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Is Death the End?

For quite some time I have had experiences of seeing shadows, movement out of the corner of my eye, smells nobody else smells & being touched, but nothing is there. Some times when I do a reading for people, I receive information from a deceased person or animal. While I do not consider myself a medium, I definitely have experiences. I have been listening to a series of podcast on Mediums and it has reminded me of some of my encounters and confirmed to me they are true.

When I was in my teens and early 20’s & I would take a midday nap, I encountered spirit beings. I would be in a deep state while thinking I was awake. These people would gather around me and do things to bother me. I would feel paralyzed, unable to move my body to try to get them to leave me alone. They would flick my nose, tickle me, tug at my toes, etc. I decided I had to stop taking naps during the day because it was so bothersome & I couldn’t stop it. At that time, I was not even remotely aware it could be dead people coming to me in spirit to get my attention.

Over the years I have seen shadows and movements out of the corner of my eyes or even been stopped in my tracks by a shadow appearing in front of me, not knowing what it was. It was only later in my life that I had experienced mediums & I got pets that I started to understand. The first solid understanding came when I had a young dog named Sadie suddenly drop dead one evening. My husband & I were devastated. After we came home from the vet office, I was laying on the couch grieving and something licked my foot. I looked down and there was nothing there. But I knew it happened & felt comforted by it. My other dog would come over and look at the spot where Sadie always laid, but would never go near it, she was the dominant dog of the two. I do believe he saw here there & I felt her presence many times. I now see her shadow in my house regularly. An animal communicator verified her visits & told me she would continue to guard our home & she has.

I volunteer for dog rescue, and several months after losing Sadie, my husband & I were traveling in Turkey and were contacted by our rescue president. A black female, Mariah, that looked a lot like Sadie had come into rescue & she asked if we would be interested in her. We were not ready and told her I was not interested. When I got back to CA, I went in to walk the rescue dogs & was told Mariah took a while to warm up to people & to take it slow with her. When I approached her kennel, Mariah stood there and wagged her tail at me like we were old friends, seemingly eager to know me. So next time I visited the rescue dogs I took her out. On our walk, there were times she looked just like Sadie & it relieved my grief. Long story short, we adopted her, although it took several meetings for her to accept my husband comfortably. All through our life together I always felt a strong connection to her. Years later, by her side and she passed, I felt a surge of energy pop out the top of my head. There was no doubting it was her spirit leaving & our physical connected energy left on some level with her. That night, as I lay in bed grieving, I had this vision of her & our other deceased dog Cooper standing in front of me, Mariah wagging her tail. My body started to vibrate all over, to the point where I felt it shaking. She told me she was okay and happy where she was. I asked her to please come visit me and she agreed and then they both ran off playfully together and the vibrating stopped. I had never felt that before & there was no denying what I had experienced. To this day, I see her & Cooper’s shadows about the house now and again.

Since the Mediumship series, I have been working on my skills in this area and have begun to expand my awareness of my abilities. I am smelling scents my husband says don’t exist, but they are very strong to me. The other day I felt a big drop of water hit my thumb, but nothing was there. I have felt things bump into me or sweep past me. On a dog walk & other occasions, I heard my name called very loud and clear, when I turn around, nobody is there. Last night as I lay in bed meditating and doing affirmations, my phone across the room in Airplane mode, silenced, my phone screen would light up after finishing certain thoughts, myself taking that as the last thought was one to have confidence in. I am very curious if any of this rings true for you or if you have any similar experiences? Please feel free to comment, I would love to hear.

Lastly, I will share something one medium said when asked how they felt about death. They said: “When we die, I believe our life doesn’t end, it just changes.” That is the way I feel. And I think once you let go of the fear of dying, you can truly live and not be coerced by fear as our world seems to be so good at provoking these days. Getting people to do things they would not normally do because they are acting out of fear. Remember to always check your motivation before acting. Check in with your heart to see if it feels truth & clear that your path forward is smooth sailing. If you feel conflict, ask why? Ask for spirit to bring you the truth, help you to understand your ill feelings. Remember, when you receive messages, only act on what resonates with the peaceful, inspired feelings that seem right. Use you hearts truth, not your emotions to find your solutions.

Let’s see what the cards say about the all the goings on in our world today and how to handle the emotions it triggers. From “The Enchanted Map” Oracle Card deck from Collette Baron-Reid I drew “Listening” in protection mode. The essential meaning is: “an open heart will hear the message!” The protection message from the book says: Are you feeling that you’re not being heard— that perhaps your needs aren’t valid, that your song will go unsung? Now is the time to bring your message to the world. Speak up….It’s time for your voice to resound throughout your sphere of influence. Say what you mean & ask for what you want. In protection is also asks if you’re refusing to listen to someone else, preferring to hear what you want instead of what is being said. Time to get out of denial. Reversed, this card always brings freedoms if you heed it’s advice. I say, I believe we all have divine intervention for solving our problems and creating ideas. We hear ways forward all the time, but shoot them down within ourselves for various reasons. Good for you if you are acting on them! Some times we wait until we are in a dire situation & provoked to act out of survival. Save the drama and follow your leads that ring true! The key message here is utilize the gifts from spirit that are given to you. Set your intentions, meditate, focus and at that moment, generate the feelings you want to feel on a daily basis to manifest a new reality. Not only do you help yourself, but you help to create energy for the world to empower goodness and overpower evil. That is a small gesture you can contribute toward healing the world and improving your life as a result. When and if you feel helpless, turn to your emotions and create how you want to feel. If you can’t do that, smile as big as you can and hold it. It will get you started toward changing your current state! Together, lets heal the world!

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Peace & love! Susan

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