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New Moon in Virgo

August 27th in the USA marks the New Moon in Virgo. During the New Moon, the Sun aligns with the moon so we have our conscious & unconscious together making it a great time to set intentions. Virgo is the ruler of the body, details, precision, putting things back together with focus on self-care, health, daily routines. This also applies to our spiritual & emotional bodies. Virgo is ruled by Mercury (the mind) & Chiron (the great healer.) So together, as Dr. Michael Lennox so brilliantly points out, Virgo season is naturally the time of year you should be setting your resolutions for the next 12 months, not January!

With the influences of the planets and signs presently, it is a time to create something new, but it is important to build a strong foundation. Be clear on your motives to create, have courage and be sure you are deserving of your desired outcome! Creating something new could mean having to give something up. Or it could be the path you are on is not the path you need to continue. The fork in the road so to speak. This could include changes in relationships or relationship roles. Or perhaps, you build on what you have been working on. Maybe you have overcome a lot of lessons and are ready to refine your project. Follow your truth to continue and ensure it is not a form of escape. Keep paying attention to the prompts from spirit for adjustments & be open to what might need to shift or change. Growing and learning are a ongoing process, so be open to advice or criticism. Let it empower you as you enjoy your successes and continue to strengthen your foundation.

In setting your intentions, write them down & believe you can have it. Visualize it and attach the emotions of love, gratitude & compassion to the intention. Lastly set the plan in motion, take action of some sort. Even if it is just doing jumping jacks, letting the universe know you are kick starting the creation.

Let’s draw a card. The question I will ask for everyone is, how do I work through the barriers to deserve what I want? The card I drew from the Enchanted Map Deck is “Storm Fields” in protection. This card says, now is not the time to engage in any activity that brings unwanted chaos or drama into your life. This kind of storm can be destructive & you’ll regret your actions later. Find shelter & let any turbulence pass, then you will be heard. I say, find peace with what is in your heart. If there is resistance to your dreams, dig deep to see what is attached to the resistance to heal. Make shifts as they are comfortable, pushing yourself just enough to create the change needed without blowing up the scenario. When things adjust, push more as you gain confidence and feel stronger to face opposition with grace & strength. This will build your self-worth & ability to deserve. Know, if you are inspired to think of an idea & it lives in your heart, it is possible. Always be aware of your motives before you act.

Peace & Love, Susan

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