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Today’s Truth Connection

I am still recovering from my bug, so thought I’d just draw a card to see what it is everyone needs to know to stay connected to their truth right now.

The card I drew is from the “Enchanted Map” by Collette Baron-Reid was: “Moonlight.” The essential meaning of this card is: Your intuition allows you to see beyond the mundane, logical, and analytical. Follow it! What a great card just after the full moon that is super spiritually charged. This card is a reminder that truth is within what we perceive through our hearts. Contrary to what our logical mind or emotions may try to guide us toward, truth is in our hearts and we can feel it when we encounter something that provokes fear, confusion or is flat out not honest. Your intuitive messages come in many forms. May be a song on the radio, the symbiology of an animal showing up in your life, body tingling, words that stand out on something you come across or hunch you naturally decide to follow. In your heart, when you receive an intuitive message it seems more powerful & with significant meaning. Resist second guessing yourself, putting yourself down for your wisdom or innovative idea and trust that you know what is true to strengthen that intuitive muscle!

I hope you enjoy this sunset photo. It was from July 4th on my recent trip to St. Croix for scuba diving. It spoke to me!

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