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Triggers & Trust

With everything that is going on in the world, we have a tendency to long for the past & fear the future. It puts us in a frump, feeling helpless, full of anxiety, feeling like there is no solution or angry and hateful. It is times like these that we need to turn to our tools that give us hope or get us back into a hopeful mindset and guide us toward focusing on the here and now. Things that give perspective of our capabilities, the authentic self. Because the most powerful movement in life is to look at the now and what we each can do to find truth in it. Tools may be Oracle Cards, your scripture, meditation, prayer, a good book you are reading, music, a trusted friend, your favorite movie or therapist. Supportive tools, motivate change in mindset. Things that bring inspiration and/or guidance to a more positive state. It is important to build trust in spirit and to get quiet so spiritual guidance can be heard. Using these tools can help find a good balanced energy and tap into more positive resources to help maintain it. Find something to be grateful for because this helps move toward hope & inspiration. Even in the deepest, darkest moments in life, gratitude can shift perspective. Latch on to something that will move toward positive, inspiring/healing motivation.

To begin to move out of these cycles, I find it important to self-reflect. Recognize what triggers negative responses or feelings in each of us. Whether it is past trauma of varying degrees or impairment. When I used to work in Social Services, we worked with individuals that were dual diagnosed. Many of them were unable to talk due to their disabilities. Some of the individuals would get so frustrated they would bang their head on the cement floor. In working with a psychologist, we set up communication systems for them to communicate their needs & it reduced the crisis behaviors for some individuals from daily to yearly or longer. Knowing what sets the crisis in motion and being able to recognize it, allows for a solution. Thus the need to identify triggers to begin a way to change course in an empowered way preventing slipping into an extreme. It is at what point the trigger is identified we are able to navigate from going too deeply into the wound. Recognizing the trigger empowers the ability to change the circumstance and change course. Triggers can also be positive. Things that make us happy and motivate us toward healthy choices. I consider those a gift from spirit to help shift or maintain a healthier perspective. I can remember as a child being unhappy about something my mom wouldn’t let me do and she would try to cheer me up. It would make me mad & I would resist. But she was persistent and would eventually make me laugh. She could shift my attention and I would move beyond the negative into a positive perspective. The shifting of focus and when we recognize the trigger go hand in hand. Victims of unhealed trauma can be triggered my old memories of the past that are no longer relevant to the present. I have read trauma of the past can prevent you from living in the present. It causes misperception of reality and can send you into fight or flight based on altered, outdated memories & their consequences. Old memories that don’t exist in the present can suddenly be seen as your reality and cause false reactions unnecessarily. It is so important to be honest with yourself and reach out for the help you need to heal your traumas so you can build a better life forward and not continue in the illusion of your damaged past.  Repeating patterns are connected to what you believe to be true. Begin building trust in your resources so you can heal. A good start is to ask for help & guidance.

Let’s close this blog with an Oracle Card: I drew “Regeneration” in protection – meaning the card is upside down. Regeneration is essentially about rebirth, second chances & opportunities. In protection it is telling us that it is time to let go of what is not working or dragging you down. To face what you know is true, don’t be motivated to act by things you feel are out of your control or keep you safe in a hiding place. Get grounded, build a foundation of hope, truth & confidence before acting. To change, create & believe what you want is possible & believe it. Remember motivation moves us to take action and move forward in life by problem solving and creativity. Conscious motivation is of the utmost importance. Get clear on your authenticity & truth! It is time to let go & move forward when you have formulated a belief in yourself and a more positive way to motivate through the world, day by day, minute by minute. Reach out to learn something new, create experiences beyond your comfort zone, maintain a clear state of mind. Education expands your awareness and gives spirit a chance to teach. Trust in your relationship with spirit to deliver and guide you toward your intentions. There is always hope if you focus on it. Believe in your authentic self because it is the gift you were meant to bring to the world.

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