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Since I was in my mid-20’s I have been working on self-healing. It was the physical pain that caught my attention and the recognition I needed change to heal. I discovered Louise L. Hay very early in that journey. She focused on mental causes for pain & illness & how to change your thinking to heal as well as the importance of self-love. She published several books and did tireless work helping people to understand the mental patterns within themselves were the root cause of illness. She said through her own process, she learned she had to stop blaming people and circumstances outside herself for her own pain and misfortune. After all, your actions in life are motivated by how you think, feel and believe. Not only did she show people that repetitive negative thought patterns create pain and illness, but she also taught them use of positive affirmations to replace the negative patterns to heal.

As a young adult I started to have physical body pain and could never find a way to heal it. It was mostly neck, shoulders and back pain. When I discovered Louise L. Hay’s philosophy, I began looking at it in a different way. At times, my neck pain would become unbearable, before I would start to pay attention. At that point, it motivated me to listen to what I was telling myself & note when it would trigger the pain to understand coinciding affects I was manifesting. I was able to stop the pain by changing my thoughts to more positive beliefs and began to understand how I had created my pain. Depending on when you try to change course with your situation, you may have a web of thoughts, emotions & actions to change, but starting with recognizing your thoughts that trigger the symptoms begins the shift. You also have to commit to let go of the attachments that justify what you believe to be true to be able to make the shift. Sometimes that requires going inside yourself to process incidents, recognize where the thought originated & recognizing how this thought pattern serves your life presently. It takes commitment to change the way of thinking and believing to see results. When you constantly think negatively it triggers all kinds of things in the body physically, how you respond to situations and the actions you take or don’t take in your life that contribute to the problem. You may have done severe damage to yourself by a decision & acted on it in your past that creates your present reality. When you forgive yourself and change that within yourself, there can be healing.

I am sure you are not a stranger to the reality of stress on the body. Not only do you trigger body chemistry, but you trigger energy to continue to manifest this reality of pain/illness. You feed this reality for yourself and reconfirm it when it serves your beliefs. It is always good to recognize what it is you are getting out of your pain. How does it serve you in spite of the pain or illness. What would you prefer instead? Our body has a defense system to try to help us survive in flight or fight mode, but over time, our body falls to illness trying to sustain that lifestyle of stress. When I do energy balancing on people I can hear what their body tells me to help the person process what is stuck. It is a mutual dialogue between the person, their body & myself. People also receive communication from their body during the session as well and learn to do inner-self dialogue. Sometimes physical misalignments have to be physically corrected & you have to change to maintain the alignment.

Albert Einstein said: “We can not solve our problems with the same level of thinking that created them.” It is the same with energy as Shawn Leonard pointed out during a private seminar recently: “You can’t change the same level of energy with the same level of energy. Remember we are all spirit, just living a human experience.” To make true change, you have to let go and aspire to a higher consciousness of unconditional love of self and others. Let go of blame, anger, helplessness, etc. Take responsibility for your part in situations that play out in your life. On some level, there is some responsibility you can grasp if you really open yourself to find it. Even if it is a just lack of knowing. Love yourself & love others for the good of all, because energy attracts energy. By making improvements with your own health, it helps to shift the energy to empower others to do the same. Remember, we are all connected & the new influence of your changed energy then exists for us all to become empowered, it has an affect. This is just another example of how we affect our environment by our actions and energy. It is sort of a human super power at our fingertips for the good of all!

The photo on this post is a reference guide by Louise L Hay for thoughts associated with different bodily conditions/illness that illustrates the thoughts & affirmations associated with several medical conditions. It is one of my first self-help books that I still use today and I am sure you can tell it is very used & dated. Thankfully I just reordered a new edition. Below I have given you a couple examples from the book:

Problem: Headache – Probable Cause: Invalidating the self. Self-criticism. Fear. – New Thought Pattern: I love and approve of myself. I see myself and what I do with eyes of love. I am safe.

Problem: Indigestion – Probable Cause: Gut level fear, dread, anxiety. Griping or grunting. – New Thought Pattern: I digest and assimilate all new experiences peacefully and joyously.

There are many healing resources available in this world to help with self-healing that are more organic and capable of producing real change. I am not one to turn to medication unless it is a situation of necessity, as I feel they are a mask and not the solution. I don’t condone medication and realize it is necessary in certain cases. But ultimately, I am after the root cause, not the passivity of a convenient relief, as ultimately you are pushing the problem deeper into the body moving toward a chronic, irreparable dis-ease. Sometimes medication can provide a temporary relief until you can heal yourself. But feeling the pain helps to undo the puzzle to figure out how you can balance the trigger/effect. These are my beliefs of course that I have used to navigate my life & health. I too am a student.

Let’s see what the cards say! I am using the “Oracle of the 7 Energies” deck by Collette Baron-Reid. The card I drew is: “Wishing Upon a Star.” The essential meaning of this card is: Intentions based on your desires and aspirations, the act of consciously committing to a vision, sacrificing something of value, gambling on yourself, trusting that dreams can become reality, the importance of daydreams.” The book goes on to say, “Perhaps the point all along is not how something can happen, but the power of wishing and intending.” I say, this is all so important that no matter what gets you down in life, know there is a solution. If you intend for a solution, you will be so blown away by the magic from the universe when you open yourself with optimism to see the answers. We often let ourselves believe in disappointment & failure over the true belief in the power of optimism & success. You lose the race when you give up. Ask for help at this moment & believe. We have many thoughts and emotions that keep us from believing we can attain the end result of solutions. Recognize each and every one of those walls, tricks and patterns within yourself that try to prevent you from getting to your success & replace them with “I can, I will, I am.” Healing is like driving to a party with only the address & no directions in a unfamiliar place. You have to trust your instinct, stop to talk to people along the way to get advice and to look for land markers to know where to turn until you reach your destination. Having an end goal in sight, asking for help & trusting spirit to help when you are well intended and from a space of love, is true magic and should be a way of life to find your true path in life. Trust & give it a try with a loving heart!

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