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Full Moon in Pisces

Saturday, Sept. 10 in the northern hemisphere is the Full Moon in Pisces. This means we have the Sun (conscious awareness) in Virgo (the body/daily routines) & the Moon in Pisces (the unconscious, spirit, oneness, intuition, dreaminess, feeling connected). With these two in opposition it is generally about the spirit realm and the human body/reality. The push and pull between dreams vs. day to day, intuition vs. logic, passions/desires vs. responsibilities, spirit vs. flesh/physical world. Dr. Michael Lennox, Astrologer says, “We are being bombarded with a lot of Pisces energy at this time, but we are also being deeply guided as Neptune (planet of spirit) the ruler of Pisces is very close to the moon & playing a part in the influences of this Full Moon.”

Every Full Moon is a time to release what no longer works for us. In this Full Moon we can learn to apply time to our daily devotion, whether it is prayer or meditation in order to deepen our connection to spirit. Become conscious of what we keeps us from devoting time to connecting with spirit and let it go. Pisces can be emotional & this powerful connection to everything will surely stir things up in that department. Overall, it is a wonderful time to open ourselves up to a stronger relationship with spirit and empower our lives toward what it is we really want in life. With the world moving so fast and propelling us forward this year, this Full Moon brings the energy advising us to slow down so we do not miss the lesson that stands between us and our truest desires.

The other planetary and astrological signs say we need to find middle ground, forgiveness, have healing conversations, focus on the tug awars within, clarify misconceptions. It may also be a time for some to re-evaluate, reorganize or revise plans already set in motion. Once you let go of things you thought you wanted, but realize they were not truly your desire, be brave to change course. There is supportive energy right now to get in touch with what is the right thing to do, no matter how hard it may be. To manifest your truest life in alignment with who you really are, tap into what lights you up, your desires & mindfully set intentions. Take the necessary actions to get what it is you really want. Pay attention to the limitations you place on yourself when acting on a desire and let them go! Lack has no place in manifesting your truest desires in life. Be sure to start small, something attainable & as you empower you’ll find bigger is attainable!

Lets see what the cards have to say about connecting to spirit more fully during this heightened time. I drew “Protecting Treasure” from the Enchanted Map by Collette Baron-Reid’s deck. The essential meaning of this card “You are always protected & Divinely directed.” I say, when you get in touch with how spirit guides you in your life, you will learn to trust divine inspiration. You will feel safe because you will know what is true and what is not true. You can overcome fear when you take a risk in a new direction in your life because it will be backed up with solid confidence and sound evidence of your desire. If you feel otherwise, it is not the right action. Enjoy this wonderful time to get in touch with your inner truth and intuition as the mega power is all around us right now.

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