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I wasn’t feeling any particular inspiration of what to write about today, so thought I’d just draw some Oracle Cards and see what we need to know at this time. I drew 3 cards from my Enchanted Map deck by Collette Baron-Reid. The first card I drew that represents what has happened/past is “Rescue”. The card representing now is “Balancing Act” and the 3rd card representing what is ahead is “Intention.”

Looking at the past, the Rescue card reflects on the past, especially the past few years of the pandemic. Where a lot of people have felt isolated, in chaos, experienced uncontrollable losses, confusion and a need to know what the outcome is going to be. It has most likely been one of the most challenging times in many people’s lives. Our past experiences can create hardship, anxiety, depression, broken relationships and divide. When in a hard time in our life, some of us may have been hoping this would just miraculously end and life would go back to normal without taking any action to provoke change. Just asking it to end. That is Rescue – giving away your power, doing nothing to change the circumstances in your life. Falling victim and sinking deeper. Forgetting that you have the power to move forward in spite of your circumstances. A situation like this can happen to help us realize that we need to let go of the belief that something outside ourselves has our answers. That what others say to us dictates our life. We need to commit to make our own decisions and to run our own life. We have the power to change our lives and that happens by where we place our beliefs. Instead of chasing life, let life chase you. Instead of wishing to be rescued, rescue yourself. We are meant to be our own creators and when we create our own solutions, life chases us. Life forms around the path we create for ourselves. What do you want for your life? What do you believe for your life? Do you let outside circumstances dictate that. Or do you see what surrounds you in your life and decide what you want to change about it? Your path forward is to learn to connect with what you desire and to focus on attaining that. Take time to meditate to open space for your spirit guides to connect with you. Ask them questions to help you solve your problems. They are there for you, waiting to help. Another way to start driving your life is to write in a journal. Just write down what you are feeling, what you need help with, what you are experiencing each day. When you get focused on writing intuitive answers start to flow through you. They may come as you are writing, or later. But they will come if you open yourself to receive. This is a great time for spiritual connection to others & more importantly, yourself to bring balance to your life.

The now card – Balancing Act, we are working on finding the balance in our present life & letting go of the wounds of our history that interfere with our path forward. It is time to acknowledge the stories you are telling others and yourself. Right now as we work with the influences of the planets and astrological signs, we have Venus (Love) in Libra (balance, harmony, justice, fairness) with Jupiter (abundance) present. This is a perfect time to go within and ask to see what it is to know about finding balance & harmony in your life for healing so that you can move on to creating a new direction or improving the direction you are headed. When you feel truth inside yourself about what you are doing, how you are spending your time and how you are acting, you are on the right path. When you feel ill at ease, like something isn’t right, it is risky & you may fail or life is not working out, you need to go within and connect with your heart and find what feels right. Identify when you are being motivated by what you have experienced, been told or scared into believing. Change your thoughts and emotions to positive confidence. Trust your inspirations and act on them. Right now, the influence of Jupiter has added to the mix and that is about creating abundance. Given the positioning, it is important to focus on the grandness of your efforts as you can be inspired to be a bit over the top in your offerings of love, friendship or good will. Find the balance! What is motivating you moving forward? Make it balanced and truthful to the heart and for the good of all. Let your inspirations lead and life will follow. But be mindful of creating balance in your actions. Try neutral emotionally for a while. That means listening to your heart, trusting your instincts that feel clear and true and then acting.

We close on “Intention”. If you are having trouble finding balance or letting go of the victim, down on your luck stories you are telling yourself & others, be honest and ask yourself why you need to hang on to this. What is it giving you, that you don’t believe you can create for yourself in a more productive way. Are you unable to ask for what you want or need? Do you have trouble accepting help? We can feel very restricted because of the thought/emotional patterns hardship creates within ourselves. It is time to let go of the chaos and conflict you see in your outer world and go within to create peace and empowerment. You have the power to change your life by connecting to your inner desires. Attach those desires to love and take some action that results in the good for all involved or affected. Visualize what you want, think of how you will feel being in this place in your life of fulfilled desires. And don’t judge yourself for the desires you want. Make sure it is true to your heart, what you truly think is the best thing for your life moving forward, not conformed to what your present circumstances are showing you. Write it down and take an action, one small step to start. There will always be chaos in this world. But to separate yourself from life because of it is to disempower your life. If your present circumstances are not working, you are not a prisoner to it. Get creative and decide a new way for yourself. Be aware of the road blocks in your mind that may come up that prove you are not capable or not worthy. Start small and do what you can now & intend for the rest to follow as you start. Be willing to make adjustments as the need arises by changing your limitations to aspirations & actions toward your desires. If you intend true to your heart, there will be synchronicities, serendipities & unknown opportunities. Maybe even pleasant surprises! Stay present in the now, trust what you desire is possible and have faith it will happen! Make life chase you, to form your reality around your creativity & desires. Peel though the layers of wounds and create a new empowerment of fearless fulfillment and dreams come true. And don’t talk yourself out of it along the way!

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Peace, Susan

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