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Come Monday….

July 17 there are several things happening astrologically, it is the New Moon in Cancer, Venus begins stationing/standing still until she goes retrograde on July 23rd-Sept. 3 & the nodes are changing signs. Today I want to talk about the nodes.

The North and South Nodes change signs every 18 months and it is important because it is something that everyone feels and is affected by. This also signifies what signs the eclipses will fall in the next 18 months.

On the 17th the North Node will move into Aries and the South Node will move into Libra. And because the collective world population all experience the energies, it tells us what we all will be moving toward (North Node in Aries) and moving away from (South Node in Libra) in the next 18 months. Let’s explain more about the nodes and their influences on our life.

The North Node is your spiritual purpose in life, what you are moving toward. It is what you came into this life to do. It is what you feel drawn to accomplish and develop. The influences of the North Node pulls you to expand who you are to fulfill this life’s destiny and your souls purpose. It shapes your future experiences and continued evolvement.

The South Node is the history of our soul when we are born, the accumulation of our past lifetimes. We come in to life with our history in our unconscious, our natural/innate talents and accomplishments of past lives. It also includes the wounds & traumas you carry from your past lives needed to heal to accomplish this life’s full purpose. They are the things that are easiest for you to perform naturally. Or the mental/emotional wall you hit every time you try something new. There are a myriad of examples to give, but I am hoping you understand. The South Node will stir you to act because of your accomplishments in past lives, but your wounds can also rise to prevent you. These barriers need to be healed to accomplish your soul’s purpose.

So what influence will Aries in the North Node and Libra in the South Node bring to us in the next 18 months? Aries empowers fire/passion, action, impulse, start up energy, movement, just do it & pick up the pieces later mentality. With this energy you will be driven toward doing & acting out. Libra in the South Node will give rise to the shadow aspects of Libra: passivity/fear, wanting to keep the peace amongst those in your life, people pleasing, indecisiveness, avoiding risks and things that disrupt harmony and balance.

We have an opportunity to face our barriers that keep us from moving forward with our dreams. It is good to look at your astrology birth chart to see what house Aries and Libra fall in to pinpoint more specifically how these energies will affect you personally. If you don’t, it should become apparent what aspect of your life you feel moved to go forward with and what inhibits you from doing so that seem associated with these signs.

Let’s draw a card to see what it is we all need to know about accomplishing our life’s purpose and how to deal with the barriers that prevent us from our dreams. I drew a card from the “Wisdom of the Oracle” created by Collette Baron-Reid. The card is, “Soul Mates.” The essential meaning of this card is harmonious relationships, love, friendship, companionship, a relationship fostering personal growth. You are meant to evolve and transform with the companionship of others including spirit. There are people meant to take you to the next level of your healing, consciousness and authenticity. Well, how Libra is that? So I interpret it as saying that you have to let go of the “Me” and accept the “We” in your learning journey. Having the balance of your Soul Tribe in your life, aka Truth Tribe surrounding you in life will help to empower you to move forward. Also working on your spiritual practice to strengthen your intuition and guidance. Calling in spirit to help you learn and grow. When you are feeling self-defeated, it is these resources that will empower you to heal your wounds. You will know who these people or signs are as you are naturally drawn to act. Aries empowers you to act before your self-doubt or fear stops you. But you must feel the truth in your heart when motivated to act. It takes balance and harmony to empower the energies in your life. Too extreme on any scale will build barriers that require more detours to get where you want to go. Turn inward for truth and follow it outwardly for your best life!

Peace and Love, Susan

References: Podcast “Conscious Embodiment” by Dr. Michael Lennox, & my wisdom and intuition.


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