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It’s the Full Moon!

After experiencing an unusual occurrence, most of us have said “We’ll it is a full moon!” & equated it to the reason for our experience. Blame it on the moon so to speak! The full moon, our unconscious is about letting go of what no longer works, changing course, thinking differently, digging into our issues. So yes, the unexpected can happen! I like to look at the full moon as being connected to the coat tails of the intentions we set previously during the new moon. When setting intentions, we call upon the universe to set our goals into action and things start to happen in our life. We are given inspirations to help us accomplish our intentions or goals. With the full moon, it magnifies what is standing in the way of accomplishing those goals or intentions. Urging us to look at the shadow work necessary to reach our goals.

When we add the astrological and planetary influences of each lunar cycle, we can benefit greatly with the knowledge of what their influences represent, what energies they set in motion and how we are affected. At the full moon, the universe exemplifies our life experiences to keep moving toward accomplishing those intentions. When you combine your intention setting at the new moon with the releasing at full moon, it is a great way to stay focused on your life’s growth.

This Full Moon finds the Sun, our conscious awareness, in Gemini & the Full Moon, our unconscious, in Sagittarius. “These are complimentary astrological signs, even though they are polar opposites, both love philosophy, adventure & travel” as stated by Astrologer, Dr. Michael Lennox. Sagittarius is about the higher spiritual truths, celebration, abundance where Gemini is more about ideas, thoughts & communication (listening/talking). This Full Moon magnifies the energy toward releasing old thoughts in favor of spiritual truths & experiences, giving us the opportunity to raise our perception of the world. In remembering we are all connected and our outer world is a reflection of our inner world should help to understand this concept. Coming off the New Moon, you should have learned better communication starting with becoming a better listener which often times provides a broader perspective of how you see things. If you are quiet enough, you learn to hear from spirit to enhance that perspective.

The last thing I’ll say before we draw a card is, presently there are 3 personal planets in their ruling signs which aligns the mind, body & heart in a very powerful, clear and grounded way. There is great potential for well supported healing by going within or acknowledging what no longer works your life. Time to let go! This is a great time to create what you want more of, to release what is keeping you from your abundance in all areas of your life! Change your mind and look to see what great gifts you find!

Lets ask the universe what we all need to release to attain a full & true abundant life? The card I drew was “Education” in protection mode. The essential meaning for this card is “Life is filled with lessons, be teachable.” With it being in protection, there is a need to learn to feel comfortable with not knowing. Making sure you are educated before acting. Avoid stubbornness or acting out of humility when feeling vulnerable. Accept there is more to be learned, have patience. The people in our lives are gifts and the knowledge they have is something to be grateful for. It is wonderful to be admired for knowledge, but it is of equivalent stature to show grace toward others when they know more than you do. Be open to hear what others say and wait to act until you have sufficient information. The saying “fake it until you make it” doesn’t encourage you to act like you are an authority when indeed you are not. But rather to go with the flow while believing you are who you want to become. Trust spirit will guide you to whatever knowledge you need to succeed. Curiosity is a great tool to maneuver yourself from acting foolishly when you need more information, but feel compelled to act. It is okay to admit you don’t know & to recognize it is even better. Remember to pay attention to your motives that steer you away from good judgement. Find grace in your shortcomings and seek empowerment to find abundance! Let go of attachments that steer you away from believing unexpected changes are the path to abundance. Spirit is waiting with infinite knowledge just for you and it can come in many forms. Be open to receive!

Thank you spirit for guiding me!

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