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Visiting Spirit in Dreams

A few weeks ago I talked about mediumship and mentioned a dream I use to have when I napped during the day. In case you missed it, let me revisit. I would take a nap during the day and at some point I would feel like I was a awake, but know I wasn’t. There would be these people in the room with me that would flip my nose, poke me, etc. and the whole while I would feel paralyzed, unable to move to get away from them until I would finally wake up.

I have been listening to some free seminars by Shawn Leonard the Indigenous Medium, who is promoting a year long course right now on how to get in touch with the spiritual realm. He talked about dreams yesterday. The above circumstances occur when you are having an astral dream. In Astral dreams, your soul leaves the body, but doesn’t completely disconnect and travels into the spiritual realm during sleep. He explained some times when you astral travel during your sleep, you start to wake up before your soul is back in your body. Spirits will come to help you get your spirit into your body so you can wake up. He explained, often times people will awake to a spiritual being pushing on their body and it is often interpreted as the being holding them down. In my case, the spirits were trying to get me to feel my body to get back into it fully. In either case you will feel paralyzed because you are not in your body fully, nor awake. It is nothing to be afraid of, but to allow the spirits to help so you can fully enter your body to wake up.

The Astral Dream itself, is where your soul leaves your body & enters the spirit realm where you can visit deceased people you know or unknown spirits in your dream. But the easy way to identify this type of dream is if there is a deceased person you know in them. This person never speaks in the dream, but delivers a message. I usually have dreams with a certain friend of mine, Penny who passed away over 20 yrs. ago & sometimes have dreams with my Grandmother I was closest to in them. They are usually informative or healing dreams for me. One series of dreams began shortly after my life-long friend Penny died. In this dream I would go through her death again, but then somehow she would come back to life and be living another life somewhere else & and I would encounter her. For a long time I couldn’t understand the message. But when I started to explore mediumship, I understood the dream was telling me that when you die, it isn’t the end, your spirit lives on and your life just changes. Now that I have understood this, we are meeting up in my dreams with different scenarios & processing issues we had together as children. Visiting her in my dreams has been very healing for me. And I believe it is also helping her spirit to heal while helping us both to raise our vibration and spiritual awareness.

Let’s see what the cards say about dreaming. What is it we all need to hear about dreams: Again, I used the Enchanted Map Oracle Card deck & drew the card: “Magic Stream.” The essential meaning of this card is “Everything is connected through the universal flow of consciousness.” How appropriate, right? I say, this card is about understanding your experiences are within a pool of the collective and to share them with others can be a great source of inspiration. Let go of feeling less than, intimidated or threatened by other’s greatness when they share it with you, because every person’s experience of greatness is meant to awaken or help you accept the greatness within yourself. They are mirroring to you the potential you have within yourself. You are encountering this person because your soul is calling you to awaken & hopefully to go on to inspire others to do the same. We are all made of energy and meant to evolve with one another to our true potential on this earth. This means we are able to follow our own truth path in life which helps the world to expand and broaden into a healthy society of many great ideas and view points. No one answer is the answer. It is the collective that blends to greatness that continues to evolve by the truth of our souls. In this sense, we continue to raise each other up to our highest potential to lessen the existence of a lower vibration where control, conformity, suffering, poverty and such hardship exist within it’s powerless, contained bubble. A place where we lose our individual spirit and truth. As humans we have a need to know the end result, rather than trust as we follow our hearts and faith to find our way through our destiny in life. We have to live more by trust in our truth, than believing what someone has proven to work for them as our own truth. It is a continual evolving process that we as humans could benefit to find comfort in. I feel as we move further into the age of Aquarius, it is important to balance the vibration levels of our population so that we can come together to live a more balanced life where community exists and we vibrate at a more hopeful, empowered and loving way. Time to tap into your own truth & support the creativity of others truths to create your way forward that serves your life’s purpose for the good of all.

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