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Liars – Ugh!

For some reason I feel motivated to write about liars today. It is definitely one of my pet peeves. I don’t think there is a human being who has not lied, but I am expressing concern about the individuals that lie as their way of life & who manipulate people regularly. There are many reasons I feel people lie, being: doing it to escape responsibility, control others lives, escape fear, for fun & many more reasons. I see there is also a complacency these days with the acceptance of lying because it happens so frequently publicly we have become accustomed to it. That to me is a dangerous result to all our lives. And I think now days, the control that is created by lies on our daily lives can make us powerless because of the lack of justice. There are also powerful public figures who have powerful sources behind them to convince us falsehoods are true, which creates chaos and confusion – a symptom of being lied to.

My feeling is that ultimately people lie to manipulate a situation. They lack the integrity & the courage necessary to be honest. Maybe when they were growing up it was the way they learned to force their free will over authority. Or maybe they avoided backlash because their security was threatened if they were honest. Maybe they have deep seated anger and this is their way of getting back. Sometimes it is too uncomfortable to face the humility associated with the truth, so people lie to remain comfortable. Others use it out of spite to overpower and control because they are smarter or have more money. They want the power that control brings over others. Something is wrong when people rely on lying as a way of life. And we need not accept it.

If we accept lying, we allow it to exist. Even though it may not appear to directly affect you, it really does, because to allow it is to empower it. The world is energy and our actions, thoughts & emotions empower the collective energy we all live in. Let me give you a simple example of how ones projection of energy can have an affect on an outcome. Last night I watched a baseball game & I saw a foul ball land into a large & nearly empty seating section. There were 2 people sitting near the top and 2 people sitting about 15-20 rows below them & slightly to the left. The rest of the section was empty. A foul ball landed in this section about 2 seats to the right of the couple at the top of the section. I thought, well that will be an easy ball for those two to capture, what luck! But the ball kareemed off the chair and changed directions about 45 degrees and went straight down to the 2 people sitting in the lower level of the section. They didn’t even have to leave their seats to get the ball! That is such a clear example of how your energy output (intentions, thoughts, emotions & action) affects your abundance and what comes to you in life because of your energy, wants & intentions. If you ignore lies, wrong-doings in this world, you are allowing that energy to become empowered and it will ultimately affect you. We all have to work together to make sure we pay attention & hold others accountable when the time is right. We have to show courage to face what we know is not true and try to shift it toward truth. Otherwise, eventually we become victims. It starts with the intentions we set when we are faced with adversity that doesn’t serve mankind. Sometime we feel overwhelmed and powerless, so intentions are a great way to empower yourself and the collective to formulate a solution. If we all work together to empower our energy toward truth for the good of all, we can have a shifting impact on wrong doings & lies. We can disempower it! Maybe we can all add that to our daily meditation, prayer or when you have free time to think, just plug some energy toward the empowerment of truth in our world. Remember to create the intention, visualize it, create the emotion of the victory & take action or create physical action.

How do you know if someone is lying, you usually don’t feel a 100% confident about what has been said. You feel confused, fearful, inner turmoil, doubt, things of that nature are how your inner truth is saying it is not true. Truth feels clear, full of trust, like you are good to move forward. Trust your gut! We have a built in denial system that protects us on some level from things we cannot handle. If you think you heard something, but didn’t comprehend, often times that is denial. You have to decide what you can handle to move forward & most likely need some healing or maybe just to ask to hear it again.

Lets see what the cards say! Using the Enchanted Map, I am asking what we need to know about having courage to live in truth? I drew “Strength” in protection mode. This card is right in line with us astrologically because it tells us to pay attention to our health. The essential meaning is: Your true strength comes not from self-reliance alone, but from a sincere faith in a higher power. In protection this card’s message says your body, mind and spirit need strengthening at this time. Exercise, rest & proper nutrition are necessary to keep you in balance. Tend to the burdens in your life before they become too heavy. Let go of whatever robs you of your life force & trust that something better will take it’s place. I say – in addition to that, something better can take the place of your burdens if you set intentions for it, take care of yourself and not let other’s take away your truth in life. Self-evlauate what you need to set you on the path to fulfill your desires and empowerment. Align yourself with your truth tribe. People who empower you to be you. It helps to motivate the energy to move you forward. Let go of the doubt, worry, guilt, etc. that you attach to your best ideas or solutions after you create them. To let go, you have to recognize them and understand them before creating a better way of thinking and believing. Let me know if I can help!

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Peace & Love! Susan

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