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Where is your Truth Tribe?

You are only lost when you look outside yourself for the truth. When you bounce from external approval source to external approval source, you are handing your truth over to be decided by others. Which in turn disconnects yourself from who you are. You don’t need others approval to be who you really are, because in your heart is an authentic soul that came to this earth to contribute to the whole. To keep the light of truth burning brightly. There is no greater time in life than to disconnect the need to be perfect in the eyes of those who judge you. For that is just a mechanism of their weakness to maintain control over your authentic self. You are keeping them comfortable & allowing them to profit. When you come from love, with the best intentions and follow your hearts truth, you have arrived, prosperity is your to be had. Take time out of your day to identify the ways you live to be approved by others & begin to think how you can transition into replacing the need to please with being yourself. The world needs your truth now, more than ever.

Not every one is meant to be a leader in the true sense of the word. But we are each leaders of ourselves. Individual leadership contributes powerfully to the whole & joins with others truth to empower authenticity. Truth comes in many colors, sizes & shapes, but unifies as one. If you look closely at the picture of the tribesmen in the above photo, they all look the same at a glance. But indeed, they all have subtle differences, yet join together to make a beautiful presentation of their purpose. Have you found your truth tribe yet? A place or group of people you can resonate your truth with, where you can find self-love, to be part of a greater good? Conformity is often not truth, but is giving away the truth of your soul to empower untruths. We are meant to be who we are, not someone others want us to be. Let your spirit spread it’s wings, find courage & follow your heart to truth! Find your truth tribe!

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