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A Full Moon in Gemini…..

Today, December 7 is the Full Moon in Gemini in the Northern Hemisphere. Overall, Gemini is social, affectionate, curious, learns quickly and enjoys social gatherings to exchange of ideas, short trips, books/magazines and their perception is filtered through the intellect. On the downside, Gemini can be an over thinker, engage in polarization, petty, nervous, inconsistent, sometimes only gather superficial knowledge before moving on & indecisive. During the holidays with social gatherings can be a fun time for the Gemini personality at their best of times as they love getting out and about.

Just coming out of the New Moon in Sagittarius, where we set our intentions to create, manifest and enjoy the things we love and dream of, we possibly have been presented with ideas and learning experiences moving us closer to our intentions, hopes and dreams. Raising our vibration, learning to see things from a more spiritual & wise perspective. Looking beyond ourselves for the good of all in fulfilling our lives.

With the Full Moon in Gemini & present influences, we are subject to ruminating, sensitivity/offense and unable to act or progress because of it. We are subject to get caught up in gossip, over-sensitivity, over-indulgence, our old patterns from our past, however far back our past exists. It is a good time to release what no longer fits in our lives, or stands in the way of our intentions. Clear the blocks that hold us back and slow us down from our desired future. Participate & engage from a higher perspective.

Examples can be, stress and worry about the things you read in the media. How things are out of our control that are not good. Stressing and worrying, but not finding a solution, & possibly just sinking deeper into fear – Gemini. But to discover solutions and understand if we create new ways, systems, structures or tools that replace the control we are losing in our lives for a new and better way for the good of all, we can find solutions – Sagittarius. Or maybe someone suggests you go with them on a trip, but all you can think of are all the many reasons you can not go, while the whole time excited about the possibility of this trip and why you’d love to go, then possibly succumbing to the disappointment of not being able to go – Gemini. Rather than saying, “I’ll think about it.” Then opening up the possibility of thinking about what you need to be able to go and opening yourself to ideas to make it happen – Sagittarius. The things that manifest from a Sagittarius way of thinking will develop when you are ready and prepared to accept them.

We also have Mars (action planet) in retrograde at this time & for several more months according to astrologers. Astrologer Dr. Michael Lennox says in a nutshell that Mars & the Moon are conjunct to Gemini in this Full Moon. The Full Moon opens our unconscious to opened up and there is the possibility to release blockages, behave differently, change our perceptions, move faster in our forward movement in life with our healed & evolved selves. I interpret it to give us the ability to release the petty for the profound, the control for the flow guided by our hearts, the fear for the action and the perfectionism for the success, just to name a few examples. Thinking can be your friend if you use it to solve and explore new possibilities. And, so can being an observer rather than engaging in a polarized conversation. Remember the heightened sensitivity potential of this Full Moon and beware not to take things personally. If you do feel triggered, perhaps pause and observe the rest of the conversation, recognize your over-sensitivity & hopefully regain perspective rather than engage in a debate from a wounded place.

So lets see what the cards have to say. My question is how can we break the patterns & clear the blockages that hold us back from our higher thinking? The card I drew is from the “Enchanted Map” deck by Collette Baron-Reid: “Magical Map Shifter.” The essential meaning from the guide book states: Spirit orchestrates everyone’s destiny.” The book goes on to say: when the Magical Map Shifter card arrives, it comes with a mission to make you aware of the people who come into your life who impact your personal growth. I say – this card is reinforcing the intentions you have set in your life and to note when something materializes and acknowledge what is available for you. Who delivers a gift in your life or guides you out of a challenge? That is what happens between the intention setting time and the release stage. Be noteworthy of the opportunities to let go of what doesn’t work for you anymore, take note of what no longer serves your life’s direction and see what is inviting you toward your desired future goals and aspirations. It is when we keep pushing to make what is no longer available work that we face crisis. To avoid the depth of your crisis look somewhere new for another way. I will close with part of an affirmation from “Heal Your Body” written by Louise L. Hay – “I am the loving operator of my mind. All of life is change & my mind is ever new!”

Peace and Love, Susan

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