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New Moon Coming!

The New Moon in Virgo will happen this Saturday, August 27th. Backing up a bit, the Sun moved into Virgo on the 22nd & since August 20, Mercury (issues/lessons of the mind) has been sitting in it’s shadow & will continue to do so until it retrogrades September 9th to early October. Mercury rules Virgo (about organization, details, putting everything into place, the physical body & it’s processes).

I wanted to share, because this week is a time to pay attention to issues that arise with interaction, communication, thoughts & processing mind patterns. The incidents or negotiations that happen this week will give you a hint of what the Mercury retrograde over the next 6 weeks will be about for you & what issues/lessons may present themselves. This gives you a chance to start focusing on what is ahead.

Now and during Mercury’s retrograde journey, there will be 3 times that Mercury encounters influences with potential to trigger irritations. Starting with later this week with Mercury sitting in it’s shadow, then again when it turns around/goes retrograde and then a 3rd time when it turns around again and begins it’s path forward. Presently this week starts off in a positive with empowered use of our voice, but as the week progresses, we move into agitations that can influence the power of persuasion & turn communication into necessitated conversations. Again, pay attention to the issues that come up inside yourself, as this could be a hint of what the retrograde will be for you over the next 6 weeks.

As we move toward the New Moon and our time to plant the seeds of intentions, it is important to look yourself in the mirror and decide if the direction you are heading is true to your hearts desire, bodily health and if you believe you are deserving of it all. If you are true to yourself in your intentions, you are capable of materializing your dreams and they will last as long as your truth. This New Moon will be like setting your resolutions for the remainder of the year. More on the New Moon this Saturday.

Lets draw an oracle card to see what everyone needs to know about this week. I drew the card “The Storyteller.” The essential meaning of this card is: identity, positive self-definition, teaching others how to treat you through the stories you tell about yourself.” I say – if you want to create positive change in your life, it starts with the stories of your life and your experiences. Do you tell the same victim stories over and over. Are you a hard luck Harry? How does that serve you as a person being a victim or painting a particular self-image to others or the images you send to the world? How you talk to yourself and the guidance you give yourself is of equal importance to your direction in life. Change begins with you. Remember the world is a reflection outwardly of your inner self. To head toward your dreams and goals, you need to be in touch with the truth inside yourself to propel your life forward. Be aware of the motivations behind your actions and communications because that is what guides your future. The Universe can only respond to who you are and what you are deserving of. The rest of your misguided actions have to be worked out until you have reached truth. You can thank this retrograde for helping points those aspects out! Wishing you well as you navigate to fill your dreams.

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Peace & Love, Susan

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