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New Moon & Setting Intentions

I like to follow a few Astrologers to understand the energy influences happening on a daily basis that affect my life. It helps me understand what I am feeling & what is going on in the world. The various phases of the Moon are particularly influential on us all & I am excited to be sharing with you the New Moon & Full Moon phases each month. I hope it will help you move through life more empowered.

 This Monday, May 30 at 4:30am PDT is the darkest phase of the New Moon in Gemini. The Moon began its cross over into Gemini this Sunday morning putting it in the same sign as the Sun. When the Moon is at its darkest point, it’s a great time to set intentions of what you hope to accomplish in accordance to the New Moon influences. With each phase, we experience different energies from the Universe that affect how we feel, think & act. Becoming aware, allows us to benefit more fully to improve our lives. Rather than being influenced and not know why things are happening around you. Together we can work to navigate toward a better you. It is also good to consider a personal reading if you want to dig a little deeper in a more personal sense. Or use your own Oracle Cards or supportive tools to explore what can help you navigate this information.

Without going in to all the zodiac & planetary signs involved in this New Moon, in a nutshell, the Moon (your unconscious, emotions) & Sun (your conscious, ego/personality) in Gemini (thoughts, ideas & expressions) provides influences of it being a great time to connect with others, create community & express & gather ideas. At the time of each New Moon, it is when we set intentions to create personal goals for growth and accomplishment. This new moon supports energies to start taking action on all those ideas we have been dreaming about or to act on the learned lessons we have been working so hard to overcome. It is a time to share your dreams with the world, blog, journal & try new things. However, if you are the type of person who overthinks, are indecisive, get scattered or fall into chaos, it is most important to set your intentions or goals to include clarity, decisiveness & ask to be guided for support in these areas. According to Astrologer Dr. Michael Lennox, this energy to communicate & create through action will support us through the end of the year. It will not happen quickly, so you need to understand patience. He says to also remember, communication is 50 % talking and 50% listening, which do you need to improve?

In setting intentions, we are writing down (I use my journal so I can reflect back), what it is we want & stating it as if we are it now, our end result. We are putting requests to the universe to be guided by spirit toward accomplishing & growing. A couple examples of my intentions for the New Moon/Gemini influence would be: “I am writing blog entries that bring truth to many people and enable them to live their truth in their daily lives.” “I am guided to stay focused and to listen intently to communicate effectively.”  After we have set our intentions, our life gets set into motion toward these dreams and wishes. The Universe begins to provide you with tools & lessons to guide you toward what you want or to become. It is not about getting that shiny new car, but it is about empowering yourself to accomplish success, to grow into a person who lives truth & affects those around you in a positive way. When you grow toward goodness with truth in your heart, you accomplish abundance in your life. When you set a goal to become someone you presently are not, the universe will provide you with lessons in order to become who you want to be. So, the enormity of your intention is important. How deep you want to go into your unconscious will be a result of you intention setting. When the universe is set in motion and starts to send you your inspirations, it is important to pay attention to the internal motivation before you act. And to know in your heart what your truth is in getting to where you want to go. Because not every idea or situation that presents itself is going to be the pure one connected to your truth. Remember where you start is not usually where you finish. Meaning maybe you have fear blocking your ability to take action on your dreams. As you move forward with fear motivating you, it generally manifests the very things you fear so you have to face what it is you don’t want to overcome and gain confidence. It is up to you if you want to jump in and create a wave or take it at more comfortable steps. Either way you get to where you go, but one way can be less traumatic than the other depending on how blindly you jump in. See the opportunity for what it is, how it makes you feel before acting. Decide if you feel supported to venture. Walking through a fire without a fire suit usually doesn’t end well. But walking through a fire with a fire extinguisher to help guide you usually has a better result. In other words, take the time to recognize the issues attached to what you want and work to resolve them in order to attain that goal more successfully. If you feel lost and confused, it is time to set more intentions asking for help to understand. Pull on the resources that can help guide you to clarity. Know that spirit is always there to guide you if you just ask. 

Let’s draw a card to ask what it is everyone needs to know to improve their communication in this Gemini New Moon: (Using “Oracle of the 7 Energies” by Collette Baron-Reid) I drew “Ears Wide Open.” The meaning of this card is to attain deep listening and letting go of the need to be heard. Let go of distractions – checking your phone, thinking of what you are going to say next when someone is talking, etc. Commit to deep listening, focus on the subtle cues, hear the full story. Let go of the ego’s need to control a situation and become the passive participant who absorbs the moment at hand. There is so much to be learned by listening intently when it is your turn to hear others. In order to grow and learn, you need to ingest what is going on in the moment, not bypassing the information searching for how you can up your game to be heard. Take advantage of the opportunities at hand to grow and learn what is going on beyond the surface, but to hear inspirations and subtleties you can only find when you are focused and silent – with your “Ears Wide Open!” Good luck!

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