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Dreams of Manifestation

Last night I listened to a monthly focus talk by Collette Baron-Reid before I went to bed. She credited learning about manifestation from Unity Church. She said to manifest, it is about creating the feeling of how you want to feel. It is about the essence, not the form. You need to trust spirit will guide you toward the form of what is in your truth. So instead of just seeing & visualizing, you need to create the feeling of the end result. How you will feel when you are doing what it is you are wanting to do or have. She also stated the importance of aligning yourself with people who help create the essence of who you want to become. Avoid being with people that are negative, talk bad about others or are not supportive of you. Be particular who you spend your time with. Remember several weeks ago, I talked about your “Truth Tribe?” Well here you go! Also, you have to take action when spirit sends you urges to follow, you can’t just expect everything will materialize without action.

To be honest, I didn’t sleep that well last night as I woke up in the middle of the night and could not go back to sleep. I tried some homeopathy that usually helps, but it didn’t. So I resorted to laying there with a clear mind and creating how I wanted to feel. Maybe I could manifest sleep! I later woke up with the memory of this dream. I was at a place of business to meet with someone for a reason I don’t remember. It was an open room with lots of cubicles filled with employees. They all seemed to be artist and created their artwork during their breaks in their cubicles, which were displayed. As I walked around I saw their many creations & everyone was so kind and generous, some sharing their work. I then met with this lady who was supportive of me and welcoming. I left my purse at her desk as I got engaged with some other people and their art. After many interactions, I suddenly remembered I left my purse at the ladies desk and was a bit stressed about it, so I rushed back to get it. It was there amongst several people safe and when I picked it up, it was full of of clusters of folded dollar bills. I didn’t understand how the money got there and started to look through it to see how much was there. I was delighted about this good fortune, but felt unsure about how it got there and not clear it was really mine, something I need to process, then I woke up.

This dream illustrated to me I need to put myself amongst passionate, creative & artistic people to manifest what I want in life. This months astrological influences have been very strong for me. The fixed signs have left me feeling depressed & resistant to doing things. Therefore I have not been blogging much. Last night I wanted to write something, but felt no motivation & great resistance. But I did feel the urge to watch Collette’s talk in my subscribed Oracle Circle Group on manifestation which led me to this dream, which led me to understanding more deeply what she was saying. When you follow your urges, which I believe is spirit, it will lead you to your solutions. Because look, here I am writing a blog I have not been able to do for almost a week!

Let’s see what message the cards have for us today! I am using the “Enchanted Map” by Collette Baron-Reid. I am asking what everyone needs to know about their manifestation. The card I drew was “Intention” in protection mode. The card book specifically says: Are you clear about your intentions, or are you in a foggy state of denial about your true motives and/or ambitions? In general it goes on to say, step back, gain perspective & clarify your direction. Check your motives and ask if they are sincere. Are you pursuing goals blindly without asking it’s cost? Time to regroup, self-evaluate & self-nurture. You will benefit greatly. I say, you have to trust what you feel inside when trying to create something for yourself. Are you influenced by possibly just the amount of money you can make, but have no passion for what you are pursuing? Are you interested in something, but don’t really enjoy doing it, yet continue to try to create it? What is it that fulfills you? What makes you happy? Maybe you don’t believe what you really want is possible or you don’t deserve it. If that is the case, you need to look inside yourself and see how denying yourself serves you. What do you get from lack, not doing or having? Does it bring out something in your relationship with others that you like? These are just some examples. Find a way to heal what keeps you from being you and living your passions in life. Love, abundance, prosperity, happiness, etc. are awaiting you to live your best life. Find out what is standing in the way of you accomplishing what your heart desires in life.

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Peace & love everyone!

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