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Sign of the Times

Last month I watched an Astrology Summit hosted by Astrologer, Suzanne Gerber. One of the recent, standout interviews was with Astrologer, Barbara Hold Clow who spoke on Chiron’s Rulership & the Virgo/Pisces Polarity. I found her discoveries to be fascinating and thought I would share some of the highlights of her interview since it is so relevant to our world today.

In 2011, Barbara looked ahead and saw that in January of 2020 a Saturn & Jupiter conjunction along with several other significant planets would cluster in rule-oriented Capricorn. She predicted the world would experience a break down of human society, which in real time, kicked off the rise of the global pandemic. In 2011, she was heavily criticized within the Astrology community for this prediction & on some level abandoned her practice & went into writing books of fiction to express what she believed true through a different medium. She also talked about how in December of 2020, Saturn & Jupiter aligned in Aquarius marking the beginning of a new age, Aquarius. This is significant because we will continue to have 2 planets in Air Signs until 2059. This differs from the traditional/authoritative influence we are leaving as we move deeper into Aquarius where the influences point us toward focus on the collective well-being, logical thought & innovative growth. 2021 was loaded with 785 yr. old transits which continued to shake our world. More immediate to the ushering in of Aquarius, is that Chiron, the Great Awakener & Healer will complete it’s first orbit cycle around the sun in 2027 since being first sighted in 1977. Barbara predicts we will experience a huge awakening of some kind. She says “It will be an explosion of ensoulment & enlightenment.” She urges people to “awaken to your spiritual awareness and recognize what is going on. Understand the planetary/astrological signs influences are real.” So in other words, now is the time for the masses to go within and start to heal their wounds which can lead to a higher consciousness of mankind. The more people heal, the more empowered our society will be to help others and be of service as the influences move us toward a community-oriented Aquarian age. Most importantly, the more you heal building up to 2027, the better you will handle the completion of Chiron’s lunar cycle. The host of this summit, Astrologer Suzanne Gerber added, “Chiron isn’t just about self-healing, it is about giving back.” She went on to say, “When we do our own work, it uniquely positions & molds us to help others.”

I felt this interview told a similar story of what we have experienced in 2020-now, where we are headed and what the outcome could be. Let’s see what the cards say! My question is: “What is it we need to know about healing of our wounds & awakening to spiritual guidance in our daily lives?” I drew the card “Making a Choice.” The essential meaning of this card is – You are required to come to a decision now. You are faced with a dilemma or a fork in the road and must make a conscious decision regarding the next right action. Wow, how right on is that?! Even if you don’t know where to begin, a starting point is always asking to be guided with the intention of your outcome. Trusting the signs that feel right and acting with a pure motivation in your actions. If your wounds are bigger than you, it is important not to bury them, but to reach out for the level of support you need to heal. The more you bury, the more significant the outer world reflects mishaps in your life & failed relationships. Get quiet, let go of all the self-criticism, fear, frustration and ask spirit to give you information to guide you in the right direction. Trust in spirit and begin the steps to heal now. Get ready for the great awakening that lies ahead. Now is the time! One step at a time.

I hope you have enjoyed this information. Of course I always say to read and reflect. Take what feels right and investigate further to conclude what doesn’t. These are simply a few thought provoking perspectives in a big pool of humanity! Let spirit guide you to find your place in the scheme of things. Hopefully your place will include upgrading humanity & community!

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