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What Is Your Frequency?

I listened to a podcast by Anna Kowalska interviewing Gabrielle Spencer and she spoke about the Frequency of Consciousness. The top half of the frequency wheel in ascending order includes: moral courage, non-attachment, willingness, acceptance, reason, love, joy, peace, enlightenment & Christ consciousness. The lower half of the wheel in descending order is: pride, anger, desire, fear, grief, depression, guilt, shame & victim. I think this list could open up debate given your personal beliefs. I also think it is important to remember that the descending states of thoughts and emotions aren’t necessarily bad, they are just a lower vibrational place to be and meant to propel us to heal and evolve.

On the positive side of the spectrum it is important not to confuse acceptance with agreement. To me it is more about opening yourself to hear and understand something different than your own way of believing. Not that you must incorporate it into your life, but it is healthy to hear other people’s side of the story to expand your own awareness, then decide what you choose to believe because of it. Awareness prevents victimhood in my eyes. But it takes willingness to open yourself before you can accept. In processing acceptance, consider opening yourself to reason in your debate to aspire as you complete the process of understanding. Christ consciousness has it’s own meaning to all of us, depending on where your faith is based. Because there are so many different avenues that people celebrate their faith, I think we each have our own understanding of Christ consciousness. To me it is to be open, be able to see life from a higher perspective, have healing abilities and to come from love for the good of all. To not accept or practice harm, judgement, greed, lack or limit yourself to only what you know. To avoid hating and polarizing others opinions and rights to choose as differences are the fuel to knowledge and understanding. We need to gain trust in our higher consciousness and have a relationship with it to create solutions. Trust when you reach out to a divine source for guidance, answers & resources will follow to help you find your next right action for solutions.

That leads me to the next topic she discussed and that was to work out your relationship with God. Again, wherever you place your faith in the greater powers that exist for the good of all – that is what I am referencing by God. She says many of us blame our hardships on God and don’t understand how he could let bad things happen. We get stuck in disconnecting to our power to create because of it. To me that is more of an avoidance, denial or victims way of thinking God is to blame for anything. I believe that when we pray, meditate or affirm what it is we need to carry on our lives toward our hearts desire, we reach out to God or a higher source and ask for help. It is up to us to see what answers come as a result and to act on those gifts. Of course we all have fallen victim, lost a loved one, failed to accomplish & more. In the pinwheel of reality, life comes with all aspects of life. Good vs. evil, happy vs. sad or angry, etc. There are many stages we all go through to evolve to be who it is we hope to be. Those lowers level vibrations are necessary for us to improve. Or maybe you came into this life with a spiritual contract to learn a large life lesson, so that you can release your past karma. Or maybe you have ancestral history in your cells. But the key is to get in touch with it through education, faith, hope and trust. To recognize that every bad occurrence in your life, there is something to learn. Each learned experience raises our vibration and lightens our karmic load. It is through the healing of our wounds we have the opportunity to evolve into who we want to be. Without hardship, often times, we will remain stagnant and powerless. How you rise from your hardship determines if you need to repeat it to learn the lesson put in process or if you have raised your vibration for the good of all and a brighter future.

The above information of course is my perspective and your perspective is equally as important. But it is good to look at this pinwheel of frequencies and see where you are and where you believe you want to be with it as an example. You may want to create your own pinwheel to understand your emotional patterns to use for a roadmap to aspire and create a path forward. To become cognizant of your patterns and to stop yourself before you sink into your low, lows.

Let’s see what the cards say is needed to raise your vibration to a higher consciousness. Today I drew a card from the Oracle of the 7 Energies by Collette Baron-Reid. I drew “Smoke and Mirrors”. The essential meaning of this card is: seeing through the lens of past conditioning, the inability to recognize the truth of what is being offered, healing from a misguided perception, moving beyond the illusion of separation, being accountable for your biases and the way you view the world. Wow, that is relative! In my view it comes down to opening yourself to discover what is ahead, not to just look at what is behind you and thinking it will just repeat itself because you presently have no idea of what is possible. We can’t know the future, but we can wish for goodness and solutions. Because always remember what you think and feel today creates your life ahead. When it materializes and what it looks like will be what spirit provides for your highest good. Avoid getting trapped into waiting for the exact result or solution. Each of us has to trust our intentions and prayers will come and we need to believe we will see and recognize them when they arrive through our hearts fulfillment. We are all an extension of one another. A good way we can change is to look to move forward with the wisdom gained, trust, faith and truth.

Peace & Love, Susan

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