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Venus Retrograde….

I recently attended an online seminar with Astrologer, Dr. Michael Lennox and I wanted to share what I learned about the upcoming Venus retrograde in Leo.

If you didn’t know, from the earth’s perspective, Venus is the brightest body in our solar system after the Sun and Moon and is the 2nd closest planet to the Sun. She represents our emotional body and teaches us about love to self and others, offers us wisdom, teaches us about our feelings affecting our relationships of all kinds (to people, animals, environment, material objects, etc) and finances.

  Leo is a Fixed, Fire sign and can help us to know “most,” how deserving we are of the things & people important to us. Leo is about self-focus, they are dignified, proud and relaxed. They don’t like being told what to do and like pleasure, to think big and lead. They struggle with boring and dull. They also know they are deserving of love and attention, thus the interesting part of Venus retrograde in Leo.

During this retrograde, we will have the opportunity to learn to give and receive with confidence, discover a level of deserving, feel admired, improve our prosperity, let go of lack, be our authentic selves/heart direct expression, at times be bold, changeable, combustible and a bit unmovable.  Leo will empower us to shine our lights brightly and Venus retrograde will help us recognize how we limit ourselves in these ways! Use this retrograde to set intentions toward healing what inhibits you. When issues arise, meditate, pray, journal, use your wisdom tools to find you answers for healing or consult a confident or possibly a therapist. If you have trauma in your past, when it is triggered, you will default to the negative self-talk or beliefs from your trauma. These are all wounds that can be healed at this time with some effort on your part. It is also a time to show caution about overspending and easier to make judgement errors with spending. Be ware of impulsivity emotionally!

Dr. Lennox describes the retrograde of a planet in 3 segments where most astrologers only talk about the backward motion period of the retrograde. The first segment is what is happening now, the Rex shadow period according to Dr. Lennox. Venus began the shadow period June 18 in Leo and will trace her steps back and forth 3 times between 12-28 degrees in Leo over the next 5 months, ending October 6. This period from June 18 until July 23, is a time to pay attention to issues that come up regarding relationships, things we value & finances. This will give you an idea of what issues could arise during the actual retrograde period of July 23-Sept. 3, when we have the opportunity to grow and expand. On the 3rd segment, when Venus turns direct for the last time and retraces her steps September 3- October 6, she will fine tune the issues and changes that resulted during this retrograde cycle or push us to continue to get you to acknowledge what you didn’t understand. We also take what we have recognized and learned to move forward in life with the new changes within ourselves. Continue to build expressions of our authentic self, what we deserve, what matters, the flow of prosperity and to show more love and compassion within our lives.  

The last Venus retrograde cycle was the end of 2021 to the end of January 2022. It was a powerful retrograde ending a year of chaos, deception & lot of unknown territory. In this Venus retrograde in Capricorn (structures/authority), Pluto, the planet of blowing things up that no longer work was also present. It was definitely the launching of much relationship (personal & outer world) work. I remember it vividly as I was in Kansas helping my elderly mother and got COVID near the end of my stay. I then spent an additional 10 days in my good friend’s basement where they waited on me hand and foot. Shortly after I returned home, I fell and broke my dominant arm’s elbow, then returned my status to having to be taken care of as I was not able to use my arm or hand for 6 weeks. Without a doubt, that retrograde for me was about receiving, giving & worthiness! Dr. Lennox says we all left that retrograde empowered & hopefully carried our new selves forward the past 2 yrs. so that we may build on what was born from the last retrograde into this one.

Let’s draw an Oracle Card to see what we need to empower ourselves in self-love, relationships & money in this retrograde of 2023. I drew a card from the online deck “Wisdom of the Oracle” by Collette Baron-Reid. The card I drew was: “Not For You” in protection mode. The essential meaning of this card is: A clear knowing that something is being denied you, “rejection is God’s protection.” The message goes on to say, don’t chase what flees you. Don’t obsess over what eludes you. Don’t bang your head against the wall. There is nothing romantic about what is unavailable, no prize given for torturing yourself, and nothing to be gained by refusing to see the red flags that have been waving since you began your pursuit. Now is the time to walk away. There are other goals, other games, other successes waiting for you. This is a sign you have something much better waiting for you, trust.

I interpret this to say, recognize when you are chasing someone else’s dreams, not your own. When you are seeking someone else’s truth, a need to please, a need to acknowledge self awareness. When you are involved in relationships for the wrong reason, imbalanced in the giving and receiving or knowing you are motivated by deception, fear or feeling desperate, it is a time to understand why you disconnect with the truth of your destiny to fulfill your hearts dreams. Connect with your truth, know what you deserve and settle for nothing less. Have confidence in the flow of abundance and believe you are deserving. Be proud, happy and fulfilled!

Peace & Love, Susan

Reference: Dr. Michale Lennox, Astrologer, & my wisdom and dreams.

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