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Time to let go!

As we lead up to the Full Moon on Tuesday, there is alot going on with expansion of the mind and heart. A time to reflect on what you need to let go of or finish up what you started. With Uranus in the mix, anything is possible, so expect the unexpected. There were similar planet gatherings the first week of March of 2020 – and we all remember that! So there is potential for big change, so take this opportunity recognize the things you are holding on to that no longer serve you, try to take the higher road rather than get sucked into destructive actions, non-action or repeating what no longer is authentic to you.

Lets ask the cards what it is we all need to hear to navigate toward Tuesday’s Full Moon. The card I drew was “No Place Like Home” from the Wisdom of the Oracle Deck. The essential meaning of this card is about authenticity, coming home to yourself, being in a place that fits, being comfortable in your own skin. My intuitive self says this is what we have been talking about in the past blogs. It is about being who you really are in your heart and surrounding yourself with a life reflective of your true self in a way that benefits others. When the mind is connected to the heart, you operate in harmony with the opportunities that surround you. You have the wisdom to sort through what is right for your life moving forward, enabling you to let go of what no longer fits. Right now is a time connect more authentically with your heart and mind. That can bring endings and letting go of what you have held close to you, but have known it no longer fits your life moving forward. Or maybe you have already let go and are in the middle of hurt right now & it is time to look in the mirror and be honest about what drove you to make the change, that desire that wasn’t satisfied in the past and let it unfold to express itself with confidence and trust that good things are ahead. Remember abundance flouishes with you water the garden of truth!

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