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The Full Moon in Capricorn!

Wow, when you think astrology couldn’t get anymore crazy it does. We are currently in Cancer (self-care, rest, safety) and the Full Moon in the opposing sign of Capricorn (ambitious desires & goals, climbing that steep mountain to a higher vantage point of view to understand the world), a goal-oriented, deeply spiritual sign. Although we need to rest and take care of ourselves, we still need to climb that mountain to see what all is going on around us from a higher vantage point to accomplish our desires and be aware. Then we have Uranus present (the great awakener & anything can and will happen) along with the North & South Nodes crossing the Full Moon forming what they call a Mystical Rectangle. Which is about releasing the past and moving forward into the future while releasing our unconscious wounds. This stimulates the desire to move forward, but it needs to be done in a self-care oriented manner to unfold our ambitions successfully. This is a rare occurrence to have a planet that wakes us up aligned with the collective. The best thing you do is to rest, stay focused on self-care and to watch from a grounded spiritual place as change catapults us forward remaining open and vulnerable without fear and resistance because it could feel like we are being shot forward like a rocket. It is like knowing you are going through a storm and getting caught up in the wind and rain. But knowing when the storm is over, our unconscious has benefited from the nourishment from the moisture and the wind blowing the seeds in the hope of new life. There is so much spiritual support right now, we don’t have to know what it is we are supposed to release in order to move closer to what it is we are on this earth to accomplish. The more comfortable you are with emotional vulnerability, allowing yourself to use emotions to your benefit, rather than be crushed by them, the more successful you will be during this awakening. It will greatly benefit the greater good if you can rest and relax during this ambitious time and stay focused on a positive outcome. Lets see what the cards say.

My question is “What do we need to release to be able to remain vulnerable during this time of magnified change?” The card I drew from the ”Enchanted Map.” Oracle deck by Collette Baron-Reid is ”Protecting Treasure!” The essential meaning is: ”You are always protected & divinely directed.” Today I am going to site the books meaning – it goes on to say: Although this is a time of great risk, know that at a fundamental level you are able to move forward safely & securely. Guardian angels and other guides are whispering to you, making you aware of their protective presence. Nurture what you hold dear, strengthen bonds of friendship and ensure their integrity. If you feel tested at this time, know that a true and loyal heart always achieves its aim. You are not alone and have no need to fear. Embrace your courage. I’ll add to let go of your fear driven motives and forgive the fear that has driven you in the past to avoid the growth of pain. Avoid blocking change with resistance and control that end in misaligning your heart and the intelligence of truth. Given I am not feeling well and my intuitive skills are a bit weak, I will close with the above wise words, mostly from the Enchanted Map and it’s written meaning. Take care everyone!

The astrological information above was inspired by Dr. Michael Lennox, Astrologer.

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