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I’ll Take Truth…..

I have been thinking about evil and it’s existence lately. One thing is certain, it’s intent is to control and destroy humanity. That can be an overwhelming, fear provoking reality in many ways when the evil exist in the powers that be in society. But then I remember that it is in our nature to want to be happy and survive.

I also have read that evil usually self-destructs in time. That theory entices my optimism because I look at evil and see it sustains it’s power by the participation of their victim. So if evil destroys the thing that empowers them, how can evil win? I guess that depends on how tortured the victim is willing to be and how long their actions support empowering evil’s sustenance instead of creating change.

We all have blind spots in life and when bad things happens, we are awakened to a reality of needed change. We begin facing a crossroads in our life, evaluating if we continue down the same road or alter our course? Do we grip onto what is familiar or available, whether it helps or not? Or do we begin to explore new territory, more inclined to bring back happiness, our desired outcome. Do we have the explorer nature within ourselves to believe our path forward will guide us to something new with a positive and better outcome?

There is a card in on one of Collette Baron-Reid’s Oracle decks, “Oracle of the 7 Energies,” titled “The Land Between.” It explains you are in unfamiliar territory with an uncertain future when in transition moving toward change. The card’s picture reflects being between 2 cliffs, crossing hanging bridges to a new land mass that is floating in the air. It reflects a sense of instability, yet promising adventure to an unknown future. One of our faults as humans is we need a guarantee in taking a risk. Instead of connecting to our intuition to know if it is the right action forward to change and trusting the unknown. Understanding how our body communicates that higher knowing can bring great confidence and success. How many times after a negative incident do you say, “I knew it didn’t feel right, but I did it anyway?” If you know how your body tells you something isn’t right, do you know how it tells you when it good to move forward?

Have you ever noticed yourself when you are exploring something fun and exciting how you react during the experience. You seem to enjoy being led blindly because you know the outcome and are being rewarded positively. You feel safe and will have been entertained in the end. It is when we need to explore the unknown and not know the outcome that can throw off our confidence and sense of comfort blindly exploring our path forward. I can’t emphasize enough, how being in touch with knowing and feeling truth within your body can encourage the confidence through change.

I find several things help me to feel confident and comfort in that blind stage of discovery. One is being sure of what I want my outcome to be and to know that whatever materializes will be a vision of my truth, although not necessarily the exact replica of my vision. I say that because when you are creating something new, the unknown of the new is always part of the mix. So I have to prepare myself for the unexpected attributes of my dream and open myself to check to see if when things materialize, it aligns with my truth and my heart to know if it is the final outcome. If not, I keep learning and refining until it feels satisfactory to my dreams. But it is the knowing within myself that all will be okay because there are solutions possible that keep me from stressing or giving up. And knowing that when I wish and dream for a new solution to my dilemma, it is within my power to be part of creating a new future and my dreams will be answered. I often pray I will remain diligent to explore, until I see my truth in front of me and my dreams have materialized. The unknown can bring out detours/behaviors in us, but that is part of the process and change to get where we are headed. So it is important not to give up and continue to grow through those barriers for the good. When we dream for success, we find ourselves supported along the way when we trust what feels true.

Though evil can be scary and destructive to us by nature, it is the very thing that drives drastic change for the better. It is the rail we bump into to alert us we need to correct our course before we crash. If you feel within yourself unhappiness profound enough to provoke the idea of change, begin to dream about what you hope for instead. When the dream true to your heart begins to arrive, react with action. Trust and know that what is in your heart is meant to be. And the only thing standing in it’s way is you believing it is possible and remaining hopeful. Sometimes, that is all it takes to create the change necessary when you feel unsure how to proceed. But it is important to embrace the solution when it arrives.

In conclusion, I side with the belief that evil self-destructs. Because what evil offers is not within our nature to accept. And we need not unravel at it’s presence, but simply look another way forward. Refuse to allow fear or hatred to overcome in reaction when faced with the unknown, for it is just a time to pivot, dream, keep the faith and remain true to the truth of joy! Remain curious to what you don’t understand. Show compassion to your fellow man, because most likely, they are also trying to find their way forward the best they know how.

Peace and Love, Susan

3 thoughts on “I’ll Take Truth…..

  1. Your perspective is inspiring and reminds us of our innate desire for happiness and survival. I appreciate your optimism and belief that evil ultimately self-destructs, as it relies on the participation of its victims. Your emphasis on exploring new territory, trusting intuition, and embracing the unknown resonates deeply.

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