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New Moon in Taurus

The New Moon in Taurus is on May 19, 2023 at 8:53am Pacific. Taurus wants us to embody who we are and honor ourselves for all we are capable of. It is imperative we take care of ourselves before we attempt to help others. And this New Moon will push you to put your foot down and say, “I deserve this!”

Taurus is about the physical world of form and the pleasure we get from life on earth. Because it is ruled by Venus, Taurus recognizes it’s hearts desires and sets out to manifest those desires into real life experiences. The strengths of Taurus include reliability, patience, devotion, responsibility and a sense of stability. The weaker moments of Taurus can bring about stubbornness, possessiveness & inflexibility. Sudden changes often upset Taurus as well as complications & insecurity.

The past few weeks my spiritual practice has led me to know that I need to focus on what I want moving forward. To stay away from the darkness of today’s reality and put forth energy toward creation of a world that allows us each to be authentic and live out our hearts desires. Taurus supports us receiving what we want in life. The fear producing possibilities that linger and surround us can only be empowered if we spend our time and energy believing in them. We need to avoid putting energy into what we don’t want. It is within our power to create a future aligned with our hearts desires, authenticity and pleasures. Dream, act and create!

While the present planetary influences can heighten our fears, they can also be supportive to keep us out of the fear. It is up to us to decide what our experience will be. Ignore the fear mongering, chaos and divide and focus on love, sharing and creating a more balanced reality. Taurus is known to slow the process of manifestation so you can prove your worth, change what you are meant to heal, recognize what holds you back or misguides you. In setting your intentions, believe you can have the goodness in life, take action toward it and then pass on your empowerment to others. There is enough fulfillment possible for everyone on this planet.

Lets ask the cards what it is we need to know to stay focused on a deserving empowerment for an abundant and freedom loving future. I drew a card from the Oracle of the 7 Energies by Collette Baron-Reid: “A Tall Tale.” This cards key concepts are: denial, concealing the truth so you can manipulate and control a situation, fear-based communication, creating a narrative to hide behind, not allowing the fear of what others will think to influence your words, learning to communicate from a place of authenticity.

Now is the time to be brutally honest with ourselves. Recognize our short comings and gain strength to be a better person. Take responsibility for our actions and admit when we are wrong in order to change our path. Instead of tearing others down to be right or gather sympathy, show compassion and support when needed. Let go of trying to control others or their actions to manipulate an outcome. Let go of the need to hide the truth within your heart. When you trust the truth that lies in front of you, the path to your desires will open up. Until a person can be honest and take responsiblity for their weaknesses, life will continue to throw curve balls to get you to realize what you need to change to have what you desire. Dreams are fulfilled when you are in alignment with seeing what you need to change about yourself to get what you truly want. Don’t let fear, denial & lies suck your power of manifestation. Flip the coin, choose truth, trust in spirit to guide you and the confidence and prize will arrive!

I will close with my latest mantra when I want to redirect my negativity. “I am happy, healthy, wealthy, free and live in a world with justice!”

Love and Peace, Susan

References: Leslie Tagorda, Collette Baron-Reid, Dr. Michael Lennox, & my wisdom.

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