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Loving the Unloveable…..

I have recently been troubled by a social media post on this breed specific dog forum I follow for the sake of an organization I volunteer with that rescues dogs. The person was discouraging a lady under hardship from giving up her dogs to our rescue by saying we are made up of crooks and making false accusations about our fund raising and how we handle the dogs in rescue. I have belonged to this rescue for nearly 20 yrs. and know first hand what she posted was not true. These non-truths were so upsetting to me, but I didn’t comment anything in response. It just didn’t seem like the right course of action to get an effective result. Instead, I rheumenated on it off and on for a couple days of all the ways I could respond as I was upset and emotional. I wondered within myself, how could I not dislike this person and not want to retaliate back? How could I respond without exploiting the truth I knew about her and why she was trying to spread ill-truths about our rescue? But I didn’t feel that was the right motivation to act, so I didn’t.

I had recently been pondering on how to make peace with people that I didn’t agree with or support their actions. This incident ignited my need for answers. A few days later I read in this book “A Return to Love” by Marianne Williamson a message something like this: when faced with a person or event that triggers us in a negative way, turn it over to whom you put your faith in, for me it is God. Ask for enlightenment to understand why this person acts this way in order to gain compassion for them instead of hate or judgement toward them. I wanted that, but I couldn’t see a way on my own. So I prayed, meditated and continued to turn my thoughts toward knowing information would come to help me understand & find resolve.

Some days later, when listening to the Full Moon reading by Collette-Baron-Reid and Dr. Michael Lennox I received my message. Collette said something along the lines of “When we are wounded from our past or traumatized, we act in destructive ways out of self-protection that is damaging to our relationships with spirit, family, friends, society, co-workers, etc. We need to acknowledge we don’t have to do life alone and we have support with our co-creator to heal us.” This gave me an avenue to find compassion & understanding for this woman. And the best thing I could do is to pray for her and hope that she finds healing and be able to speak truth. Accept I can’t control what others think or say. I just have to stay focused on what I know is true and to keep spreading the goodness of my work through rescue, by my actions with intent to deliver truth to the world. I believe that is the most empowering thing I can do. Truth always wins & true colors always shine! If I retaliate, it just feeds into the negativity, creates more doubt amongst those reading the feeds and probably instigates more damage to rescue & myself than the original comment. I have to believe that truth will prevail by living a life of love, truth and service. The most I can do is what is within my capacity. To give energy and empowerment to what is in my heart.

This is an example of how my partnership with spirit works in my life. When I ask for help with something, my answers come with positive empower to move forward. In turn it results in a positive empowerment to my world. For that wisdom I am grateful!

Lets see what the cards say & ask the question: How do I release my hurt and judgement to those I find conflict with? I drew a card from the online deck “The Dream Weaver’s Oracle” by Collette Baron-Reid. The Card: “In the Middle of the Bridge.” The essential meaning of this card is: learning from the different viewpoints and life experiences, compassionte listening, meeting in the middle. This card asks you to open yourself to see things from a different perspective. Not to just follow what you have done all your life or what has been taught to you by society. Our past experiences condition us to avoid negative incidents, become rigid in our perspectives because of it. We respond by means to protect our pain and prevent more pain. We have to remember that we have a partnership with the spiritual realm, our creator and it is always there for us to find new ideas & resolve if we seek it. Rather than follow only what you know, open yourself to learn a new idea to a situation. Trust that truth is seen by the example of your actions. When we see life through a tunnel, we miss what is on the outside of that view, a broader enlightenment you never knew existed. I encourage you to step outside your box and explore before you make a final decision. See what can blossom as a result of these gifted truths!

Peace and Love, Susan

References: “A Return to Love” by Marianne Williamson, Collette Baron-Reid. – sign up for my e-mail blog notifications.

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