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The Thin Veil

October is such a fun time for connecting with Spirit. It is the time of year when the veil between the earth and the spirit world is thinnest. Typically it is a time when your intuition is stronger than normal. If you are working to raise your vibration to connect with the spirits on the other side, your abilities are more empowered at this time. It is a good time to focus on learning meditation to open space in your conscious mind to let spirit in, setting intentions to connect with your higher self and to use tools to ask questions and find answers through your spiritual practice. If you have tools you use to connect with your intuition, you might consider utilizing it on a daily basis this month. I will be drawing Oracle Cards every morning this month & then of course if I have additional questions will use them for supportive insight. They always lead me to discover things about myself and assist in problem solving. If you are longing to connect with someone who has passed, this is also an excellent time to consider a reading with a Medium. Get a personal referral from a friend with someone they have personal reference to their work so you know they are the real deal.

Let’s draw a card to see what spirit has to tell us today about expanding our spiritual practice for empowerment. The card I drew from the Enchanted Map by Collette Baron-Reid is “Metamorphosis” in protection (upside down). Protection simply means we need to slow down and listen carefully to this message. The essential meaning of this card means: You are in the process of deep and beautiful change. The Protection book message says: There are times of chaos and darkness that occur, much like the growing pains of the caterpillar becoming the butterfly. There is a tendency to expect the worse when difficulty arises – when something is taken away or unwanted circumstances come to challenge you to let go of old ideas about how life is supposed to be. You are experiencing the temporary discomfort we all must go through before the beauty is revealed. I say: How interesting I drew this card, because I experienced this last night. Before I went to bed, I read a couple headline stories from a news source that were chillingly disturbing. Not a good decision on my part to do this before bed! It created stress in my mind and my thoughts were reeling, my emotions of fear and helplessness came to the surface. As it started to feel into emotional pain I suddenly had insight to recognize that I was in charge and I was not going to fall for this fearful narrative I had just read about. I instantly changed my emotions to confidence and started to say out loud & then write down what I believed was possible, what I was going to do to counter it. I was creating a plan of empowerment & believing it, my whole demeanor changed, my fear was gone and I believed good is possible. Small steps in the direction toward solutions. It was the difference between feeling overwhelmed and sinking into fear thinking, to beginning to create a plan of solutions. Even if I didn’t know the answers, I created the belief answers would come to me and it would be ok. I believed would be guided to do what I need to do to be safe and empowered. I then drew 3 Oracle cards to see what other insight I needed to know about, where I was headed and what the potential of my actions could create. It all brought me peace of mind. Empower yourself at your weakest moments. Create support you can turn to when you feel confused. Take time every day to reach out or pray to your spirit guides and ask for help to find your answers. They are there for you, all you have to do is ask, trust & have faith in truth. There is always light waiting to shine through darkness, you just have to look for it. Remember you are not only helping yourself, but you are helping others by the energy you create in finding & generating solutions. Energy is the source of consciousness & action. Make it honest & for the good of all! Be a part of the greater good, the empowered good!

Peace & love, Susan

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