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Full Moon in Capricorn

Monday, July 3 at 4:39am Pacific is the Full Moon in Capricorn in the northern hemisphere. It is the time when the Sun in Cancer shines its light on Capricorn to say, find balance in your relationships, expression of discipline and goal seeking. Cancer is about rest, self-care, emotions, nurturing, the mother of all and intuition. Capricorn is goal focused and determined to climb the ladder to success, consistent, authoritative, structured & knows how to get stuff done!

Given the influences this Full Moon, it will encourage us to be productive, get things done and show compassion for self & others. The polarity, tug-a-war can be in finding balance between the use of your intuition vs. intellect, emotions vs mind, self-care vs. self-neglect, rest vs. exertion, observing vs engaging, rules vs. creative flow, freedom vs structures. It is a time to observe yourself and others to find that balance. Collette Baron-Reid says to watch for sparks, fireworks or friction. Given the influences pay attention in areas of your relationships with yourself, work, home, rules, authority and with others. There is a urge to heal and resolve wounds in all these ways. Emotions and wounds from the past may surprise you when triggered this full moon. So allow yourself to feel them and decide what no longer belongs and adjust to a new way. Heal or release what you can and surrender in prayer or meditation with hope for answers for what can’t be reconciled at this time. With the Venus retrograde coming, there will the following months to continue to heal.

Let’s draw a card and ask: How can I find balance in my emotional and mental worlds when taking action? I drew a card from the “Enchanted Map” deck by Collette Baron Reid. The card is: “Sacred Pool” reversed. The book for this card starts by saying, “It can be difficult to overcome denial when there is reward for staying where you are.” It goes on to emphasize how you can stay safe and trapped in victimhood by living in denial. You never have to take a risk. You are dimming your light in the world, doing the same things over and over again. It encourages you to take a look in the mirror and see the truth of what you really want in life. Surrender to the need to self-sabotage. Once you overcome the need to deny and be comfortable in a boring life, you can seek adventure, create magic, see with clear eyes. Live a more empowered life. It always comes down to being honest with the truth that lives in your heart and having the courage to live it. Trust your innate wisdom, take action on it, flow through how the world responds and don’t let it stop you. Let go of what doesn’t align with your truth and heart.

Peace & Love, Susan

References: Collette Baron-Reid, Debra Silverman and my own dreams and wisdom.

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