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Living Truth is Living Proof….

It seems when we are misaligned with our truth we are lead astray from what is important to us. We find ourselves making excuses or place blame for why we didn’t accomplish what it is we set out to accomplish. I know there are literally times when you are so busy living your truth, you fall behind, I am not talking about those times & in those times you restructure to find balance. When you are working against the truth in your heart, you are off the path of why you came into this world – living your true purpose. You feel like oil in water in your own life. Sometimes it takes becoming so unhappy, you do destructive things to yourself, or create a scenario to have your life blow up before you are able to change course. Sometimes hardship is part of your life plan you came here to work out in this lifetime, but it takes being connected to your truth to see you through it in a healthy way. Being motivated outside your heart, takes you to places you usually don’t want to be.

Just to give an example, I am a procrastinator at times. I sometimes find procrastination is a gestation period of processing to find my truth before I will act. Or I also believe it can be about timing to get the best outcome. Distinguishing the motivation of non-action is important. When I am doing something I really don’t want to do, I wait until I am at the deadline and grudge through it, or I wait until what I have convinced myself is the absolute perfect time to complete it. The perfect time comes when I figure out what is blocking me from taking action or admiting I really didn’t want to do it anyway. Why? That is what I have to ask myself when I am frozen. How did I get here & where do I want to go instead? Who am I doing this for? Yet another question I have to ask. It always leads me back to needing a change to realign with my truth.

Of course we all have responsibilities in life that are not fun, but being grateful you are able to do it makes a big difference in how you approach things in life. There is always someone who has it worse than you. We can live in the excuse, deny ourselves success or be grateful you have the opportunity to live a great life and the responsibilities that come with it. If we drag it out, we fall into self-criticism, stress about not getting it done, or be in utter dread without motivation to cause further stress. Why? That is what you have to ask yourself. Why do you want to disempower yourself? It takes courage to embark on the discomfort of something new. To be guided by trust and faith that your truth will lead you to the end goal, once you get through the unknown, the growing pains. At your most challenged moments talk to spirit and ask them to guide you to resolve. If you truly believe and are in alignment, your answers will come. But remember, sometimes what you want you may not be ready for, so be patient and do the work to get there.

The best thing often times is to just do what you need to get done, the minute you recognize you need to. Then it is over with. No valuable time is wasted. Sometimes all it takes is 1 small step to get going because once you start things seem to change and unfold. Remember, if you are frozen, don’t know what to do or how to start, then turn to spirit and ask for help. Help is always possible, believe it & when it comes, be grateful.

As we are human and constantly growing and changing, we can feel a bit off in the processing phase of change. If you choose to settle for less than what is optimal to your truth, then look at the imbalances it creates in your life to decide if they are worth it. It is your choice & you have to take responsibility for what you accept. Obviously when it comes to relationships with others, we all are different from one another & we need to accept people for who they are, so in turn we can be accepted. We can either drag each other down or build each other up. We all are connected and our individual lives are based on the overall wellness of one another.

Differences are healthy, but they can also be unhealthy. Being with someone who is very opposite than you can be very enlightening, growth provoking or unworkable. Depending on how you choose to react to it. I am very intuitive & my husband is very intellectual. Together we have a lot of common interests. We do many things differently than one another and therefore we learn from one another. It takes radical acceptance, to let go of the negative and flow to see what there is to learn. The things I don’t like, I don’t let limit my life. And if they do, that is on me. If it changes to be not okay, we work to make it work for each of us because we are committed to each other. We agree we want each other to be able to do the things that are most important to each of us, but work to keep the balance of togetherness. On top of that, we value our friendship & respect one another. However, when a relationship affects your quality of life or disagrees with your most important values in life, it can be a struggle. If it is steering you away from who you are and what is important, are you really on course? That is not the life I choose for myself personally. We each have to decide & take responsibility for our choices and how we choose to live. If something is not workable, then we have to make the necessary change. When you live out of alignment, it affects your whole life, especially your physical body. So protecting someone to avoid change is really only hurting the person you are protecting because you are both out of your truth, getting by and not fulfilling your life purpose. Imbalanced & unsatisfied. To start, you have to recognize what you need to change and if you can’t bring yourself to do it, then ask for help and answers for guidance to start. It is so liberating to be happy, in alignment with truth and to have those around you feeling the same. Life is always evolving & has it’s ups and downs, but don’t get stuck on the carousel going in a repetitive circle trying to stay safe and comfortable. Because at some point it will throw you off and you will wonder where the time went and see what you have lost living safe. Remember, spirit is always there to help support and guide you.

Lets look to the cards to see what we each need to know about finding our truth in our life path in relationships. I drew a card from the Wisdom of the Oracle by Collette Baron-Reid. The card I drew was “Serendipity!” The essential meaning from the book is: Opportunity allied with readiness; the awareness of synchronicity; luck and good fortune appearing as signs and symbols; a magical alignment of events. Wow, how appropriate is that message?! When you are living your best life, connected to your truth, the magic happens in accomplishments. We all have the ability to harmonize our life with magical outcomes, good fortune and pure joy when we stay in alignment with our truth. When you are in your truth, spirit is in line with you giving guidance & support. The flow of the magic from a higher power surrounds you and propells your life forward with obvious opportunities, people and signs. Being of service for the good of all is so important to your path of truth. How do you get there if you are not there now? Write down the things you like and don’t like about your life right now. Categorize them in a controllable column and uncontrollable column. Set strategies with the controllable column, take actions to resolve them. Then pray or meditate for anwers and enlightenment to what you feel is uncontrollable. Remember, everything in our life is a reflection of what we believe and accept inside ourselves. You have the power to create a better world by being good to yourself by living your truth, this raises your energy/vibrations which sends encouragement to others in the world. Being good to yourself with the component of for the good of all mixed into your thoughts and actions is a perfect recipe for success. But it has to start with you!

Peace & love, Susan

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