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Dreams and Healing

This morning just as I woke, I had a strong impression from the ending of a dream. It was the only thing I remembered once awake. I was in my home town, driving away from my family home. When I noticed my dog, Sonny was running away from the house after me. My mom was standing on the porch. I was in my blue car I drove just after college. I felt like I had to stop so Sonny would stop chasing me. When I stopped to turn around, my car died. I tried to restart it, but it wouldn’t start. Sonny as you see in the picture above has hair missing. But in the dream it was fully grown, fluffy gold hair and he looked very healthy. When he came into rescue 2 yrs. ago, they shaved his coat because it was all matted. His coat has never fully grown back. We have been working recently on healing him from a bladder infection and getting his thyroid working again as it plummeted this past year. He has also been having difficulty getting up the stairs and slowing down. I have been working with a vet and homeopath & feeling a bit worried about him.

As I woke up, I felt my hands were swollen, my neck stiff and my upper back was out. But I felt first thing was to write down my dream before I forgot it. So I wrote the dream down asking to know what it meant & why I felt so horrible physically. I then listened to a private video talk with Medium Shawn Leonard. I am just getting ready to start a 1 yr. course with him today and this was the last free video. He had a couple of his students on the video, one a Reiki Healer & the other an empath. As I listened to their testimonies of his work and gained some insight from their experiences, that in return began to inspire intentions to set for myself. I started to feel motivated do some yoga as I listened to help myself feel better physically. Then I had this overwhelming feeling to lay flat on my back and visualize my skeleton in alignment. I visualized starting at my feet and going all the way up my body, on my back, one vertebrae at a time, visualizing everything aligned. I could sense the areas that were out of place and visually aligned them. Then I went to my heart, it was an empty space & black, there was nothing there. I saw these hands cover my heart and start to do compressions, but still nothing was there, it was black. I began to try to create light and the healing color of green on my heart while the compressions were going on. The understanding I got from this visual was, I need to let go of the fear and beliefs that hold me back from moving forward with my intuitive and healing practice. I also need to connect & love my body more. Right now my life is divided between what I have to do & what I want to do. I don’t have enough time to fulfill my wishes of how I spend my time and it makes me frustrated and overwhelmed at times. So my body is out of balance and feeling the physical strain of that division, emotions and thought patterns. I asked to be shown the way to unification and balance & to let go of the fear that holds me back. I finished feeling a lot better physically after I was done. I also felt clarity on what my dream was telling me, the message was that Sonny is going to heal. He is not electing to go “home” where my mother was standing. My mother is 94yrs. old with dementia and clearly not on a healing path. Sonny has chosen not to follow her, but to follow me toward healing. I feel in my heart he is going to get better, so I am letting go of the worry and believing he will be okay. My car not starting seems like it was my fear and worry that was standing in the way of his healing as well. Dogs are so connected to their owners and if we are worried, they feel it.

I hope you can see from the story above how you can create answers in your life by following your inspirations. I believe what I described above was lead by spirit. My mornings are generally filled with meditation, journaling, yoga, muscle strengthening before I start my day. Sometimes I draw an Oracle Card for inspiration & include that in my journaling as well. Or as today, if I have a dream, I always write that down first in my journal before starting the rest of my routine. This morning I followed my instinct which ended with me finding answers I needed to hear for healing & ended with me doing my normal morning routine. The seeds of spirit can lead you to your answers if you trust and believe.

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Peace, Susan

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