go and then returned to this familiar spot, but the car was definitely not there even though it seemed it should be. Being the nice guy, my husband defaulted to my thinking we should go the opposite direction he wanted to go. Then instantly, when we headed in my direction, I knew something wasn’t right. The Pisces indecisiveness that doesn’t go over well came up instantly. Rather than change my mind instantly, I let the process flow, told him I trusted his decision. We then turned around, I followed in trust & faith we were heading in the right direction & it did feel right. We next found the last piece to the puzzle, the gate number we had entered, which we were both definite about. And there was the vehicle! Our raincoats drenched, we happily got in our vehicle only to notice several passersby looking lost as well. We didn’t feel alone.

Upon exit, we pulled our vehicle into line to exit left and quickly came to a stop. After about 5-10 min. of complete gridlock, it became apparent, this exit wasn’t going to move any time soon. I looked to the right and just 3 rows over the traffic was exiting & moving, but we were trapped and it was still raining! After a short discussion, we agreed that was the way to go. But my husband didn’t understand what I was trying to tell him about how he could get out of our line by maneuvering & visibility was not great. Rather than getting frustrated, I decided to get out with a bit of apprehension to ask the cars behind us to back up so we could get out, luckily there were only 2! Maybe being lost did pay off, as the parking lot was part empty & would make all this much easier. The minute I opened my door there was this man standing there and he said to me “That is the way to go,” pointing to my planned exit, “but I am locked in” he said. I sympathized with him and wished him luck and moved on as this was the validation I needed to shake my apprehension. I approached the first car and she was buried in her phone but I got her attention. She rolled down her window and listened to my idea & expressed gratitude. Next car the same and shortly we were all on the move. Yay!

In retrospect, the first place in the parking lot my husband & I thought we should find the car, wasn’t. We revisited that spot a couple of times before we could accept that wasn’t the spot & we hadn’t missed the vehicle. On our life journeys into the new, each time we revisit what seems familiar, but not complete, it allows us to re-evaluate the truth, the path forward. Usually it is just part of the puzzle we are solving. Have you ever considered that the familiar could be a memory from a past life or possibly a dream you didn’t remember? I am told familiarly in unknown circumstances can sometimes can be just that. How we emotionally respond can be triggered by deep, unconscious awareness. Some times we bang our heads against a wall several times before we can find the solution. We often will revisit the familiar hoping it will fulfill our quest or see something we overlooked. In our case, luckily we both stayed objective, showed teamwork & proceeded forward, somewhat blindly to then see the gate number, our solution. Once we continued the direction my husband wanted to go and I trusted fully, we found our answer and our vehicle. Motivation and perspective are invaluable energy to be mindful of when finding your way.

This is the same type of journey we all go on when we are entering something new. We grasp the familiar and use that as our foundation. As we enter into the unknown we try to perceive & think what is true and what is not. The familiar is our history, what we know up to that point, but it is not complete, only part of the puzzle. Our detours are our doubt, ego, emotions, past trauma, denial, physical comfort or discomfort, etc. Trust, faith & humility are big players in finding our way to accomplish our goals. The more you experience the unfamiliar, the more comfortable it becomes and you can prosper in life. Unless you are happy where you are, but only you can decide that.

Let’s see what the cards say. How can we navigate the unknown without fear and remain focused on our outcome? I drew a card from the Shaman’s Dream deck by Collette Baron-Reid & Alberto Villoldo. The card I drew is: “The Wall” From the guide book: There are many moments in your life you are so geared up, so sure that you are on track, with such drive and momentum, that you are shocked and confused when you encounter a wall. This unpredictability occurs outside your ability to plan, regardless if you’ve done everything right. It’s imperative you change your attitude. Your life may be meant to serve another purpose at this moment, and your attention meant to be directed elsewhere. Perhaps it’s because all you desire and have set in motion needs time to coalesce into form on the other side. Could it be that all the elements are not yet in place for its manifestation to be for the highest good for all? Patience is required & the wisdom that this might be a great time to take a break and contemplate gratitude. What is truly yours will never be walled off from you.

I think this card agrees with my example above in certain respects. Whatever wall you may be hitting in your life right now, remember it takes time, patience and re-evaluation to proceed. But one thing that is constant is the truth in your heart and the motivation of your actions. Always go within to check these things and see how you can course correct. Consider the journey an act of navigation, not just success and failure.

Peace & Love, Susan

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