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It’s the Full Moon in Cancer…

January 6, it is the full moon in Cancer in the Northern Hemisphere. Maybe you have been feeling a bit emotional the past few days? I know I have been feeling at times helpless, unsure, anxious and ready to give up trying on challenging tasks. The Moon is the ruling sign of Cancer, so with these two in alignment it is a time that takes us deep into the unconscious, emotional self. Perhaps all the things that prevent you from accomplishing your intentions you set at the New Moon are making themselves known. Making you believe you can’t accomplish those desires and dreams you put into motion. So we are in a tug a war between the inner self, emotional self and all that we hope to accomplish in the outer world and establish about ourselves.

Cancer is the 4th house that represents home, family, roots/memory of the past, upbringing, psychological foundations and femininity. Cancer is about nurturing, mothering, domestic life and loves to nurture others. They tend to be emotional, are intuitive & sensitive to others emotions. The Cancer person can sometimes let their emotions rule over reason and take action based solely on emotion. So in this full moon where the emotions are coming up, the Cancer wants to retreat, mother you, nurture you. But the Full Moon is about releasing. With a Cancer Full Moon, it is time to take note of the deep, life-long limiting inner fears, resentments, unworthiness, limitations and inhibitions. The beliefs that have kept us from accomplishing our dreams. It is a time to recognize and let them go!

The influences presently are not only emotional, but connected to our thinking as Mercury (perception/thinking) is presently in retrograde and Mars (action) is stopped in it’s retrograde motion and set to start moving forward next week to retrace it’s steps before ending it’s retrograde in March. What does that mean? We are still delayed from action in our manifestations and in a formative place with our thinking. Letting go of the past and figuring out the future. So whiles this Full Moon is an emotionally tender time, we are also being downloaded with thought patterns and perceptions that also need to be realigned. This weekend will be a good time to find some private time to reflect and re-align. Not only let go of the emotions that hold you back, but try to let go of over-thinking and misdirected chatter. Learn to be guided by more precise thought that is focused. Turn off the noise!

Let’s ask the cards “how can we heal the emotions and thoughts that weigh us down? I drew a card from the “The Good Tarot” by Collette Baron-Reid, the card is “The Queen of Air.” This cards meaning is about setting healthy boundaries, strong self-esteem, calculated and shrewd decisions, clear communication, well organized and a wordsmith. It gives us the positive affirmations of “I have clarity of purpose. My intentions are in alignment with my understanding. There is always a strategy in the game called life.” And ask, Can I let go of false truths and be rigorously honest with myself and others? I say, this card give us things to think about and incorporate into our daily lives. When we align with the truth in our heart attached to the dreams and desires we seek, we can know that anything is possible. When the misdirected thoughts and emotions arise, we need to acknowledge them, but decide what we want to be true moving forward. Live and believe your dreams as though they are here now. Recognize that what you are thinking now is creating the future and the disempowered thoughts and emotions your body gives you are the past. You can continue to live in the past and stay where you are. Or you can believe in how you choose to feel & think moving forward. We have built in emotions and thoughts from our history that create fear and hold us back. But to create action, we have to trust spirit, stay present in the now and be guided by what aligns with our dreams, the truth in our hearts. Let go of the powerless beliefs & feelings that you are being driven through life & realize you are the one driving. Make choices along the way that include the truth from your heart, what you want to be. What you give energy to is what creates your reality and the people in your life. Dream big, feel gratitude for your dreams and believe spirit will guide you toward your truth and purpose in this life.

Peace & Love, Susan

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