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Finding Truth

Navigating life from a place of self-truth is my goal in order to live as authentic of a life as possible. I know that happiness & success are attached to being who you truly are & I believe it fulfills your life’s purpose on this earth. I also personally believe that includes making sure your actions not only serve your truth, but are for the good of all. Meaning your goals & efforts should also benefit those in your life, not promote destruction toward them. Most spiritual teachers say that we are all one, an extension of one another, meaning that our beliefs & actions affect the whole on this planet. So if we can chip away at the misguided motivations that lack the care of the whole or toward ourselves, we can indeed do our part to improve the worlds challenges. It supports the belief that our outer world is a reflection of our inner world. I have always gauged where I was at on an issue by the people & circumstances in my life. When I was single, I knew I was close to meeting my one and only of whom I would marry when I was surrounded in majority with happy & healthy couples in my life. And indeed, that is when I met my husband! When acting on your truth, there are so many emotions and thoughts that are attached to self-truth from life experiences. A good starting point is to become conscious of your motivations & trusting spirit to guide you toward your truth. Whenever I feel confused, I turn to spirit and ask for guidance in my meditations or points of crisis. Often times using my Oracle Cards for reflection & inspiration, journaling or before I go to bed at night I ask to have a dream that will give me answers. Life always seems to answer back with guidance – aka “Inspired Blossoms”. Sometimes answers and resources don’t happen not right away, so it is important to keep the faith toward what you want. When they do arrive, don’t just assume they are meant to be, go inside yourself and ask if it seems this is a resource of truth before acting. We are each capable of establishing our own systems to help self-guide ourselves whether it be professional guidance or faith & spiritual guidance. When you start to think about accomplishing that first goal of self-truth, ask yourself “the whys” – why do you want it? What emotions, actions & thoughts are attached to it? That is your motivation. Are they self-serving, based on payback from incidental wounds of the past or simply a way to dodge getting hurt again? It could be a myriad of things. From there you start to sort through the issues and dig deeper. Maybe you need professional counseling, a book, a class or maybe an Oracle Card reading can help boost the process, you decide what feels right. When I was in high school/college, I was an All-State, All-League and even an All-American Honorable Mention Jr. College Basketball player. With that came a lot of positive & negative recognition. I admit I enjoyed all the positive attention it attracted, but I was also challenged with jealousy and verbal attacks from people who didn’t like me getting the attention, some thinking they deserved it instead of me. There was also the issue of some people getting a little too excited to know me. Granted it was a small audience, but it just never felt right to me for people to think I was someone more than they were. Later in my adult life, I did some stand up comedy at local coffee shops & a few comedy venues. I was single and living alone & one night right when I walked in the door of my apartment, my phone rang. It was a man who acted like we were best friends, but would not identify himself. This went on for several weeks. It became obvious there was one man who was always at my performances trying to get close to me, would be at the restaurant we would go to after our performances & then one day when I pulled into the work parking lot, there he was. I decided that I was not equipped to handle dealing with a stalker & quit comedy. Just like that, the stalker went away. Both these issues are on the surface of my conscious sometimes still today. But in working with conscious motivation of my actions, not acting from this place of fear, self-truth gives me power over these issues. As I believe, action equals results. I believe what you think and believe are a result of your life. What is reflected back to you comes from within. The uncontrollable issues which come from our unconscious mind are the ever evolving lessons we must take on through our entire life and are unavoidable at some level, but I have found the best navigation is to be honest with yourself and to act from the heart for the good of all to tackle the continual self-growth of our life’s purpose. Yes, there will always be challenges in life as reality is the good & the bad. It is how we handle both that give them life to either evolve for or against us. That is my take on this anyway! What is yours?

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