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Negative vs. Love

It has been a busy week & I wanted to put something out today until I can get my next blog finalized, so I decided to draw a card and share some intuitive insight. I am drawn to ask the Oracle Cards what it is we all need to hear today for our highest good? The card I drew is “The Grand Symphony.” The cards overall meaning is about being a part of the whole, seeing the interconnectedness, knowing that everything you do has a consequence, unity consciousness.

This really coincides with the blog I was composing about the anger and frustration I have been feeling this week. Last night was the peak and I just was angry at everything, I felt awful. It was at that point where there was nothing to do but to continue angry or try to transition the feelings. How I usually get myself out of a negative place is to start by sending love to everyone and everything in my environment to transition my mind and emotions to restore balance within. I think this card says it beautifully & reinforces the concept of ”we are all one.” It takes many instruments to form beautiful music. Although in a physical sense we are individual beings, but to be successful we need to play our part in the whole to thrive. Whatever energy we put out to the universe is what we create around us. It extends itself to empower & manifest our world. If you are feeling irritated, then the world responds to empower your irritation back to you to keep the momentum going. But if you begin to feel love, you feel a softness begin to overcome you and a more rational state begins to form and you start thinking of solutions. Doing things that make you feel better and have a positive affect. During the pandemic, I was learning a lot of stuff that I had been asleep at the wheel about in life. It was incredibly frustrating, scary and I felt powerless. I was bleeding this negativity all over my world. I created a scenario where a person got very angry back at me & I felt at that moment that if I didn’t change the course of this trajectory this incident wasn’t going to end well. I felt threatened & unsafe. What came over me when I asked for help from spirit in that moment was to just send love. So I started to tell that person I loved them, over and over again. Much to my surprise the anger dissipated, the incident calmed and we were able to find balance. Ever since, I have found when I am in an unbalanced state, the thing to do is to send love & it creates love within. We are all made of energy, so it is no surprise what we put into the world is what we get back. Being conscious of how you approach things, the energy behind what you say and do motivates your world, empowers and emboldens the energy. So my advice today is to send love to the things you dislike, disagree with or even the people who hold power over you that you don’t like. Energize them with love and see if it brings balance to your situation. It all starts with each of us and we can make our world better by being conscious of what we offer to the world through our thoughts and actions. Take time each day to send love to your challenges and see if you notice changes.

I will end with a visualization I do every night before I go to sleep. I see a red heart above the world. The red heart tips over and spills white light on the earth causing it to glow filled with this white light. I ask the white light to send love and truth to the people of the world to help them feel love and see truth. I ask for healing and justice to the wrong doings of the world. I visualize people circling the earth holding hands with hearts glowing in their chest. I ask to be guided to bring love and truth to the world for the good of all. With that, I hope you can come up with an idea that will extend goodness from your own truth and what you see can make this world a better place.

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