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A New Moon in Capricorn

December 23rd marks the New Moon in Capricorn in the Northern Hemisphere just days after we celebrated the Winter Soltice on the 21st. We are now moving toward longer light days and in the Southern Hemisphere they are moving toward shorter daylight. During the New Moon the Sun and Moon are both in Capricorn and it is a time to set intentions of what you hope to accomplish moving forward.

The Capricorn sign is very serious, disciplined, has self-control, is responsible, a hard worker, steadfast to attain what they set out to accomplish. It is important for them to be best at something at some point in their life. On the shadow side, they can be the know-it-all, controlling, unforgiving, condescending & expect the worst.

With all the influences of this New Moon & the planets, this is a time to set intentions that are grounded and will come from a deep place with the potential to come in a flash. But there is also the energy trying to slow you down so you can be sure to let go of rigidness to change directions if needed. The energy of what you are intending may feel like you already have it, but it will require discipline & steadfast action to make it happen, all of which Capricorn is good at assisting with. This is a time you have support to let go of the fears that may have been holding you back in the past. There is also the potential for your intentions to be rewarded because of all the hard work you have done spiritually growing these past months if in alignment. But it is important to not to get so focused on the goal that you work with blinders on. Be open and fluid to change and realize that your accomplishments are in partnership with spirits guidance and wisdom as you move forward. Resilience is necessary to adapt to the changes that may come your way. Remember not to attach yourself to the form, but align with what is in your heart and for the good of all.

Lets see what the cards say about what we need to know about staying open and flexible as we work to accomplish our goals? I drew a card from the Enchanted Map by Collette Baron-Reid. The card is: Magic Prayer in protection (upside down.) This card says, self-will that goes unchecked can bring difficulties. You may mistakenly believe that your way is the only way. The path you are on could be leading you to a place of regret or could just be something that is not good for you. I say – it is important to talk to spirit about what it is you hope to accomplish when setting your intentions. You then must pay attention to what inspires you or is presented to learn or let go of on your path forward. If you have your mind set on a specific outcome, you may be disappointed. Spirit will give you what is in your truth which may be different than expected. Often times that is the case when we expect something, but it always turns out to be valuable in some way. Hear and consider new ideas or ideas from others to nourish and expand your mind and emotions. Learn to trust what feels right in your heart, not your ego. Keep in mind what is your highest good & what is the highest good for all. Have faith that what is in your heart is worth working for and possible. Until your goals materialize, live and believe it is true. Be you.

Peace and Love, Susan

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