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New Moon In Libra

The Full Moon in Libra is Sunday October 25 in the Northern Hemisphere. Libra is about aligning your inner beliefs with your outer world to create balance, fairness and harmony in relationships. Being your true self and expressing it. Having the courage to have honest conversations aligned with your heart (truth). There are influences that support the heart and spirit to align. So if you follow your heart, are motivated by love & divinely guided to do the right thing in your life, you will get where you want to be in life. Check mate for motives of co-dependency, judgement of others, manipulation & controlling others. Those are the dark side of the influence of Libra and this is a good time for them to be illuminated to heal & be let go. They can be the limiting qualities preventing us from having the relationships truly desired in life.

Fall Equinox in the N. hemisphere is a time when the length of daylight & nighttime are at a balance before days get shorter and nights longer. Spirits presence is magnified in your conscious awareness at the same time you are able to go deep into your unconscious. The light illuminates the darkness. This is an excellent time to evaluate what your inner most desires are in relationships with people and your world. It is a time to look at how those two align. Make a list and categorize what you “really” want your life to look like in relationships and day to day. Then note/categorize what your relationships are & what exists in your reality, your world. Next start to pay attention to your thoughts & emotional patterns & place them in the categories of desires vs. reality so you can be aware of the associations you have within yourself to each. Recognize what motivates you to take the actions or non-actions in your life. Is it fear, judgement or fear of being judged, thinking too far in the future, the need to know the outcomes, self-criticism, lack of worthiness, wounds from your past actions and their outcomes? This will give you a reality check of why things are the way they are in your life. Remember your outer world, your world realities are a direct reflection of what you belief inside yourself. Your inner beliefs are a mirror of your present world, acknowledge that. Journaling on a daily basis about what you are thinking and feeling also gives you something to look back over to recognize your patterns & life associations. Change can only come if you are honest about what you no longer want in your life and you take action to change.

In setting your intentions this month, know with Mercury in retrograde until early October & Mars is going into retrograde around the same time, our intentions will be slower to manifest. This gives us time to work on the issues we have that keep us from getting what we want or need in life so that we can create a truer outcome. Trust spirit to show you the way and read the signs presented. When you feel inspired to act toward your desires & truth resonates in your heart, have the courage to act. When you feel unsure, you need to keep focusing on what you want and resolve your conflict. It is very important to believe you deserve everything you desire. If you don’t, you need to know why and heal the beliefs that block you from having your desires or change course to authenticity. What you believe is who you are and what your world currently reflects back to you. Inner = Outter!

I want to share a story, today I called my vet office to request lab records for my dog before I went to pick up his prescription. When I called, I could tell that the receptionist was being bombarded with lots of calls as she didn’t answer the first attempt and then put me on hold the 2nd time, it seemed hectic. When I requested to have copies of the labs, she quickly replied “well I may not have them for you by the time you pick up the prescription.” I replied, “I understand, could you mail or e-mail them when you have time?” Because I really did understand, I could tell she was overwhelmed. She then replied very quickly, “well, I have your file right here and it’s not like you are asking me to copy the entire file, I’ll do it right now.” I was delighted and surprised by her sudden change. I truly believe she just needed some understanding & my reply created a shift in what she could and couldn’t do. My point is, we need to offer compassion to others. There are lots of moving parts in each of our lives & usually we only know a slice of another’s reality. When we offer compassion and understanding, we often have a better & more honest outcome.

Let’s draw a card: Today I am drawing from the “Wisdom of the Oracle” deck by Collette Baron-Reid. My question is what can everyone do to move closer to authenticity in their lives in relationships to self and their world? I drew “Not for you.” The essential meaning of this card from the book is: A clear knowing that something is being denied you. The book goes on to say, there are times that no matter how hard you work at something, the result you seek seems to elude you. This is a card to radically accept that not everything is available to you when you want it. There are forces who desire the best for you & have a much clearer idea of what is for your highest good. “Rejection is God’s protection.” Something much better that will make you happy is on it’s way. Sometimes the flags escape your observation or you refuse to acknowledge them. When a relationship is not meant to be, it is not possible to make it be. Think of rejection as protection from the Divine. I will leave you with the above message from the book to ponder, pay attention to what may have come into your awareness when you read this and ask to be guided to understand. Or decide if what you desire is truly what you want.

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Peace & Love, Susan

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