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Full Moon in Aries

October 9, 2022 at 1:54pm, PDT is the Full Moon in Aries. This Full Moon comes with great potential for healing in our relationships. We have the Sun (conscious awareness), Mercury (mind) & Venus (heart, giving & receiving love) all in Libra (the inventor of relationships- the we, balance, harmony, justice) opposing Chiron (the great healer). The Full Moon (unconscious awareness) is in Aries (I am) and is a time of letting go. How can we take this we vs me polarity and let it lead us toward healing?

This past year astrologically, has been about healing and releasing, opening our hearts to give & receive love more. A moment where we discover, when you do not feel love, it is a moment to release and let love in to heal. This is a time to replace judgement, hatred, right and wrongness to deepen your love toward healing to create solutions. Remember that relationships are not just about romance. It is first about the relationship with yourself, our immediate environment & the collective universe. You must first look in the mirror and see what you are reflecting. A good measure is looking at your world to see the results of your reflection, as inner = outer. But the most important relationship is with your spiritual connection, however you define it. When you put that relationship first, everything else thrives. Because you connect with a wisdom and truth to guide you. This is a time to move closer to letting love be your motivation in life and to be able to receive what you give. Putting forth love of all things so that what doesn’t presently line with love, will be moved to change or die. To heal, we must let things go that don’t serve the collective, so the new can be born. That comes when we reflect curiosity to what we don’t understand or perceive as familiar. Then open our hearts to connect with our truth, to do in a loving way, what is good for the collective, which in turn creates change on a massive level & within ourselves.

Let’s see what the cards say we need to let go of so that we can feel more balance, harmony & love in our relationship to ourself & the world. I drew a card from the Enchanted Map deck by Collette Baron-Reid. The card I drew was “Heal the Ouch” in protection mode. Meaning we need to pay extra attention to the essential meaning of this card which is: Forgiveness is the healer of the soul. The book says in so many words to make amends for any harm you’ve done, recognize how you’ve been selfish, greedy or inconsiderate. Let go of resentments to those who have done you wrong. Forgiving and loving yourself is important. Be humble and willing to admit to your weaknesses. Bring healing light to old wounds. I say – wow, that is a pretty perfect answer to the question. I hope you will take time to evaluate what it is you need to let go of within yourself so you may heal and live a more loving life. So in return, your world becomes a reflection of love that you are worthy of receiving. Sending much healing love to all.

Peace, Susan

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