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As you may know, when we dream, it is a time to process our subconscious, often times it is issues that are too much for our conscious mind to deal with. We are in essence, letting go of stress & bringing to light what we need to process. Last night I had this dream I was in a college class & I missed the assignment. When I came to class the next day, everyone had these cubicles with a display of their business model displaying their products and gave a beautiful presentation of what their business was. Meanwhile, I was scrambling to ask my classmates about when the assignment was given & stressing about when it would be my turn, as I had nothing. The dream reminded me of when I was a young girl in my 3rd grade class during math. I never liked math and used to day dream most of the time through my lessons, then would feel ill prepared when it was homework time as I would not know how to do it or would miss the assignment all together. I would then ask my classmates and get in trouble for talking when I was supposed to be working on my assignment. Of course I never wanted to ask the teacher what the assignment was because I was “afraid of getting in trouble”. But guess what, when I’d pester my classmates, I would end up getting in worse trouble with the teacher for talking in class AND not knowing my assignment. Somehow I stumbled through my school years, but not without constantly dreaming of my graduation day & the joy it would bring me to be out of school. The school curriculum was never supportive of my nature & it was something I had to do. But what is the meaning of this dream I had last night & how is it relative to my school memories? Lets ask the Oracle Cards for insight!

The Oracle Card I drew was “The Field of Dreams” in protection mode (upside down): the basic meaning of this card is to act with authenticity, not to let fear stop you from creating. Make sure what you are doing is motivated for the right reason, not for comfort, security or things outside your heart. Intuitively I hear I am not comfortable being in unfamiliar territory. & if I trust what it is I am excited about doing, being authentic about who I am, I will be guided to start a project successfully. Asking questions is okay, not knowing is okay, but to fear is to freeze and do nothing. While the whole time beating myself up from the pressure of what is expected of me. I have to trust to just start & know that when I am being authentic to myself, nature & spirit will help me change course when I need to. It is good to ask questions and use the support I have around me to help me succeed. I don’t have to be perfect to start as every experience builds upon the last and the momentum continues to grow as do my skills. Climbing over the hill of discomfort to accomplish what is in your heart, is learning to be settled while on the adventure of discovery & accomplishment. I have always been a late bloomer and a procrastinator. I have always felt different than the majority. Therefore I sometimes think that what lays in my heart is not a good idea. This assures me, who I am is what leads me to success. I don’t need approval & can not avoid judgement. But instead to celebrate the successes of being me, learn from the criticism without letting it define me or hide what I have to offer the world.

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